The Little Record Shop That Could...

Hey friends,

I write to you today with some updates. Firstly, the vinyl has just arrived literally as I wrote this blog at my house here in St. John's Stone Temple Pilots - Unplugged, Blind Melon, Rage Against the Machine, Sonic Youth (lots), Ramones, Black Moon and more. Keep an eye on your emails for updates. Secondly, we are going to start +posting lists, deals, things of that nature here and posting a link in the Newfoundland vinyl group. What started as an occasional update kinda blew up when the orders and deals were coming in and we'd/I'd like to streamline it and keep your attention here. If you see anything you like, want a price of, have questions about you can message me via FB (Dan Monologues), email me ( or even give me a shout or text at  416-294-6334. 

In other news I've been working on building a small accessories section. Have been putting the final touches on a record of the month club style offering we are going to do. And have been pondering what kind of deal we could do to make Record Store Day fun, if you have any ideas about the latter please let me know as I have a few but have not decided by any means at this point. There's a couple of really limited colour vinyls (Motley Crue and Ray LaMontagne) in the hard rock/folk sections respectively that I know at least a few of you would be interested in. Grab them before they are gone never to return again!


Dan Monologues

Dan Wolovick