Jesus & the Mary Chain - Automatic

Jesus & the Mary Chain - Automatic


1989's 'Automatic' is the third album from the Glasgow alternative rock institution JESUS & MARY CHAIN and was engineered by Alan Moulder. At this point in their career, J&MC was essentially a duo (brothers Jim and William Reid) and a drum machine. The dark, twisted pop - sometimes soaked in feedback, sometimes pounded out with drum-machine backing - of 'Automatic' contains their most successful single up to that point, "Head On" (later covered by the Pixies). Pitchfork wrote in 2006: "conventional wisdom wrongly calls this the dud. With the band reduced to the brothers only, things go artificial: the drum machine is foregrounded, the bass is played on keyboards, the feedback's on vacation. In that space, the Reids take their biggest shot at doing full-on pop, something that feels like a career peak". Free shipping available to St. John's/Toronto for pickup only.

"Here Comes Alice" – 3:53
"Coast to Coast" – 4:13
"Blues from a Gun" – 4:44
"Between Planets" – 3:27
"UV Ray" – 4:06
Side 2

"Her Way of Praying" – 3:46
"Head On" – 4:11
"Take It" – 4:34
"Halfway to Crazy" – 3:40
"Gimme Hell" – 3:20

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