Come From Away Curates/Anti Curates Record Store Day 2017

So this Saturday is Record Store Day--and while we aren't a physical venue, which means we are not an official RSD venue, I have a bit of the RSD fever so I wanted to put a post up about it.

But before I go about that just wanted to run down how RSD works for CFA. Sometime this weekend we'll get word on what is available and what we can order, and at that point we have just as good a chance as anybody else to get those albums. I've also been placing orders for ones I thought would sell for a while now. So we'll have access to plenty of these, but not all of these. For the really coveted ones you'll have slag it out in the prepared to keep those elbows high. But here is a quick list of 5 albums I (Dan) think are my favourite, 5 albums that intrigue me, and 5 albums I wouldn't waste my money on.

5 Favourite Releases of RSD 2017

1. The Johnny Cash Children's Album: Limited to 3000 copies. This record was recorded by Johnny Cash for his only son, John, and what makes it extra cool is that the liner notes are done by his son. My son Ezra and I bonded real hard over the Johnny Cash TV Show album from last year's Record Store Day and so for me this is a must have. Plus it features "Nasty Dan" which you must remember from Sesame Street if you are around my age. Half affordable too, but we won't be revealing prices till the weekend.

2. Dennis Wilson - Bambu (the Caribou Sessions): 2LP, limited to 3000 copies on coloured (and I believe marbled or swirl) vinyl. You'd be forgiven if you aren't familiar with Dennis Wilson's work outside the Beach Boys but Pacific Ocean Blue is a forgotten masterpiece. Well, Bambu was to be Dennis's second album and many have wondered just how huge it would have been. This vinyl attempts to continue to ask/answer that question. 

3. Andre 3000 - All Together Now: If you're like me then Andre 3000's cover of the Beatles "All Together Now" getting a release is much more exciting than the Beatles attempting to capitalize on RSD day by releasing a 7" of a couple of stereo mixes that were put out in 2015. Limited to 5000 copies and featuring an instrumental version on the flip side.

4. The Distillers - Coral Fang: I have a big weak spot for this band and this album in particular. This has the original artwork that you remember and special red vinyl. Limited to 4500 worldwide. Listened to this again a few times recently--it holds up and is addictive as ever.

5. Various Artists - The Space Jam Soundtrack: 2LP limited to 3500 copies on a gorgeous blue/black marbled/swirl vinyl. Also features a stunning gatefold for fans of the movie. The soundtrack features Seal, Coolio, R. Kelly, Salt N Pepa...and all that is great, but it also features Hit em High which is one of the greatest hip-hop jams of all time. 

5 Releases that Intrigue Me

1. The Sloths - Makin' Love/You Mean Everything to Me 7": Limited to 650. Being put out by Sundazed Music. Admittedly the stuff they release is usually pricey and so I don't end up owning it, but heard a preview of this release and had to check it out for myself and this is everything that is right about hidden garage gems. 

2. Trevor Jones - The Dark Crystal Soundtrack: Limited to 1500, put out by Enjoy the Ride. Artwork unique to this pressing, first time available on vinyl since the release and of course it's pressed on crystal clear vinyl. Soundtracks are something I've only been getting into more recently, but this movie has stuck with me over the years and I just have the feeling I'll regret not owning this on vinyl if I don't bite.

3. R.L. Burnside - Long Distance Call: 2500 copies limited, of course put out by Fat Possum Records. I believe I heard its on colour vinyl. Fat Possum are one of the few labels left keeping their records affordable but also at a decent level of quality. It works really well with these raw blues recordings. This is the first time for these 1982 vinyl recordings. As Fat Possum says "they are trying their best" and that's good enough for me.


4. The Claypool Lennon Delirium - Lime and Limpid Green 10": Limited to 3030 copies, colour vinyl. It's a 10" of covers, what's the big deal right? Well to begin with, this is one of the more intriguing new bands I've heard recently and they are covering Astronomy Domine (Pink Floyd), Boris the Spider (The Who), The Court of the Crimson King (King Crimson) and Satori (Travellin Flower Band) and for me that is intriguing enough to make the list.

5. The Offspring - Self Titled: Put out by Nitro on transparent blue vinyl limited to 2500 copies. Some would argue this but I feel like everyone who knows know that Offspring have not released anything worth listening to since Ixnay on the Hombre. But up until that record they were awesome. Don't believe me? Grab this and hear for yourself.

5 Albums I Wouldn't Waste Time or Money On

Caveat, I know some of you are excited about the albums listed here. That's great, music is completely subjective. I love Pearl Jam and lots of you hate Pearl Jam, and that's just how music is. But these releases make me cringe.

1. Corey Feldman - Go 4 It (feat Snoop Dogg) b/w Everbody (feat Doc Ice): Limited to 1000. Egregiously pressed by Record Store Day themselves in what can only be described as a full-on cash grab. The vinyl equivalent of a meme. I've been a fan of Feldman almost my entire life and followed his misguided music career. This release just makes me sick to my stomach but I bet it's quite coveted. 

2. Dave Matthews Band - Live at Red Rocks: 4LP, silver vinyl limited to 2500 copies. This is a RSD first release which means that most likely the same record will come out on black vinyl for a fraction the cost in the weeks or months to follow. It was mastered as Grundman's studio, the vinyl does look nice, and for fans of the band that'll be enough to drop $120-ish on it. But listening to 4 LPs worth of DMB is, to me, what hell might be like.

3. Marcy Playground - Marcy Playground: I once had a girlfriend who decided "Sex and Candy" was our relationship theme song, we hadn't had sex (actually quite sure we were both virgins). Soon thereafter we broke up....maybe because of the song, maybe not. Hard to say. So many better bands of the era who could use a reissue, literally thousands. Don't get it now, didn't get it then. Predict this will be in clearance bins for years to come. Limited to 2500 copies or probably about 2000 too many. 

4. Sublime with Rome - Unreleased Demos 2017: Limited to 1500, put out by 5 Music. It is hand stamped and numbered, it is also on multi-colour vinyl which is great. But a multi-coloured piece of shit is still a piece of shit. So I actually like old Sublime (note not Sublime with Rome, which is a joke who sell tickets to their shows on Groupon) but after they put out a ton of warped records they still haven't rectified for their re-release and now continue to force out a new release every RSD Day I've had my fill. Another discount bin warrior if you ask me.

5. Motorhead - Clean Your Clock: 2LP limited to 1500 Picture Disc done by UDR. This is no knock on Motorhead, and this isn't a knock on Clean Your Clock either. Clean Your Clock is actually an incredible recording that has been released as a 2LP or a super-deluxe LP package, both of which are going to absolutely blow this one away in terms of sound. One of the biggest problems of RSD is when a release is forced out every time for a particular artist. This isn't even about Motorhead; I'm just particularly fond of the Clean Your Clock recording and wish it wasn't being forced onto a Picture Disc.

Dan Wolovick