Past RSD Day and Black Friday Titles Available for Order!

Below you'll find several hundred releases from previous Black Fridays and Record Store Days that distro has dug out to be available for this Black Friday. If you'd like any of them message asap for info, prices or anything at all. Cheers!

LP    Accept    2016RSD - Staying a Life (2LP/180g/red vinyl)
LP    Afghan Whigs    2014RSD2 - Gentlemen (Gentlemen At 21 Deluxe Edition)(3LP 180gr)
10"    African Head Charge    2016RSD - Super Mystic Brakes
12"EP    Air    2016RSD - Casanova 70 (140 gram,  blue, red, and yellow splatter)
LP    All American Rejects    2016RSD - Move Along
12"EP    Ammons, Albert    2014RSD - Boogie Woogie Stomp (12")
10"    Animals    2016RSD - Animal Tracks
LP    Anti Pasti    2016RSD - The Last Call (2LP/180g/white vinyl)
7"    Asobi Seksu/Boris    2012RSD2 - Farewell/Neu Years (7")
LP    Atach Tatuq    2016RSD - Deluxxx (2LP)
12"EP    Avenged Sevenfold    2013RSD - Carry On (pic disc)
LP    Axewound    2012RSD2 - Vultures
7"    Bad Things    2013RSD2 - Anybody
7"    Band Of Horses    2012RSD2 - Mirage Rock/Relly's Dream
7"    Barrett, Syd/R.E.M    2015RSD - Dark Globe (Gold/White/Red/Black vinyl)
CD    Barry, Tim    2014RSD2 - Lost & Rootless
7"    Bastille    2016RSD - Hangin'
7"    Beastmilk    2014RSD2 - Use Your Deluge (gold vinyl)
7"    Beatles    2014RSD2 - Long Tall Sally (+3 mono)
7"    Beauregarde    2014RSD - Testify (Hand numbered w/ picture sleeve)
12"EP    Bee Gees    2015RSD - "Extended" EP
7"    Bee Gees / Faith No More    2016RSD - Side BY Side: I Started A Joke
LP    Big Boys    2012RSD - Wreck Collection (2LP)
LP    Big Star    2016RSD - Complete Columbia: Live at University of Missouri 4/25/93 (2LP)
10"    Bingham, Ryan    2014RSD2 - Bootleg
7"    Bird, Andrew/Robbie Fulks    2014RSD2 - split  Andre Bird & Nora O'Connor/Robbie Fulks
LP    Biz Markie    2012RSD2 - The Biz Never Sleeps (Picture Disc)
12"EP    Blancmange    2015RSD - I Want More (remix)
LP    Bleachers    2014RSD2 - Strange Desire: The Demos (pink vinyl)
7"    Bolan, Marc    2014RSD - At the BBC - Electric Sevens 2 (4 x 7")
7"    Boorer, Boz    2014RSD2 - Comic Book Nightmare (Ltd/Colored vinyl)
LP    Borknagar    2012RSD2 - Olden Domain
7"    Boy George    2013RSD2 - Everything I Own (picture disc)
7"    Boy Sets Fire    2013RSD - Bled Dry (7")
LP    Bragg, Billy & Wilco    2013RSD2 - Mermaid Avenue V.3 (2LP)
7"    Braid    2015RSD - Kids Get Grids (clear vinyl)
12"EP    Broken Bells    2014RSD - Holding On for Life
7"    Bussard, Joe    2013RSD - Guitar Rag b/w Screwdriver Slide (10"/78 rpm in paper sleeve)
7"    C.L.Smooth feat. Skyzoo    2016RSD - Perfect Timing b/w Instrumental
LP    Calder, Alex    2015RSD - Mold Boy (Ltd)
7"    Camera Shy    2015RSD - Crystal Clear
LP    Cannibal Corpse    2013RSD - Butchered at Birth (picture disc)
CD    Carter Tutti    2014RSD - Remix Chris & Cosey
LP    Cash, Johnny    2015RSD - Koncert v Praze (In Prague- Live) red vinyl
LP    Cattle Decapitation    2014RSD2 - Decade Of Decapitation (5LP box)
LP    Cheap Trick    2013RSD2 - 5 Album Vinyl Box
LP    Chelsea    2016RSD - Alternative Hits (140g/yellow vinyl)
LP    Chelsea    2016RSD - The Alternative (2LP/140g/red vinyl)
12"EP    Chicha Libre    2013RSD - Quatro Tigres EP
LP    Church Of Misery    2013RSD2 - 2013RSD2 - Thy Kingdom Scum (2LP Mix Gold vinyl)
12"EP    Chvrches    2016RSD - Every Open Eye Mixtape
LP    Clark, Gene    2013RSD2 - Here Tonight: The White Light Demos
LP    Codeine    2013RSD - What About The Lonley (Live 1993)
10"    Cold War Kids    2015RSD - Five Quick Hits
LP    Coltrane, John    2013RSD - Newport '61 (180g + CD copy)
7"    Colvin & Earle    2016RSD - Wake Up Little Susie b/w Babys In Black (small hole)
7"    Colvin, Shawn & Steve Earle    2016RSD - Wake Up Little Susie
LP    Common    2012RSD - The Dreamer
LP    Conflict    2016RSD - Increase the Pressure (140g/grey vinyl)
LP    Conflict    2016RSD - There's No Power Without Control (2LP/white vinyl/140g)
LP    Corn On Macabre    2013RSD - Discographic Violence
LP    Country Joe & The Fish    2015RSD - Together
LP    Cream    2013RSD - Royal Albert Hall London May 2-3 (3LP white vinyl)
7"    Creative Adult    2015RSD - Ring Around the Room
LP    Crowe, J.D. & The New South    2016RSD - s/t (40th Ann.)
LP    Cult Of Luna    2016RSD - Vertikal I & II (3LP)
LP    Cults    2014RSD - Upstairs At United Vol 10 (2/3/14) EP
LP    Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.    2013RSD2 - Speed Of Things
LP    Davis, Miles    2012RSD - Forever Miles
7"    Davis, Miles    2014RSD2 - Blue Christmas (blue vinyl)
CD    Dawes    2013RSD2 - Stripped Down at Grimey's
LP    Day, Andra    2016RSD - Andra Day Live! (6 tracks)
12"EP    Db'S    2013RSD - Revolution Of The Mind EP (orange vinyl)
LP    Death By Stereo    2015RSD2 - Day Of The Death (Ltd/Gold vinyl)
7"    Death Cab For Cutie    2016RSD - Tractor Rape Chain (white vinyl)
7"    Decemberists    2014RSD2 - Make You Better
LP    Deep Purple    2015RSD - Book of Taliesyn (Mono white vinyl) 
LP    Deodato    2010RSD2 - Prelude (180 gram/
7"    Die Kreuzen    2014RSD - Cows And Beer
12"EP    Dillinger/Trinity/Wade/Campbell/Jr. Tamlin    2014RSD - Five Man Army
7"    Dna    2016RSD - You & You
LP    Dobson, Bonnie    2016RSD - Take Me For A Walk In the Morning Dew
LP    Doors/Peter LaFarge    2014RSD2 - Honor The Treaties (45rpm 180gr)
7"    Dot Hacker    2014RSD - Whatever You Want/Memory
7"    Douglas, Carl    2016RSD - Kung Fu Fighting
12"EP    Dr. Dog    2012RSD2 - Wild Race
LP    Dr. Strangely Strange    2015RSD - Kip Of The Serenes
LP    Dunlap, Slim    2015RSD - The New Me/Times Like This (2LP)
12"EP    Duran Duran    2013RSD - Is There Something I Should Know (7")
10"    Duran Duran    2013RSD2 - No Ordinary Tour (colour 10")
LP    Dylan, Bob    2011RSD - In Concert Brandeis University 1963
7"    Dylan, Bob    2012RSD2 - Duquesne Whistle
LP    Dylan, Bob    2013RSD2 - Side Tracks: (3LP) Songs From Compilations
7"    Dylan, Bob    2015RSD - The Night We Called It A Day/Stay With Me (blue vinyl)
7"    Dylan, Bob    2016RSD - Melancholy Mood
7"    Earle, Steve    2011RSD - I'll Never Get Out…
10"    Earle, Steve & The Dukes    2015RSD - Terraplane Blues
7"    Egyptian Lover    2015RSD2 - Egypt, Egypt b/w Girls (triangle 7" in pyramid jacket)
7"    Electric Prunes    2016RSD- I've Got a Way/World of Darkness
7"    Elson, Karen    2012RSD - Milk And Honey
12"EP    ESB / Die Wilde Jagd    2016RSD - Mos Eisley/Wah Wah Wallenstein
LP    Everything But The Girl    2014RSD - Eden (gatefold/clear vinyl)
LP    Ezra, George    2015RSD - Wanted On Voyage (pic disc)
LP    Faction    2016RSD - Dark Room - EP (Ltd/Translucent Blue)
LP    Faction    2016RSD - Epitaph - EP (Ltd/Translucent Red)
LP    Faction    2016RSD - No Hidden Messages (Ltd/Translucent Green)
LP    Faction    2016RSD - Yesterday Is Gone - EP (Ltd/White vinyl/Bonus tracks)
7"    Fall    2013RSD - Sir William Wray/Jetplane/Hittite Man
12"EP    Fame, Georgie    2015RSD - Soul
10"    Farrar, James, Johnson, Parker    2012RSD - Let's Multiply (10")
LP    Farside    2015RSD2 - The Monroe Doctrine (Ltd/Red/Download)
7"    Ferry, Bryan    2016RSD - The Island Singles 1973-1976 (6x7in)
7"    Feuerstack, Michael    2013RSD - Shadow/Wolves
LP    Feuerstack, Michael & Associates    2014RSD - Singer Songer (Clear Blue Vinyl)
LP    Filthy Thieving Bastards    2015RSD - Our Fathers Sent Us (orange vinyl)
7"    Finn, Craig    2011RSD2 - Honolulu Blues
10"    Fitz and the Tantrums    2013RSD - Out Of My League/Spark (clear vinyl)
LP    Fitzgerald, Patrick    2014RSD2 - Safety Pin Stuck In My Heart (2LP)
LP    Five Finger Death Punch    2016RSD - Got Your Six (2LP pic disc)
LP    Flaming Lips    2013RSD - Zaireeka (4LP colour vinyl)
LP    Flaming Lips    2016RSD - Heady Nuggs Volume II Warner Bros. Records 2006 - 2012 (8LP)
CD    Flaming Lips    2016RSD - Lightning Strikes The Postman
12"EP    Florence & The Machine    2016RSD - Delilah/Only
CASS    Foals    2015CSD - What Went Down
7"    Foster The People    2012RSD - Broken Jaw
7"    Free Energy    2013RSD - Girls Want Rock/Wilf Life
12"EP    Frightened Rabbit    2014RSD - Live From Criminal Records
7"    Front Bottoms/GDP    2015RSD - split
LP    Full Of Hell/Psywarfare    2014RSD - split (colored vinyl)
LP    Game Theory    2014RSD2 - Distortion (10" Translucent Green Colored w/Download)
LP    Game Theory    2014RSD2 - Pointed Accounts Of People You Know (10" Clear Vinyl w/Download)
LP    Glitch Mob    2015RSD2 - Love Death Immortality (2LP+10")
LP    Gods     2015RSD - Genesis (Mono) splatter colour
7"    Gorillaz    2011RSD2 - Singles Collection 2001-2011 (8x7in)
7"    Green, Cee-Lo    2012RSD2 - This Christmas (green & red vinyl)
7"    Greene, Jackie    2013RSD - Love is a Shining Catastrophe (7" + download card)
10"     Grouplove    2015RSD - Under The Covers
10"    Halestorm    2016RSD - Into The Wild Live: Chicago (gold & black vinyl)
LP    Hammond, Albert Jr.    2016RSD - Yours To Keep
LP    Harper, Nick    2015RSD - Wilderness Years Vol.1 (180g/remastered/orange vinyl)
7"    Harvey, Alex    2015RSD - Midnight Moses/Jumping Jack Flash
LP    Hawkwind    2014RSD - Church of Hawkwind (2LP/clear vinyl/180g)
7"    Hawkwind    2015RSD - Back On the Streets/The Dream Of Isis
LP    Headless Dogs    2013RSD - 1-5 (random colors)
7"    Hendrix, Jimi    2015RSD - Purple Haze/Freedom
12"EP    Hey Mercedes    2012RSD - Hey Mercedes (180 gram EP)
LP    Hickey, Lou    2013RSD2 - True Love Ways (of Codeine Velvet Club)
10"    Hopkins, Jon    2015RSD - I Remember (white vinyl/download)
LP    House Of Hayduk (Billy Gould & Mats Heldtberg)    2012RSD2 - City Of Quartz (180 gram)
7"    House Of Love    2013RSD - Baby Got Back On Its Feet/P.K.R. (alt. version)
12"EP    Hozier    2016RSD - Take Me To The Church
10"    Hurley, Michael    2013RSD2 - Watertain/Black & Yellow Bee (78 rpm)
LP    Hush Arbors/Arbouretum    2012RSD - Aureola (split album) (incl. download)
LP    Husker Du    2014RSD - Candy Apple Grey (coloured vinyl)
7"    Icky Blossoms    2012RSD - Babes
7"    Ides Of Gemini    2013RSD - Hexagram (7")
LP    Idle Race    2016RSD - Idle Race (splattered vinyl)
7"    Ilsa    2013RSD - Seven Sisters Of Sleep (7")
7"    Inglish, Chuck    2014RSD - Convertibles (Action Bronson) 7"&CD
7"    Inglish, Chuck    2014RSD - Convertibles (Chance the Rapper) 7"&CD
7"    Inglish, Chuck    2014RSD - Convertibles (Chromeo) 7"&CD
7"    Inglish, Chuck    2014RSD - Convertibles (Mac Miller/Ab Soul) 7"&CD
LP    Insted    2016RSD - Proud Youth: 1986-1991 (2LP/Ltd/Color/Download)
7"    Iron & Wine    2013RSD - Next To Paradise/Dirty Dream
12"EP    J Dilla    2015RSD - Fuck The Police (PicDisc)
7"    Jackson, Michael    2011RSD - Hollywood Tonight/Behind The Mask
10"    Jackson, Wanda    2012RSD2 - Capitol Rarities
LP    Jefferson Starship    2016RSD - Tales From the Mothership Vol.1 (2LP/140g)
LP    Jefferson Starship    2016RSD - Tales from the Mothership Vol.2 (2LP/140g)
CD    Jellyfish    2012RSD2 - Stack-a-Track (2CD)
LP    Jethro Tull    2015RSD - Live at Carnegie Hall (2LP 180gr)
LP    Jethro Tull    2016RSD - A Classic Case (140g)
LP    Jett, Joan & The Blackhearts    2016RSD - Sinner
10"    Jones, George    2012RSD2 - United Artists Rarities
BOX    Joplin, Janis    2011RSD2 - Move Over (4x7in box)
12"EP    Joy Formidable    2013RSD - A Minute's Silence/Badlands
LP    Kampfar    2016RSD - Djevelmakt (2LP/yellow vinyl)
LP    Kampfar    2016RSD - Profan (yellow vinyl)
LP    Kid Millions    2016RSD - Beyond The Confession: Kid Millions Reworks Harry Taussig
LP    Kill Holiday    2016RSD - Somewhere Between The Wrong (Ltd/Purple/DL)
12"EP    King Tubby    2013RSD - King Tubby Meets the Upsetter At the Grass Roots Of Dub
10"    King Tubby    2013RSD2 - Dub From The Roots (3 x 10"/colored vinyl)
7"    King, Albert / Paul Butterfield Blues Band    2016RSD - Side By Side: Born Under A Bad Sign
LP    Kinks    2014RSD2 - Muswell Hillbillies (2LP 180gr)
7"    Knapp, Sophia/AOP    2013RSD - split
12"EP    Kode9 & The Spaceape    2011RSD - Otherman
7"    Koster, Chris    2015RSD - Fully Completely
7"    Leave The Planet    2015RSD - Sarah Where Are You
LP    Lee, Christopher    2016RSD - The Omens Of Death (2LP)
12"EP    Lewis, Meade 'Lux'    2014RSD - Melancholy (12")
LP    Libertines    2016RSD - Live 2015 (2LP/140g)
7"    Like Rats    2013RSD - Like Rats (7")
LP    Lil Wayne    2016RSD - Tha Carter II (lenticular 2LP)
LP    Linkin Park    2016RSD - Road To Revolution: Live At Milton Keynes (2LP blood red with bla
12"EP    Little Dragon    2014RSD - Klapp Klapp / Let Go
LP    Locust    2016RSD - Morning Light (2LP/160g)
LP    Lord Sitar      2015RSD - Lord Sitar (Stereo green vinyl)
7"    Los Straitjackets    2012RSD - Surf #49
7"    Loveless, Lydia & Cory Branan    2015RSD - I Would Die 4 U/Under The Cherry Moon
7"    Lovin' Spoonful    2011RSD2 - Alley Oop
12"EP    Lynyrd Skynyrd & Blackberry Smoke    2013RSD2 - Live split EP
LP    Mad Parade    2015RSD2 - God Bless America (colored vinyl/Unsanctioned Black Friday relea
LP    Madisen Ward & The Mama Bear    2016RSD - Live At Grimeys
7"    Makthaverskan    2015RSD - Witness
7"    Malhombre    2012RSD2 - Musique Rock b/w Fini (7")
LP    Mansell, Clint & Kronos Quartet    2016RSD - Requiem For a Dream (2LP/180g/+ download card/black vinyl)
LP    Mason, Willy & Brendan Benson    2013RSD - Upstairs At United, Vol. 7 (2/5/13) EP
LP    Master Musicians Of Joujouka    2015RSD - Into The Ahl Srif
12"EP    Mastodon    2014RSD2 - The Motherload (picture disc)
LP    Matthews, Eric    2015RSD2 - It's Heavy in Here - 20th Anniversary Reissue (160 gram/colored)
7"    MC5 / Afrika Bambaataa    2012RSD - Kick Out The Jams
LP    McCarthy, Douglas J.    2012RSD2 - Kill Your Friends (LP+CD)
LP    McKagan, Duff's Loaded    2014RSD - Sick (2LP/purple vinyl/140g)
LP    MDC    2016RSD - Elvis In the Rheinland (Live In Berlin) (Ltd/Translucent Red)
LP    MDC    2016RSD - Hey Cop!!! If I Had A Face Like Yours (Ltd/Translucent Green)
LP    MDC    2016RSD - Metal Devil Cokes (Ltd/Translucent Gold)
LP    MDC    2016RSD - Shades Of Brown (Ltd/Translucent Blue)
LP    MDC    2016RSD - This Bloods For You / Millions Of Damn .. (Ltd/Clear vinyl)
LP    Meatmen    2015RSD2 - Pope on a Rope (transparent red vinyl)
LP    Medicine    2012RSD - Shot Forth Self Living (2LP-expanded edition)
7"    Metal Urbain    2016RSD - Panik (Ltd/Download)
7"    Metz & Swami John Reis    2016RSD - Let It Rust/Caught Up
LP    Mighty Mighty Bosstones    2015RSD2 - Live at The Middle East (2LP)
7"    Mike Stuart Span    2016RSD - Children Of Tomorrow
LP    Miller, Steve Band    2016RSD - The Joker Live (picture disc)
12"EP    Mockasin, Connan    2013RSD - Live at La Cigale 28th March 2012 (12")
7"    Moistboyz/Hello=Fire    2013RSD - split (7"/blue vinyl/clear plastic sleeve)
LP    Moles    2014RSD - Flashbacks & Dream Sequences (2LP/2CD)
7"    Molinari, Pete    2014RSD - Look To the Wind/Girld Called Mine
LP    Monkees    2016RSD - Classic Album Collection (10LP)
7"    Morrison, Jim/Doors    2016RSD - Roadhouse Blues (Live)/A Feast Of Friends (7" Vinyl)
7"    Mother Love Bone    2014RSD2 - Hold Your Head Up
12"EP    Moving Mountains/Prawn    2015RSD2 - split EP (coloured vinyl)
7"    Mudcrutch     2016RSD - Trailer
7"    Mumford & Sons    2015RSD - Wolf/Believe
7"    Mumford & Sons & Baaba Maal    2016RSD - There Will Be Time
10"    My Darling Clementine    2014RSD - The Lucky Bag EP
LP    Mystical Weapons    2013RSD2 - Crotesque
7"    Nelson, Willie    2013RSD - Roll Me Up And Smoke Me When I Die
7"    Nelson, Willie/Uncle Tupelo    2016RSD - Side By Side: Truck Drivin' Man
10"    Nightwish    2012RSD - Trials Of Imainearum (picture disc)
CASS    Nils    2015CSD - Shadows and Ghosts (cassette + dowload)
7"    Northern Pikes    2014RSD2 - Teenland/Things I Do For Money
7"    Oates, John    2015RSD - Close/Let's Drive
7"    Oberst, Conor    2014RSD2 - Standing On The Outside Looking In/Sugar Street
10"    Off!    2015RSD - Live From the BBC
7"    Oldfield, Mike    2013RSD - Theme From Tubular Bells
LP    One Man Army    2014RSD - Dead End Stories (red vinyl)
7"    Osbourne, Ozzy    2012RSD - Believer/Goodbye To Romance (2010 Guitar & Vocal Mix)
LP    Osbourne, Ozzy    2012RSD - Ozzy Live
10"    Owens, Buck    2012RSD2 - Buck Sings Eagles
7"    Paper Beat Scissors    2013RSD - Tendrils
7"    Parks, Van Dyke    2013RSD2 - Come To the Sunshine/Farther Along
7"    Parlour Flames    2013 RSD - Manchester Rain/Something & Nothing
7"    Parsons, Gram/Lemonheads    2015RSD - Brass Buttons (Pink/Bronze vinyl)
BOX    Perry, Lee Scratch & The Upsetters    2013RSD - Chapter 1 (3x10"/red, green & gold vinyl)
7"    Peter Bjorn & John    2011RSD - Dig A Little Deeper
7"    Pharcyde    2015RSD2 - Runnin' / Emerald Butterfly (blue vinyl)
LP    Pink Fairies    2016RSD - Chinese Cowboys Live 1987 (2LP/140g/red vinyl)
LP    Pixies    2014RSD - Indie Cindy (2LP)
12"EP    Plank, Conny    2013RSD - The Conny Plank Re-Work Sessions
LP    Pop Group    2015RSD - Versions Galore EP (180g/white vinyl/download incl.)
7"    Porter, Gregory    2014RSD - Musical Genocide / Liquid Spirit
LP    Presley, Elvis    2014RSD2 - Dinner Show 8/12/70 (2LP 180gr)
LP    Presley, Elvis    2016RSD - Live in the 50's - The Complete Tour Recordings (2LP/gatefold)
LP    Presley, Elvis    2016RSD - Such a Night in Pearl Harbour (2LP/24-page booklet/gatefold)
LP    Presley, Elvis    2016RSD - The Complete Louisiana Hayride Archives 1954-1956 (2LP/gatefold)
7"    Prodigy    2015RSD - Ibiza (glow in the dark)
LP    Public Image Limited    2015RSD - Live at Isle of Wight Festival 2011 (2LP/transparent blue)
LP    Public Image Limited    2016RSD - Live at 02 Shepherds Bush Empire 2015 (2LP/140g/clear vinyl)
7"    Pujol    2012RSD - Reverse Vampire
12"EP    Pussy Galore    2014RSD - Pussy Gold 5000
LP    Rainbow    2014RSD - Rockplast 1995 - Black Masquerade (3LP/red vinyl/140g)
LP    Rainbow Ffolly    2015RSD - Sallies Fforth (Mono splatter vinyl)
LP    Ramones    2014RSD2 - Morrissey Curates The Ramones
LP    Redding, Otis    2015RSD - Otis Blue (2LP w/blue 7")
LP    Reich, Steve    2015RSD - Music For 18 Muscians (2LP 180gr)
7"    Revere, Paul & The Raiders    2012RSD - Ride Your Pony
LP    Robotnick, Alexander    2014RSD - Vintage Robotnicks
7"    Rock, Pete                              2016RSD - Give It To Y'All (Original & Instrumental)
12"EP    Romeo, Max    2016RSD - Give Thanks EP
7"    RPM Turntable Baseball    2015RSD - Two Games, One Record
7"    RPM Turntable Football    2014RSD -  A Two-Player Game Played at 33 1/3 RPM
LP    RUNAWAYS    2016RSD - And Now The Runaways (140g)
7"    Rush/Love    2014RSD - Mystery "Side By Side"
LP    Ruts    2016RSD - Onstage (2LP/140g/black & red vinyl)
12"EP    Saada Bonaire    2015RSD - Covers (Ltd)
7"    Saadiq, Raphael                2011RSD - Radio
12"EP    Sande, Emeli    2012RSD - Heaven
12"EP    Satriani, Joe    2014RSD2 - Joe Satriani EP (45 RPN 180gr)
LP    Saturday Looks Good to Me    2012RSD - All Your Summer Songs
12"EP    Self Defense Family    2016RSD - The Power Does Not Work In the Presence..
LP    Semi Precious Weapons    2014RSD - Aviation
LP    Sense Field    2016RSD - Living Outside (electric blue vinyl)
LP    Shades Apart    2016RSD - Save It (Ltd/Color/Download)
LP    Shai Hulud    2014RSD2 - A Profound Hatred/Hearts Once Nourished (2LP/Ltd/color/gatefold)
12"EP    Sheeran, Ed    2016RSD - Live At The Bedford
12"EP    Sheeran, Ed    2016RSD - Loose Change
12"EP    Sheeran, Ed    2016RSD - No. 5 Collaborations
12"EP    Sheeran, Ed    2016RSD - Songs I Wrote With Amy
12"EP    Sheeran, Ed    2016RSD - You Need Me
LP    SIA    2016RSD - The We Meaning You Tour Live 2010 (2LP140g/yellow vinyl)
7"    Simon & Garfunkel    2015RSD - Homeward Bound/Leaves That Are Green
12"EP    Simple Minds    2013RSD - Promised You A Miracle
7"    Skaters    2013RSD2 - Deadbolt
10"    Sly & The Family Stone    2013RSD - I Want To Take You Higher
7"    Sly & The Family Stone    2013RSD2 - Sexy Situation/Mother Is A Hippie
7"    Smith, Bessie    2014RSD2 - At The Christmas Ball (red vinyl 45 RPM)
LP    Sneakers    2014RSD2 - Sneakers (10" Clear Vinyl w/Download)
LP    Son Volt    2016RSD - Live At the Bottom Line 2/12/96 (2LP)
LP    soundtrack    2013RSD - The Girl From U.N.C.L.E. music from TV series
LP    soundtrack    2014RSD - Bullitt (Lalo Schifrin)
LP    soundtrack    2015RSD - 30 Days Of Night (2LP) Brian Reitzell score
LP    soundtrack    2015RSD - Shogun Assassin (180g/Blood-Red vinyl/poster)
7"    soundtrack    2015RSD - Star Wars Rebels Theme (Kevin Kiner)  pic disc
LP    soundtrack    2015RSD2 - Cold Mountain (2LP) includes 5 Jack White tracks
LP    soundtrack    2016RSD - Dark Shadows (Bob Cobert)
LP    soundtrack    2016RSD - Joy (2LP)
7"    Spektor, Regina    2012RSD - The Old Jacket/ The Prayer
7"    Springfield, Dusty    2015RSD - What's It Gonna Be/Spooky
7"    SS Warhead    2016RSD - s/t (Ltd/Swirl/Color)
10"    St. Vincent    2014RSD2 - Pieta/Sparrow (45RPM)
7"    Standells    2013RSD2 - Zebra In the Kitchen/Someday You'll Cry
7"    Starr, Andy    2013RSD2 - Rockin' Rollin' Stone (2X7")
7"    Starr, Ringo    2013RSD - 45 RPM singles bag (3x7")
7"    Strokes    2013RSD - All The Time b/w Fast Animals
12"EP    Strummer, Joe    2016RSD - Gangsterville
LP    Sudden, Nikki    2016RSD - Treasure Island (2LP)
7"    Suede    2014RSD - Let Go
LP    Summer Hits    2016RSD - Beaches and Canyons (180g/Color/Bonus Flexidisc)
7"    Sunrays    2014RSD - Our Leader/Won't You Tell Me
7"    Supergrass    2015RSD - Sofa (Of My Lethagy) (coloured vinyl)
LP    Superpitcher    2016RSD - So Far So Super (2LP)
12"EP    Swans    2015RSD - 12"EP (1982 re-issue)
7"    T.S.O.L.    2013RSD - You Don't Have To Die (7")
LP    Taylor, Roger    2014RSD - Fun On Earth (2LP - Picture Disc)
LP    Tegan & Sarah    2015RSD - Live At Zia Records (aqua blue vinyl)
LP    Temples    2015RSD - Mesmerise Live EP
LP    Testament    2014RSD - Live in London (2LP/red vinyl/180g)
10"    That Petrol Emotion    2016RSD - Manic Pop Thrill (2x10"/coloured vinyl)
12"EP    Titus Andronicus    2013RSD - Record Store Day EP (12")
10"    Tjader, Cal    2013RSD - Trio
LP    Tomorrow     2015RSD - Tomorrow (Mono) splatter vinyl
LP    Toussaint, Allen    2016RSD - Live in Philadelphia 1975
7"    Toxic Reasons    2014RSD - Ghost Town
LP    Toxic Reasons    2014RSD - Live Berkeley Square Dec. 1981
12"EP    Turning Shrines    2013RSD - Face Of Another (12"ep+7")
LP    Tuxedomoon    2014RSD - Pink Narcicus
7"    Twiztid    2016RSD - Presents: The Dojo
LP    U.K. Subs    2016RSD - Violent State + Revolution's Here (2LP/140g/red vinyl)
7"    Uncle Tupelo    2013RSD2 - I Wanna Be Your Dog B/W Commotion
7"    Undertones    2013RSD - Much Too Late/Another Girl
CD    V/A    2011RSD - Guided By Voices Tribute: Sing For Your Meat
CD    V/A    2011RSD - Local Customs: Pressed At Boddie
LP    V/A    2011RSD - Wuxtry Record
7"    V/A    2012RSD - Fame Singles Box
12"EP    V/A    2012RSD - Inna NICE UP!/Fashion EP
CD    V/A    2012RSD - WTNG 89.9FM: Solid Bronze
LP    V/A    2012RSD - WTNG 89.9FM: Solid Bronze
LP    V/A    2012RSD2 - Death Might Be Your Santa Claus
BOX    V/A    2012RSD2 - You Turned My Head Around: Lee Hazlewood Industries (11x7" box)
BOX    v/a    2013RSD - Cotillion Records (1968 - 1970) (10x7")
LP    V/A    2013RSD2 - It's Been a Business Doing Pleasure With You (incl. mp3)
7"    V/A    2013RSD2 - Ten Big Stiffs (10x7")
LP    V/A    2013RSD2 - Twistable, Turnable Man (2LP) Shel Silverstein tribute
7"    V/A    2014RSD - Brighton Rock/Harem Scarem split
CD    V/A    2014RSD - South Side Story
LP    V/A    2015RSD - Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol.3 (180g/color vinyl)
LP    V/A    2015RSD - Lows In the Mid Sixties Volume 54: Kosmic City part 2
LP    V/A    2015RSD - Next Life (3LP/silver vinyl)
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Big Lizard Stomp! Volume 2: Teen Trash from Tokyo '66-'69
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Bob Dylan's Greenwich Village Vol.1 (2LP/140g)
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Bob Dylan's Greenwich Village Vol.2 (2LP/140g)
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Disney Favorite Songs
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Don't Think..(2LP): Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Doused in Mud, Soaked in Bleach
LP    v/a    2016RSD - Hallucinations: (2LP) Psychedelic Pop Nuggets WEA Vault
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Hardcore Matinee
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Indecision Records Split Series (2LP/Color/Download)
LP    V/A    2016RSD - James Brown Revue (2LP) Live at the Apollo 1972
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Jazz Dispensary: Cosmic Stash (4LP)
CD    V/A    2016RSD - Los Alamos Grind
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Los Alamos Grind
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Monster a Go-Go Volume 1
10"    V/A    2016RSD - Silly Symphony: Skeleton Dance & Three Little Pigs
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Sixties Japanese Garage-Psych Sampler
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Slitherama Volume 3: Psychedelic Tokyo 1966-1969
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Soho Scene '64 (Jazz Goes Mod)
LP    V/A    2016RSD - Texas Soul '65
LP    V/A    2016RSD - The Birth Of the Beat
12"EP    V/A    2016RSD - Tse Tse/Westwerk 1-3
7"    Vannier, Jean-Claude    2016RSD - L'Enfant Assassin des Mouches Alternate Takes
LP    Velvet Underground    2014RSD2 - Live MCMXCIII (4LP Translucent Blue Colored Vinyl)
LP    Vitamin String Quartet    2015RSD2 - Modest Mouse: The Moon & Antarctica (180 gram)
LP    Vitamin String Quartet    2016RSD - Daft Punk's Random Access Memories
LP    Vos voisins    2016RSD - s/t
7"    Warwick, Dionne/The Stranglers    2015RSD - Walk On By Aqua Blue/Magenta Splatter (Aqua Blue/Magenta Splatter
LP    Whirlwind Heat    2014RSD - Do Rabbits Wonder (12 different colours)
7"    White Denim    2014RSD - A Place to Start
7"    Whitehorse    2013RSD - Devils Got A Gun (live)/ Lipstick (unreleased track)
7"    Whitmore, William Elliott/P.O.S.    2011RSD - split
LP    Winter, Johnny    2014RSD2 - Step Back (pic disc)
LP    Witchfinder General    2015RSD - Friends Of Hell (yellow vinyl)
7"    Wolf Alice    2016RSD - White Leather b/w Leaving You
7"    XXXXXX    2016RSD - Side By Side: Mystery Title
7"    Zeus    2011RSD - Permanent Scar/The Darkness
LP    Zukkie, Tappa    2013RSD - M.P.L.A. Sessions

Dan Wolovick