Buy 2 get 1 at Cost Record Store Day Sale (until midnight April 15th)

Hey everyone!

Just a heads up on a promotion we are running to celebrate record store day. If you are planning on buying anything if you buy two records (any records on the site) or any records you get us to put on the site you can get a third record of equal or lesser value at COST. No matter how you slice it that's a good deal but it could be an especially good idea if you were looking at some of the more expensive content we have. 

All you need to do is either a) email b) message Dan Monologues or the Come From Away Facebook page or c) fire a text to 416-294-6334 and before you hit submit on your cart and we'll send you a promo code. Alternatively just buy two and then get in touch and we'll send you the code for whatever you want for the third. 

Few folks already been taking advantage! Great way to join in the RSD craze if you can't make it out to your local.



Dan Wolovick