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Small quantity in stock right now ready to ship December 5th. These are not discounted, they are not clearing them out. So they are Record Store Day Prices but they are not marked up a cent more than they would be on record store day. Message for prices, info etc. Order as soon as possible for fill.

LP    Cartier, Jazz    2016RSD2 - Hotel Paranoia
LP    Alice in Chains2016RSD2 - Live Facelift
LP    Coleman, Ornette    2016RSD2 - An Evenign With Ornette Coleman part 1
LP    Connection    2016RSD2 - A Christmas Gift For (red & green vinyl)
LP    Death By Stereo    2016RSD2 - Into The Valley of the Death (Ltd/Color vinyl)
7"    Dip    2016RSD2 - Won't Be Coming Back b/w Chanterelle (blue vinyl)
CD    Dungen    2016RSD2 - Haxan
LP    Dylan, Bob    2016RSD2 - Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert (2LP)
LP    Elliott    2016RSD2 - Song In The Air (Ltd/Color/Download)
7"    Fatso Jetson/Del-Toros    2016RSD2 - split
LP    Geto Boys    2016RSD2 - Mind Playing Tricks (green vinyl)
LP    Gonn    2016RSD2 - Time Travel: 50 Years Come & GONN (2LP/Deluxe)
7"    Heltah Skeltah    2016RSD2 - Midnight Madness
LP    Ikebe Shakedown    2016RSD2 - Hard Steppin' (blue vinyl)
LP    Integrity    2016RSD2 - Seasons In The Size Of Days (Ltd/White/Gatefold/Download)
LP    Iron Horse    2016RSD2 - Fade to Bluegrass: Tribute to Metallica (180g)
7"    Jive Turkeys    2016RSD2 - Get Down Santa b/w Funky Jesus (green vinyl)
7"    Kinks    2016RSD2 - God's Children
7"    Kinks    2016RSD2 - Kinks
7"    Kinks    2016RSD2 - Til Death Do Us Part
LP    Kinks    2016RSD2 - Sleepwalker
12"EP    Lamb of God    2016RSD2 - Duke
LP    Layer, Klaus    2016RSD2 - The Adventures of Captain Crook (picture disc)
LP    Lightfoot, Gordon    2016RSD2 - Summertime Dream
LP    Mad Parade    2016RSD2 - s/t (+ bonus)
12"EP    Marsalis, Wynton    2016RSD2 - Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra (Christmas-Tree shaped colour v
7"    Mckenzie, Bob & Doug    2016RSD2 - 12 Days Of Christmas/Take Off (red vinyl)
LP    Moore, Rudy Ray    2016RSD2 - This Ain't No White Christmas
10"    Mousketeers    2016RSD2 - Mickey Mouse (pic disc)
7"    Napalm Death/MeltBanana    2016RSD2 - Like Piss To A Sting
LP    Nilsson, Harry    2016RSD2 - Popeye
LP    Puscifer    2016RSD2 - Money Shot: Your Re Load - Remixes (2LP/Coke-bottle green vinyl)
LP    Ramones    2016RSD2 - Live At The Roxy 8/12/76
LP    Refused    2016RSD2 - Servants Of Death EP
LP    Rockabye Baby    2016RSD2 - Lullaby Rendtions of Depeche Mode (purple vinyl)
12"EP    RUN-DMC    2016RSD2 - Christmas in Hollis (pic dic)
10"    soundtrack    2016RSD2 - Star Wars - Kava Shag: Jabba Flow (pic disc)
LP    soundtrack    2016RSD2 - The Wonder Years (colour vinyl)
LP    Springsteen, Bruce    2016RSD2 - Chapter and Verse (colour vinyl)
LP    Thes One    2016RSD2 - Where the Piecelock Ends
LP    V/A    2016RSD2 - Calabar-Itu Road: Groovy Sounds From South Eastern Nigeria (2LP)
LP    V/A    2016RSD2 - Collateral Damage (LP + bonus Ltd 7")
LP    V/A    2016RSD2 - Generations: A Hardcore Compilation (Ltd/Green/Download)
LP    V/A    2016RSD2 -Jazz Dispensary Holiday Treats
7"    Vitamin String Quartet    2016RSD2  - Radiohead: True Love Waits/Burn the Witch
LP    Webster, Ben    2016RSD2 - Gone With the Wind
LP    Workman, Hawksley    2016RSD2 - Almost A Full Moon
7"    Zappa, Frank    2016RSD2 - How Could I Be Such A Fool (colour vinyl pic sleeve)

Dan Wolovick