Breeders - Title TK (4AD/May 18th)

Breeders - Title TK (4AD/May 18th)


May 18th. In October 2017, The Breeders announced their return to 4AD, along with a new album, All Nerve, released in March 2018. The label is also reissuing their previous four albums on vinyl including Pod (1990), Last Splash (1993), Title TK (2002) and Mountain Battles (2008). Following the release of their definitive off-kilter alternative pop records Pod and Last Splash, Kelley Deal fell into drug addiction and Kim Deal found a new outlet in The Amps. Nine long years later The Breeders re-emerged with their third album Title TK ("title to come") which The Guardian called, "a welcome return to punky pop that knows how to flex some melodic muscle." It was produced by Steve Albini and yielded the singles "Off You", "Huffer" and "Son of Three." Free shipping available to St. John’s/Toronto for pickup only.

Little Fury

London Song

Off You

The She

Too Alive

Son of Three

Put on A Side

Full On Idle

Sinister Foxx

Forced to Drive

T and T


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