All Things Downie Available 50% of Proceeds to Charity

Hey everyone,

On this terrible day where we found out one of the country's greatest all time frontmen and musicians is suffering from terminal cancer I decided to put all the links in one place for you to find our Tragically Hip or Downie content. I wanted to post Coke Machine Glow on CD as well but its not in stock and I imagine it won't be anytime soon which is a shame. Full disclosure, I lost my mom to cancer when I was 18 and she suffered off and on her entire life so stuff like this hits close to home to me. I had the music on vinyl titles on sale already and of course we'll keep that price (which is better than any price around) and added other stuff also.

Tragically Hip - Up to Here (MOV)
Tragically Hip - Tragically Hip (MOV)
Tragically Hip - Road Apples (MOV)
Tragically Hip - Fully Completely Deluxe
Tragically Hip - We Are all the Same
Tragically Hip - Man Machine Poem (pre-order)
Gord Down + the Sadies

Dan Wolovick