A Vinyl Gift Guide for Everyone on the Holiday List


Here at Come From Away Records, we happen to think that vinyl makes a great holiday present. And with turntables now available everywhere from local independent retailers (best bet) to Indigo (sigh, if you must), it's more likely than ever before that many of the people on your gift list for Christmas and Hanukkah  will appreciate the gift of wax. And if you happen to be reading this, here's a bonus promo code you can use: FRPN8WV to knock 7% off any order. Note -- some of these items are pre-orders and release dates on yinyl is fickle. If you want a safer bet, order something that's already out. That being said I have no reason to believe these will miss the release date. Just tread carefully!

But what should you get for them? This year saw plenty of great releases, many of them still available even in coloured or special-edition variants. And we're confident that no matter who you're buying for, we've got something we can source from our distributors. 

Here are a few suggestions to get you started, and get in touch if you'd like some more personalized advice. Happy Holidays!

Dan Wolovick