Wilco/White Stripes Markdown Wednesday and a bunch more!

Hey everybody,

Trying it a bit differently this time. This list includes all prices but the records are for the most part not on the site so get in touch with us however you want if you want to buy something. Take note the stuff in bold is on sale and take extra note the Wilco and White Stripes titles are about 10-15$ below the going rate! If you have a promo code from the newsletter, that definitely applies just get us to put up the record. 75ish records in total, check it out: 

Aerosmith    Rocks Donington 2014 (3LP+DVD)    41.99
Air    2016RSD - Casanova 70 (140 gram,  blue, red, and yellow splatter)    23.99
Alberta Cross    Alberta Cross    25.25
Avett Brothers    Magpie And The Dandelion    21.5
Band    Music From the Big Pink (180g/gatefold)    26.99
Beatles    Abbey Road (180g)    21.5
Beatles    Help! (180g)    21.5
Beatles    Revolver (180g)    21.5
Beatles    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (180g)    21.5
Beatles    The Beatles (White Album 2LP/180g)    33.99
Big Star    Radio City    21.99
Black Belles    The Black Belles (180 gram)    25.75
Black Keys    Attack & Release (bonus CD)    33.5
Black Mountain    IV (2LP)    20.5
Black Sabbath    Master Of Reality (180 gram)    28.5
Black Sabbath    s/t (180 gram)    29.99
Black Sabbath    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (180 gram)    29.99
Black Sabbath    Sabotage (180 gram)    28.5
Black Sabbath    Vol. 4 (180 gram)    29.99

Blackbyrds    City Life    17.99
Bowie, David    2016RSD - The Man Who Sold The World (pic disc)    45.75
Byrd, Donald    A New Perpective    21.5
Coldplay    Mylo Xyloto    34.5
Comets On Fire    S/t    28.5
Dire Straits    Love Over Gold (180 gram)    39.99
Eagles    Hotel California (180g/HQ vinyl)    37.5
Flying Lotus    Pattern + Grid World (w/ download card)    20.5
Gogo Penguin    Man Made Object (2LP)    32.5
Gorillaz    Plastic Beach (2LP)    26.99
Half Moon Run    Sun Leads Me On    21.99
Halsey    Badlands    22.75
Hancock, Herbie    Speak Like a Child    21.75
Harvey, P.J.    The Hope Six Demolition Project    26.99
Jawbreaker    24 Hour Revenge Therapy (2014 re-issue/6 bonus tracks)    25.5
Jesus & Mary Chain    Barbed Wire Kisses (B-Sides And More)    28.5
Johnson, Jack    Live at Third Man Records 6/15/13    18.5

Johnson, Jack & Friends    Sing-A-Longs and Lullabies for the Film Curious George    26.99
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard    Nonagon Infinity    25.5
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard    Paper Mache Dream Balloon    28.5
Lennon, John    Imagine    26.99
Lynn, Loretta    Van Lear Rose (180 gram)    25.5
Marley, Bob    Catch a Fire (180 gram + download)    28.25
Marley, Bob    Legend    28.25
Mccartney, Paul    McCartney II (2LP/180gr w/ download)    30.5
Melvins    Live at Third Man    18.99
Mingus, Charles    Mingus Plays Piano: spontaneous compositiosn & improvisations    38.5
MODERN LOVERS    s/t    25.75
Pantera    Cowboys From Hell (2LP-180 gram)    43.99
Pantera    Vulgar Display Of Power (2LP-180 gram)    43.99

Parquet Courts    Live at Third Man Records    18.99
Plasmatics    Beyond The Valley Of 1984    25.75
Portishead    Portishead    27.99
Price, Margo    Midwest Farmer's Daughter    28.5
Prince    Prince    23.99
Quintet    Jazz at Massey Hall    21.99
Ramones    Ramonesmania (2LP)    25.99
Rush    Caress Of Steel    34.75
Segall, Ty    Ty Rex (Incl. Download)    31.5
Shorter, Wayne    Adam's Appple    21.5
Simpson, Sturgill    A Sailor's Guide to Earth (blue vinyl/poster/CD) indie exclusive    35.25
Smashing Pumpkins    Live (2LP) At The Cabaret Metro, Chicago, Il - 8/14/93    37.5
soundtrack    Juno    28.5
Strumbellas    Hope    20.99
Talk Talk    Laughing Stock    26.99
Tame Impala    Innerspeaker (2LP)    21.99
Tears For Fears    Songs From The Big Chair    24.5
Verve    Urban Hymns (2 LP)    33.75
White Stripes    De Stijl (180 gram/incl. download)    28.25
White Stripes    Icky Thump (2LP-180 gram)    48.5
Wilco    Being There (2LP-180 gram/bonus CD)    43.25
Wilco    Summerteeth (2LP-180 gram/bonus CD)    43.25
Wilco    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2LP-bonus CD)    43.25

Zappa, Frank    Apostrophe    28.99
Zombie, Rob    Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser    34.75

Dan Wolovick