Stephen Malkmus And the Jicks - Mirror Traffic (2LP)

Stephen Malkmus And the Jicks - Mirror Traffic (2LP)


Produced by Beck

Pavement Front Man's Best Solo Album of Career

Coming off a triumphant year of Pavement reunion shows, Stephen Malkmus has returned to the studio with Beck producing to record his fifth solo album, Mirror Traffic. Early press reactions are already calling this gorgeous, crystalline production “the album we’ve been waiting 10 years for him to make,” and it certainly contains the most heartfelt and indelible songs he’s written in years. Gone are the long guitar workouts and jams that marked the last couple of Jicks albums, replaced by incredibly
catchy and endearing pop songs.

Recorded in Beck’s studio over a period of two years, the 15-track album ranges from hard-rocking political commentary (“Senator”), to touching, winsome folk (“No One Is”), to astonishingly virtuosic but melancholy and contrite kiwi pop (“Stick Figures In Love”). The sonics are stunningly clear and impactful, while the lyrics are as inventive as ever but more meaningful than they have been since Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain.

“Mirror Traffic” is a long overdue reminder of how adept he can be with words, tunes, guitars. On previous albums with his Portland backing group, the Jicks, Malkmus has indulged his inner prog-rock and jam-band tendencies, noodling away while shooting off on tangents that sometimes went on and on for 10 minutes or more. But on “Mirror Traffic” he enlists Beck as producer, who seems to have reminded Malkmus of what he does best." 
--Greg Kot, Chicago Tribune, August 24, 2011

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Stephen Malkmus And The Jicks Mirror Traffic Track Listing: 

1.  Tigers
2.  No One Is (As I Are Be)
3.  Senator
4.  Brain Gallop
5.  Jumblegloss
6.  Asking Price
7.  Stick Figures In Love
8.  Spazz
9.  Long Hard Book
10. Share The Red
11. Tune Grief
12. Forever 28
13. All Over Gently
14. Fall Away
15. Gorgeous Georgie

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