R.I.P. Prince, DFA1979 Live at Third Man Sale, New in Stock Available!

Hey friends, I write this blog with a heavy heart today. I remember saying these exact words when David Bowie died, for millions of people this would be what it would be like for me if Prince died. Well... now I know. But instead of moping around all night I decided to get some info out to you. If you missed it earlier we are running a fun pre-sale on the Live at Third Man Records from DFA1979, fun price too (19.79). I also have compiled a list of newly available records at the distro and prices. Most of these aren't on the site, so if you want something get in touch at dan@twowaymonologues.com, Dan Monologues or the Come From Away page on facebook or text 416-294-6334. If you are buying 3 or more we'll do promo codes (providing they aren't all on deep sale) but feel free to message me, otherwise prices are firm.

Alabama Shakes    Boys & Girls    21.99
Aurora    All My Demons Gretting Me As A Friend    21.99
Battles    Gloss Drop (2LP)    28.25
Battles    Mirrored (2LP)    28.25
Beach Boys    Smile Sessions (2LP)    33.99
Beach Boys    Endless Summer (2 LP 180 gr Gatefold)    33.99
Beatles    Help! (180g)    21.5
Beatles    Magical Mystery Tour (180g)    21.5
Beatles    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (180g)    21.5
Beatles    Yellow Submarine (180g)    22.5
Bent Wind    Sussex    22.75
Bird, Andrew    Are You Serious (LP + 7")    36.5
Black Uhuru    Sinsemilla    22.5
Boards Of Canada    Music Has the Right to Children (2LP)    28.75
Bonamassa, Joe    An Acoustic Evening at the Vienna Opera House (3LP)    28.75
Bonamassa, Joe    Driving Towards Daylight (2LP)    20.99
Bonamassa, Joe    You & Me (2LP)    20.99
Booker T & The Mg'S    McLemore Avenue    21.99
Brown, Clifford    Memorial Album    21.5
Captain Beefheart    Clear Spot    30.5
Captain Beefheart    Lick My Decals Off, Baby    30.5
Captain Beefheart    Spotlight Kid    30.5
Cash, Johnny    A Concert : Behind The Prison Walls    21.99
Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds    Let Love In    25.5
Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds    The First Born Is Dead    21.99
Coltrane, John    Black Pearls    21.99
Coltrane, John    Soultrane    21.99
Coltrane, John    Sun Ship    21.99
Creedence Clearwater Revival    Chronicle (2LP)    29.75
Creedence Clearwater Revival    Cosmo's Factory (180g)    31.5
Dead Meadow    Dead Meadow    34.5
Decemberists    What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World    25.99
Dire Straits    Love Over Gold    31.5
Down By Law    Champions At Heart (red vinyl)    25.75
Drake, Nick    Pink Moon (Vinyl Reissue)    27.99
Eminem    Marshall Mathers LP 2 (2LP)    25.75
Expire    Pretty Low    14.99
Feist    Reminder    21.5
Filter    Crazy Eyes    30.75
Flatliners    Dead Language    18.99
Flying Lotus    Cosmogramma (2LP w/ download card)    22.5
Flying Lotus    Los Angeles (2LP w/ download card)    24.75
Gibbons, Billy & The BFG'S    Perfectamundo    27.75
Gogo Penguin    Man Made Object (2LP)    32.99
Gonzales, Chilly    Chambers (LP+CD)    20.5
Haggard, Merle    Working In Tennessee    21.5
Hancock, Herbie    The Prisoner    21.5
Hancock, Herbie    Speak Like a Child    21.5
Harvey, P.J.    The Hope Six Demolition Project    26.99
Health    Death Magic    21.99
Hutcherson, Bobby    Happenings    21.5
Iam    Vinyl Noir (import)    21.5
Jansch, Bert    Avocet    37.5
Jawbreaker    Dear You    26.99
King, Albert    I'll Play The Blues For You    21.99
King, Albert & Stevie Ray Vaughan    In Session    21.99
King, B.B.    Ladies & Gentleman B.B. King (2LP)    32.785
King, Ben E.    Stand By Me Forever 180 gram    19.99
Kings Of Convenience    Versus    26.99
Lennox, Annie    Nostalgia    24.25
Lights    Midnight Machines (clear disc vinyl)    27.99
Lumineers    Cleopatra (basic)    19.5
Lumineers    Cleopatra (deluxe)    29.99
Majical Cloudz    Are You Alone?    25.25
Marley, Bob    Confrontation (180 gram + download)    26.75
Marley, Bob    Uprising (180 gram + download)    26.75
Mccartney, Paul    Ram (2LP/180gr/download)    31.75
Metallica    Kill 'Em All (remastered) (deluxe box set)    inquire
Metallica    Ride the Lightning (remastered) (deluxe box set)    inquire
Morgan, Lee    Search For A New Land    21.5
Morrissey    Years Of Refusal    21.5
Motorhead    Orgasmatron    27.5
Motorhead    Overkill    25.25
N.W.A.    Niggaz4life (2LP)    30.5
Nightmares On Wax    Carboot Soul (2LP)    27.25
Nine Inch Nails    Pretty Hate Machine (original version)    21.25
Oasis    (What's The Story) Morning Glory ? (Re-Mastered) (2LP)    33.99
Pack    s/t (1978)    22.75
Placebo    Meds (pink vinyl)    36.5
Portishead    Dummy (180g/gatefold)    41.99
Portishead    PNYC (2LP)    27.5
Public Enemy    Yo! Bum Rush the Show    27.99
R.E.M.    Murmur (180g)    27.99
Reatards    Grown Up Fucked Up    25.75
Redding, Otis    Lonely & Blue: Deepest Soul Of    21.99
Robinson, Rich    Through a Crooked Sun (2LP)    34.99
Robinson, Rich    Woodstock Sessions (2LP)    34.99
Rolling Stones    Hot Rocks 1964-1971 (2LP - 180g)    42.5
Rolling Stones    Sticky Fingers (180gr)    27.75
Roots    How I Got Over    21.99
Scorpions    Love at First Sting    26.99
Segall, Ty / Black Time    Split    22.5
Sinatra, Frank    Strangers In The Night    27.75
Sinatra, Frank    Ultimate Sinatra (2LP)    34.25
Slipknot    .5. The Gray Chapter (2LP - clear vinyl indie only)    40.25
soundtrack    Lion King (Picture Disc)    27.75
Sun City Girls    Torch of the Mystics (Ltd)    29.99
Thin Lizzy    Bad Reputation    26.99
Tragically Hip    We Are The Same (2LP)    36.5
Winehouse, Amy    Back to Black    21.5
Winehouse, Amy    Lioness: Hidden Treasures (2LP)    34.99
Wipers    Over the Edge    32.99
Yacht    I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler    20.5
Zombies    Odessey & Oracle    18.75
Zoom    Sweet Desperation    22.75



Dan Wolovick