The Diodes - The Diodes

The Diodes - The Diodes


The fantastic first-wave punk debut from Toronto's The Diodes finally gets a well-deserved reissue! Originally released in 1977, now 40 years later, and the debut album is as fresh as it ever was, and as raw. This anniversary edition is fully authorized, remastered, and comes with beautiful cover restoration, and a bonus insert. A true punk rock treasure.

"If Canadians weren't listening, the rest of the world was -- copies of the album made their way to both England and America, and the band wound up opening for some of the biggest names in the punk world shortly after that."
-Sean Carruthers, AllMusic

Free shipping available to St. John's/Toronto for pickup only.

Side A
Red Rubber Ball
Child Star
Tennis (Again)
Blonde Fever
Plastic Girls
Death in the Suburbs

Side B
Behind Those Eyes
Midnight Movie Star
We're Ripped
China Doll
Shape of Things to Come
Time Damage

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