Come From Away: An Update

Hello friends,

We are a few weeks into business here at Come From Away, and I wanted to send you an update on some things. First off, we will have guest posts on this very blog from local musicians who share my love for vinyl. We'll share some of their vinyl picks and suggestions, and we'll also promote their own music. 

We are a St. John's-based local vinyl shop, and that's why I appreciate so deeply all of you who've bought records so far. Of course, we'll always have a tough time consistently beating the Amazons of the world. But we are trying to offer top-notch service, custom orders, unique deals--and most importantly, a chance to support local music and business. If this all keeps growing and someday we open up a shop, it will be your support that literally builds it. So the next time you have a choice between sending your money away or paying $1 more for us, please give it some thought. 

10 picks from me (Dan Monologues):

1. Stone Temple Pilots - MTV Unplugged 1993 - 23.25: Unique opportunity to hear a stripped-down set from STP at their absolute peak. Watch here.

2. Charles Bradley - No Time for Dreaming - 20.99: Sure, I could put up the new record and you should get that too. But don't forget about this soul masterpiece. 

3. A Tribe Called Quest - Midnight Marauders - 23.25: My all-time favourite hip-hop record. Good chance it would have made it here anyhow, but in light of Phife's passing you must own this on wax.

4. Animal Collective - Sung Tongs - 24.99: Easily my favourite Animal Collective album, something like the Pet Sounds of my generation. Never easy to find, always pricey.

5. Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny - 45.99: Lots of extras in this one including a fancy bag, 180 gram, limited edition, and a bonus track. But hey--I love the D, but at least one of you must too.

6. Bad Religion - 30 Years Live - 29.99: One of the early bands people seem really interested in is Bad Religion, so I wanted to include this rad, only-recently-put-to-vinyl release commemorating their 30 years as a live band.

7. Junior Kimbrough - All Night Long - 12.99: Come on, you know you have 12.99 to spend on a classic record from one of the sickest blues players of all time.

8. The Beach Boys - The Smile Sessions - 33.50: So there's two ways to look at it. You can be forever bummed that the real Smile doesn't exist, or you can enjoy the fact this and the Brian Wilson version do. I choose the latter. 

9. Mike Patton & John Kaada - Bacteria Cult - 20.75: Who doesn't like some Mike Patton--particularly experimental and weird Patton? That's what you are in for with this new record, set for release April 1st.

10. Bush - Sixteen Stone - 25.50: Was listening to this the other day and you know, this isn't nostalgia for me. This is a bloody great rock record. Shame there isn't more like it from them.

Coming soon....

- Turntables and accessories for sale. We'll be running these the same way we do vinyl, which means we'll ship them as they are ordered. 

- Cassettes for sale. This section will certainly be smaller than the vinyl section, but then again it will grow as your purchases do.

- Accumulated credit. Purchases will be tracked and credit will accumulate towards future purchases. Anything you've bought (not Record Store Day) will apply and be backdated. That said, credit will only apply to purchases where another discount or promo has not also been used.

- Starter packs. For the new vinyl enthusiast who wants to get a record player and some records to get going. We'll help you out that way too.



Dan Wolovick