330 Records Ready to Head to You - Massive Attack, Strung Out, Fu Manchu, Rage + more!

Hey everyone,

Quick update before I head to work. Here's a list of 330 newly stocked items we can ship out in tomorrow and/or Friday's shipment if you get your order in soon. If you are interested information on any of them and/or prices flip us a line.

10"    Rage Against The Machine    People Of The Sun (Ltd/Color vinyl)
12"EP    New Order    People On The High Line (coloured vinyl)
7"    Bouncing Souls/Menzingers    Shocking - split - (Ltd/Color/4 tracks + download card)
7"    Discharge    Fight Back
7"    NOFX    Surfer
7"    Off!    First Four Eps (4x7")
7"    Rancid    Nihilism/Radio/Salvation
7"    Turnstile    Pressure to Succeed (Ltd)
7"    Turnstile    Step 2 Rhythm - EP (green-white vinyl)
LP    Adams, Ryan    1989 (2LP)
LP    Adele    25
LP    African Head Charge    My Life in a Hole in the Ground
LP    Against Me    As The Eternal Cowboy
LP    Against Me    Searching for a Former Clarity (2LP)
LP    Against Me    The Original Cowboy
LP    Against Me    Total Clarity (2LP)
LP    Agnostic Front    Victim In Pain (Ltd/Color/Download)
LP    AJJ    The Bible 2
LP    Alexisonfire    Dogs Blood (180gr)
LP    Anti-Flag    Terror State
LP    Anti-Flag    Underground Network
LP    Arkells    Morning Report
LP    Armstrong, Louis & Ellington, Duke    Together for the First Time
LP    Bad Religion    Recipe For Hate
LP    Bahamas    Bahamas Is AFIE
LP    Bahamas    Barchords
LP    Baker, Chet    In New York
LP    Beach Boys    Pet Sounds (180 Gram)
LP    Beastie Boys    Hello Nasty - Special Edition (2LP/gatefold)
LP    Beastie Boys    Paul's Boutique (20th anniversary remastered edition-180 gram)
LP    Beatles    A Hard Days Night (mono)
LP    Beatles    Help (mono)
LP    Beatles    Revolver (mono)
LP    Beatles    Rubber Soul (180g)
LP    Beatles    Rubber Soul (Mono)
LP    Beatles    Sgt Pepper (mono)
LP    Beatles    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (180g)
LP    Beatles    The Beatles 1967-1970 (Blue)
LP    Beatles    With The Beatles (mono)
LP    Belle And Sebastian    If You're Feeling Sinister (w/download coupon/repackaged)
LP    Ben Folds Five    Whatever and Ever Amen (180g)
LP    Bennett, Tony & Lady Gaga    Cheek To Cheek
LP    Bentley, Dierks    Black
LP    Biafra, Jello & The Melvins    Never Breathe What You Can't See
LP    Big Star    #1 Record
LP    Big Star    Radio City
LP    Bishops Green    A Chance to Change (Ltd/Color/Download)
LP    Bishops Green    Pressure
LP    Blink 182                     California (red vinyl/Ltd)
LP    Boards Of Canada    Music Has the Right to Children (2LP)
LP    Bonamassa, Joe    Different Shades of Blue (2LP)
LP    Bonobo    Animal Magic (2LP)
LP    Bouncing Souls    How I Spent My Summer Vacation
LP    Brand New    Your Favorite Weapon
LP    Brown, James    Live at The Apollo
LP    Brubeck, Dave    Brubeck Time
LP    Cape, Joey & Tony Sly    Acoustic
LP    Car Seat Headrest    Teens of Style
LP    Case, Neko    Middle Cyclone (2LP/180g)
LP    Celtic Frost    Monotheist (2LP/2016 reissue/import)
LP    Chixdiggit    Pink Razors
LP    Choking Victim    No Gods/No Managers
LP    City And Colour    If I Should Go Before You
LP    Cock Sparrer    Guilty as Charged
LP    Cock Sparrer    Two Monkeys
LP    Coleman, Ornette    Something Else
LP    Coltrane, Alice    Journey in Satchidananda
LP    Coltrane, John    A Love Supreme
LP    Coltrane, John    Plays The Blues (180g HQ vinyl)
LP    Cooke, Sam    For Always - 20 Beloved Classics (180g)
LP    Corea, Chick    Three Quartets
LP    Cramps    Look Mom No Head! (cardinal red vinyl)
LP    Cramps    Smell Of Female (EP)
LP    Cramps    Stay Sick!
LP    Creedence Clearwater Revival    Bayou Country
LP    Creedence Clearwater Revival    Chronicle (2LP)
LP    D.R.I.    Crossover - Millennium Edition (reissue)
LP    Daft Punk    Alive 1997
LP    Damned    The Black Album (2LP)
LP    Davis, Miles    Kind of Blue (2LP/180g /45rpm)
LP    Davis, Miles    Kind Of Blue (blue vinyl/180g/die cut ltd edition)
LP    Davis, Miles    Walkin'
LP    Death Grips    No Love Deep Web
LP    Decemberists    Crane Wife (2LP)
LP    Del Rey, Lana    Born to Die
LP    Descendents    Cool To Be You
LP    Dr. Dog    Be The Void (includes CD copy)
LP    Drive Like Jehu    Yank Crime (LP + bonus 7" Hand Over Fist/Bullet Train..)
LP    Dropkick Murphys    Do Or Die
LP    Dropkick Murphys    Live On St. Patrick's Day From Boston, MA (2LP)
LP    Earle, Steve    Copperhead Road
LP    Earle, Steve    Guitar Town
LP    Elvis Depressedly    Holo Pleasures/California Dreamin'
LP    Elvis Depressedly    New Alhambra
LP    Evans, Bill Trio    Sunday at The Village Vanguard
LP    Feist    Open Season
LP    Fitzgerald, Ella & Louis Armstrong    Complete Studio (2LP/180g HQ vinyl)
LP    Fitzgerald, Ella & Louis Armstrong    Ella & Louis
LP    Flatliners    Cavalcade
LP    Flatliners    Dead Language
LP    Flatliners    Destroy To Create
LP    Flatliners    The Great Awake
LP    Fleetwood Mac    Blues Jam In Chicago I&II (2LP)
LP    Florence & The Machine    Lungs
LP    Flying Lotus    Cosmogramma (2LP w/ download card)
LP    Flying Lotus    You're Dead (2LP)
LP    Frijid Pink    s/t (180g/remastered/laminated front cover)
LP    Fu Manchu    (Godzilla's) Eatin' Dust (reissue/gatefold)
LP    Fu Manchu    The Action Is Go (2LP/gatefold)
LP    Full Of Hell    Rudiments of Mutilation (colored vinyl/Ltd)
LP    Funkadelic    America Eats Its Young (2LP)
LP    Funkadelic    Best Of: Standing On The Verge (2LP)
LP    Funkadelic    Cosmic Slop
LP    Funkadelic    Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow
LP    Funkadelic    Let's Take It to the Stage
LP    Funkadelic    Maggot Brain
LP    Funkadelic    Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On
LP    Georgas, Hannah    For Evelyn
LP    Ghost Inside    Get What You Give
LP    Gogol Bordello    Super Taranta (2LP)
LP    Gonzales, Chilly    Solo Piano
LP    Gonzales, Chilly    Solo Piano II
LP    Gonzales, Chilly    Unspeakable Chilly Gonzales
LP    Gould, Glenn    Goldberg Variations (HQ)
LP    Guided By Voices    Bee Thousand (remaster 2015/gatefold sleeve)
LP    Guns N Roses    Live In New York City, February 2 1988
LP    Guns N Roses    Use Your Illusion 1 (2LP)
LP    Guns N Roses    Use Your Illusion 2 (2LP)
LP    Half Moon Run    Dark Eyes
LP    Half Moon Run    Sun Leads Me On
LP    Hancock, Herbie    Maiden Voyage
LP    Harper, Ben & Charlie Musselwhite    Get Up !
LP    Hayes, Isaac    Hot Buttered Soul
LP    Hendrix, Jimi    Are You Experienced (2LP/import)
LP    Hooker, John Lee    Live at Sugar Hill
LP    Hopkins, Lightnin'    Blues in My Bottle
LP    Hot Hot Heat    Hot Hot Heat
LP    House Of Pain    House of Pain (180 gram audiophile vinyl)
LP    Howard, Ben    Every Kingdom (import)
LP    Ignite    Our Darkest Days (Ltd/Color vinyl)
LP    Imagine Dragons    Smoke + Mirrors
LP    Integrity    Humanity Is The Devil (20th Anniversary) (Color/Gatefold/Ltd/DL/Poster)
LP    Interpol    Turn on the Bright Lights (LP + download)
LP    Iron & Wine/Ben Bridwell    Sing Into My Mouth
LP    James, Etta    At Last! (180 gram+CD/4 bonus tracks)
LP    Jay-Z     Reasonable Doubt (2LP/180g + 10")
LP    Jesus & Mary Chain    Psychocandy (180 gram)
LP    Judas Priest    Screaming For Vengence
LP    Judge    What It Meant: Complete Discography (2LP/Ltd/Blue/gatefold/Download)
LP    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard    Nonagon Infinity
LP    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard    Paper Mache Dream Balloon
LP    King, Albert & Stevie Ray Vaughan    In Session
LP    King, B.B.    Ladies & Gentleman B.B. King (2LP)
LP    King, B.B.    Live at the Regal
LP    Kinks    Arthur or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire
LP    Kiss    Alive (2LP)
LP    Knuckle Puck    While I Stay Secluded
LP    La Dispute    Wildlife (2LP/Ltd/Purple vinyl)
LP    Lady Gaga    The Fame (2LP)
LP    Lagwagon    Hang
LP    Lagwagon    I Think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon (EP) (with CD insert)
LP    Lamar, Kendrick    Good Kid, M.A.A.D City (2LP)
LP    Lcd Soundsystem    Sound Of Silver (2LP)
LP    Leftover Crack    Fuck World Trade (2LP/2015 re-issue 5 bonus tracks)
LP    Leloup, Jean    Mille Excuses Milady (LP)
LP    Lumineers    Lumineers
LP    Mad Caddies    Dirty Rice
LP    Mad Caddies    Keep It Going
LP    Mad Caddies    Rock The Plank
LP    Madball    Demonstrating My Style
LP    Man Is The Bastard / Bastard Noise    The Honesty Shop (Ltd/Screenprint)
LP    Marley, Bob    Confrontation (180 gram + download)
LP    Masked Intruder    M.I.
LP    Masked Intruder    s/t
LP    Massive Attack    Mezzanine (2LP/Ltd/import)
LP    Max Webster    Max Webster (180g)
LP    Me First & The Gimme Gimmes    Are A Drag
LP    Me First & The Gimme Gimmes    Blow In The Wind
LP    Me First & The Gimme Gimmes    Have A Ball
LP    Me First & The Gimme Gimmes    Ruin Jonny's Bar Mitzvah
LP    Megadeth    Dystopia
LP    Megadeth    Peace Sells But Who's Buying? (180 gr)
LP    Melvins    Ozma/Bullhead (2LP)
LP    Mingus, Charles    The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady
LP    Ministry    KE*A*H** (Psalm 69) (180 gram)
LP    Modest Mouse     Moon & Antartica (2LP)
LP    Monk, Thelonious    Monk's Music
LP    Montgomery, Wes    The Incredible Jazz Guitar ff Wes Montgomery
LP    Mumford & Sons    Sigh No More
LP    My Bloody Valentine    Loveless (+ 5 bonus tracks)
LP    N.W.A.    Straight Outta Compton (180g vinyl + download/HQ vinyl/import)
LP    Nas    Illmatic (import)
LP    National    Boxer
LP    National    High Violet (2LP/180g)
LP    Night Birds    Mutiny at Muscle Beach
LP    Nirvana    Nevermind (180g/download)
LP    No Use For A Name    Leche Con Carne
LP    No Use For A Name    Live In A Dive
LP    NOFX    22 Songs
LP    NOFX    Frisbee
LP    NOFX    Heavy Petting Zoo
LP    NOFX    I Heard They Suck Live
LP    NOFX    Ribbed
LP    NOFX    So Long.. Thanks For All The Shoes
LP    NOFX    The Decline
LP    NOFX    War On Errorism
LP    NOFX    White Trash
LP    NOFX    Wolves In Wolves' Clothing
LP    Nofx & Friends    Home Street Home: Original Songs From the (S)hit Musical
LP    Nots    Cosmetic
LP    Nots    We Are Nots
LP    Of Monsters And Men    My Head Is An Animal
LP    Offspring    Ixnay on the Hombre
LP    Opeth    Ghost Reveries (2LP/180g/fold-out poster)
LP    Pansy Division    Quite Contrary (Incl. Download)
LP    Pantera    Vulgar Display Of Power (2LP-180 gram)
LP    Parsons, Alan/Project    Eye In The Sky (180g)
LP    Pavement    Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain (LP + download coupon)
LP    Pavement    Wowee Zowee (1 1/2LP) (120 gram + mp3)
LP    Pearl Jam    Hollywood Palladium 1991
LP    Pears    Green Star
LP    Plants and Animals    Waltzed in From the Rumbling
LP    Pop, Iggy    Post Pop Depression
LP    Portugal. The Man    American Ghetto
LP    Primus    Live In California Palo Alto 5/3/89 & Universal City 12/12/93
LP    Propagandhi    Less Talk, More Rock
LP    Propagandhi    Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes
LP    Pup    Pup
LP    Queens Of The Stone Age    Lullabies To Paralyze (2LP-180 gram)
LP    Queens Of The Stone Age    Rated R
LP    Radiohead    The Bends
LP    Ramones    Rocket to Russia (180 gram)
LP    Rancid    And Out Come the Wolves (2015 remaster)
LP    Rateliff, Nathaniel & The Night Sweats    s/t
LP    Real McKenzies    10,000 Shots
LP    Real McKenzies    Loch'd & Loaded
LP    Record Company    Give It Back to You
LP    Red Hot Chili Peppers    Californication (2LP/180g)
LP    Redding, Otis    It's Not Just Sentimental
LP    Redding, Otis    Lonely & Blue: Deepest Soul Of
LP    Reinhardt, Django    The Legendary Django
LP    Rise Against    RPM10 (Revolutions Per Minute deluxe re-issue)
LP    Rise Against    The Unraveling
LP    Rolling Stones    Let It Bleed (180g)
LP    Rolling Stones    Some Girls
LP    Roots    How I Got Over
LP    Rush    Permanent Waves
LP    Scorpios    Scorpios (Joey Cape/Jon Snodgrass/Tony Sly & Brian Wahlstrom)
LP    Screeching Weasel    Television City Dream (2010 edition-5 bonus tracks)
LP    Screeching Weasel    Weasel Mania
LP    Segall, Ty    Melted
LP    Sepultura    Roots (2LP)
LP    Shorter, Wayne    Speak No Evil
LP    Sick Of It All    Call To Arms
LP    Sick Of It All    Live In A Dive
LP    Simone, Nina    Forbidden Fruit (180g HQ vinyl)
LP    Simone, Nina    Nina at Newport
LP    Slowdive     Souvlaki
LP    Sly, Tony    Sad Bear
LP    Sly, Tony & Joey Cape    Acoustic Volume Two
LP    Smith, Lonnie Liston & the Cosmic Echoes    Expansions
LP    SNFU    And No One Else Wanted to Play
LP    SNFU    If You Swear, You'll Catch No Fish
LP    Snuff    Flibbidydibbidydob
LP    Snuff    Tweet Tweet My Lovely
LP    Sodom    Decision Day (3LP)
LP    Sonic Youth    Goo
LP    Soundtrack    The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 and Beyond (2LP)
LP    soundtrack    The Revenant (2LP) Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto score
LP    Staples, Vince    Summertime' 06 (segment 1 & 2 ) (2LP)
LP    Strung Out    Another Day In Paradise (2014 re-master)
LP    Strung Out    Prototypes And Painkillers (with download)
LP    Strung Out    Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues (2014 remaster)
LP    Strung Out    Top Contenders: Best Of (2LP)
LP    Strung Out    Twisted By Design (2014 remaster)
LP    Subhumans    Live In A Dive (2LP)
LP    Subrosa    For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages (2LP/Gatefold/Download)
LP    Suicidal Tendencies    Suicidal Tendencies
LP    Sun Ra & The Blues Project    Batman & Robin
LP    Supertramp    Crime Of The Century - 40th Anniversary Edition (180g/mastered for vinyl)
LP    Tame Impala    Currents
LP    Teen Suicide    DC Snuff Film/Waste Yrself
LP    Teen Suicide    I Will Be My Own Hell Because There Is Always..
LP    Teenage Bottlerocket    Freak Out
LP    Teenage Bottlerocket    They Came From The Shadows
LP    Teenage Fanclub     Bandwagonesque
LP    Terauchi, Takeshi    Nippon Guitars
LP    Thee Oh Sees    A Weird Exits (2LP/45RPM/D-Side Etching/Download)
LP    Tiger Army    V
LP    Tool    Lateralus (2LP/picture disc)
LP    Toy Guitar    Move Like A Ghost
LP    Tragically Hip    s/t (180 gram audiophile vinyl)
LP    Turner, Frank    England Keep My Bones (with CD)
LP    U2    Rattle & Hum (2LP/180g/original artwork)
LP    Useless I.D.    State Is Burning
LP    V/A    Girls With Guitars
LP    V/A    Nippon Girls 2: Japanese pop/beat 1965-70
LP    V/A    Nippon Girls: Japanese Pop, Beat & Bossa Nova 1967-69
LP    v/a    Stax Gold - Hits 1968-1974
LP    v/a    Super Breaks Vol. 3 (2LP)
LP    Vampire Weekend    Contra (LP)
LP    Vandals    Live Fast Diarrhea (green vinyl)
LP    Vandals    Look What I Almost Stepped In (green vinyl)
LP    Vandals    Quickening, The (green vinyl)
LP    Vatican Shadow    Media In The Service Of Terror (Ltd)
LP    Vile, Kurt    Wakin on a Pretty Daze (2LP)
LP    Waits, Tom    Mule Variations (2LP)
LP    Waits, Tom    Real Gone
LP    Wallflowers    Bring Down the Horse (2LP)
LP    Warzone    Don’t Forget The Struggle (Ltd/Red/Download)
LP    Waters, Muddy    More Real Folk Blues (180g HQ vinyl)
LP    Waters, Muddy & Johnny Winter    Live At Tower Theatre, Philadelphia, 3/6/77
LP    Weezer    Weezer (The Blue Album) 180g
LP    West, Kanye    College Dropout (2LP)
LP    Wilco    Star Wars (indie exclusive color vinyl/gatefold)
LP    Williams, Hank    I Saw the Light
LP    Williams, Hank    Ramblin' Man
LP    Williams, Hank    Sings
LP    Yorke, Thom    Eraser
LP    Young, Neil    Harvest (HQ vinyl/import)
LP    Zappa, Frank    One Size Fits All
LP    Zappa, Frank & The Mothers Of Invention    Live In Uddel, NL 6/18/70 VPRO
LP    Zombies    Odessey & Oracle
LP    Zorn, John    Naked City
LP     Winehouse, Amy    Back to Black
LP       Guns N Roses    Appetite for Destruction (180g)
LP       Jay-Z    The Blueprint (Explicit 2Lp)
LP       Portishead    Dummy (import)
LP       Portishead    PNYC (2LP)

Dan Wolovick