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Adderley, Cannonball    And The Bossa Rio Sextet: W/Se
Adderley, Cannonball    Know What I Mean?
Adderley, Cannonball    Somethin Else (180g)
Adderley, Cannonball    Sophisticated Swing
Adderley, Cannonball    Them Dirty Blues (180g/2 Bns)
Adderley, Cannonball    Wow! (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Adderley, Cannonball Sextet    Jazz Workshop Revisited (3 Bon
Albam, Manny    V1 And The Jazz Greats Of Our
Albam, Manny    V2 And The Jazz Greats Of Our
Alexander, Arthur    You Better Move On + 2 Bns
Armstrong Louis    Satch Plays Fats (Bonus Trks)
Armstrong, Louis    And The Good Book
Armstrong, Louis    W/Dukes Of Dixieland (180g)
Armstrong, Louis/Brubeck, Dave    Real Ambassadors
Armstrong, Louis/Crosby, Bing    Bing And Satchmo
Armstrong, Louis/Ellington, Duke    Great Summit
Armstrong, Louis/Ellington, Duke    Great Summit
Armstrong, Louis/Peterson, Oscar    Armstrong Meets Peterson
Armstrong, Louis/Peterson, Oscar    Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Pe
Baez, Joan    V2 (180g)
Baker And Shank    Music From The James Dean Stor
Baker, Chet    A Jazz Tour Of The Nato Countr
Baker, Chet    Alone Together (W/Bill Evans)
Baker, Chet    And Crew
Baker, Chet    And Strings (180g) (2 Bonus Tr
Baker, Chet    Big Band (180g)
Baker, Chet    Chet Is Back
Baker, Chet    Chet Is Back (180g)
Baker, Chet    Featuring Russ Freeman (180g)
Baker, Chet    I Get Chet (180g) (1 Bonus Tra
Baker, Chet    In New York
Baker, Chet    Introduces Johnny Pace (180g)
Baker, Chet    Italian Movie Soundtracks
Baker, Chet    Lyrical Trumpet Of
Baker, Chet    Plays The Best Of Lerner & Loe
Baker, Chet    Sings
Baker, Chet    Sings (180g)
Baker, Chet    Sings (2 Bonus Tracks)
Baker, Chet    Sings And Plays (180g)
Baker, Chet    Swings Pretty (180g)
Baker, Chet Qrt    In Paris (180g)
Baker, Chet/Evans, Bill    Alone Together
Baker, Chet/Pepper, Art    Playboys (180g)
Baker, Chet/Twardzik, Dick    Chet & Dick (180g)
Ballard, Hank & The Midnighters    Hank Ballard And The Midnighte
Barretto, Ray    Barretto Para Bailar
Basie, Count    Atomic Mr. Basie
Basie, Count    Atomic Mr. Basie (180g)
Basie, Count    Basie Jazz (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Basie, Count    Basie On The Beatles (1 Bonus
Basie, Count    Basie Plays Hefti
Basie, Count    Chairman Of The Board
Basie, Count    Hollywood...Basies Way (180g)
Basie, Count    Kansas City 7 + 1 Bns (180g)
Basie, Count    On My Way And Shoutin Again (1
Bassey, Shirley    Lets Face The Music: Comp Edit
Bennett & Basie    In Person! (180g/1 Bns)
Bennett, Tony    Hometown My Town (180g)
Benton, Brook    Lie To Me : Brook Benton Sing
Berry, Chuck    One Dozen Berrys (180g/2bns)
Blakey, Art    Moanin
Blakey, Art & The Jazz Messenge    Jazz Messengers (180g/1 Bns)
Blakey, Art And The Jazz Messen    Moanin (180g)
Blakey, Art And The Jazz Messen    Pisces (1 Bns Tr)
Blakey, Art Jazz Messengers    W/Thelonious Monk
Brown & Rollins & Roach    Three Giants! (180g)
Brown, Clifford    Memorial Album
Brown, Clifford    Warm! (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Brown, Clifford/Roach, Max    Study In Brown (180g)
Brown, James    Amazing James Brown (180g)
Brown, James    Think! (2 Bns Tr)
Brown, James    Think! (2 Bns)
Brown, James    Tour The U.S.A (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Brown, James    Try Me! + 2 Bonus Tracks (180g
Brown, James & His Famous Flame    Excitement Mr. Dynamite (180g)
Brown, James & The Famous Flame    Tell Me What Youre Gonna Do
Brubeck, Dave    1958 Newport (180g)
Brubeck, Dave    Bossa Nova Usa (180g)
Brubeck, Dave    Gone W/T Wind
Brubeck, Dave    Southern Scene
Brubeck, Dave    Time Out
Brubeck, Dave    Time Out
Brubeck, Dave (Quartet)    Time Out (180g/2 Bns)
Brubeck, Dave Qrt    Angel Eyes (1 Bonus Track)
Brubeck, Dave Qrt    Jazz: Red Hot And Cool
Burnette, Johnny    Rock N Roll Trio (4 Bonus Trac
Burnette, Johnny    Sings (180g/2 Bns)
Burton, Gary    New Vibe Man In Town (2 Bns Tr
Byrd, Donald/Gryce, Gigi    Modern Jazz Perspective (180g)
Cash, Johnny    Blood Sweat And Tears (180g)
Cash, Johnny    Hymns By Johnny Cash (180g)
Cash, Johnny    Hymns From The Heart (4 Bns)
Cash, Johnny    Now Heres Johnny Cash (180g)
Cash, Johnny    Now There Was A Song! (2 Bonus
Cash, Johnny    Ride This Train (180g) (2 Bonu
Cash, Johnny    Sings The Songs That Made Him
Cash, Johnny    Sound Of Johnny Cash (180g)
Cavallaro, Carmen    Eddy Duchin Story (180g)
Charles, Ray    At Newport (180g/2 Bns)
Charles, Ray    Genius After Hours (180g/2 Bns
Charles, Ray    Genius Hits The Road (4 Bns)
Charles, Ray    Genius Sings The Blues (180g)
Charles, Ray    Genius+Soul=Jazz
Charles, Ray    Genius+Soul=Jazz (180g)
Charles, Ray    Hallelujah I Love Her So!
Charles, Ray    In Person (180g/2 Bns)
Charles, Ray    Modern Sounds In Country And W
Charles, Ray    Modern Sounds In Country And W
Charles, Ray    Whatd I Say (2 Bns Tr)
Charles, Ray & Jackson, Milt    Soul Brothers (180g/2 Bns)
Checker, Chubby    For Twisters Only (180g)
Checker, Chubby    Lets Twist Again (180g/2 Bns)
Cline, Patsy    Showcase (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Cochran, Eddie    Cherished Memories (180g)
Cochran, Eddie    Memorial Album (180g)
Cohn/Perkins/Kamuca    Brothers!
Cole, Nat King    After Midnight (180g)
Cole, Nat King    Just One Of Those Things
Coleman, Ornette    Something Else!!!
Coleman, Ornette    This Is Our Music (180g) (1 Bo
Coltrane, John    Africa/Bass (180g)
Coltrane, John    And Kenny Burrell (180g)
Coltrane, John    Bahia + 1 Bonus Track (180g)
Coltrane, John    Ballads (180g)
Coltrane, John    Believer (180g)
Coltrane, John    Black Pearls
Coltrane, John    Blue Train
Coltrane, John    Blue Train (180g)
Coltrane, John    Bye Bye Blackbird (180g)
Coltrane, John    Coltrane
Coltrane, John    Coltrane (180g)
Coltrane, John    Coltrane Plays The Blues
Coltrane, John    Giant Steps
Coltrane, John    Giant Steps (180g)
Coltrane, John    Golden Disk (180g/1 Bns Tr)
Coltrane, John    Live At The Village Vanguard (
Coltrane, John    Lush Life
Coltrane, John    Lush Life (1 Bns Tr)
Coltrane, John    Lush Life (180g) (1 Bonus Trac
Coltrane, John    My Favorite Things (Bonus Trac
Coltrane, John    Ole Coltrane: Comp Session (18
Coltrane, John    Plays The Blues (180g)
Coltrane, John    Settin The Pace (180g/1 Bns)
Coltrane, John    Soultrane
Coltrane, John    Standard Coltrane
Coltrane, John    Stardust (180g)
Coltrane, John    With Paul Quinichette (180g)
Coltrane, John    With The Red Garland (180g)
Coltrane, John Qrt    For Lovers (180g)
Coltrane, John/Garland, Red Trio    Traneing In
Coltrane, John/Mobley, Hank    Two Tenors (180g)
Cooke, Sam    Cooke's Tour
Cooke, Sam    Encore (180g/2 Bns)
Cooke, Sam    Hits Of The 50s (180g/2 Bns)
Cooke, Sam    My Kind Of Blues (180g)
Cooke, Sam    Songs By Sam Cooke (180g/3 Bns
Cooke, Sam    Swing Low (4 Bns)
Cooke, Sam    Tribute To The Lady + 2 Bns
Cooke, Sam    Twistin The Night Away (180g)
Cooke, Sam    Wonderful World Of Sam Cooke
Crystals    Twist Uptown (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Cuba, Joe    Merengue Loco (180g)
Davis, Miles    1957: In Amsterdam: Feat. Barn
Davis, Miles    Ascenseur Pour L Echafaud
Davis, Miles    At Carnegie Hall
Davis, Miles    At Newport 1958 (180g)
Davis, Miles    Ballads
Davis, Miles    Birth Of The Cool (180g)
Davis, Miles    Birth Of The Cool (180g)
Davis, Miles    Birth Of The Cool (180g)
Davis, Miles    Conception (180g)
Davis, Miles    Cookin W/ (180g)
Davis, Miles    Diggin (180g)
Davis, Miles    In Person At The Blackhawk
Davis, Miles    Jazz Track (180g)
Davis, Miles    Kind Of Blue
Davis, Miles    Kind Of Blue
Davis, Miles    Kind Of Blue (180g)
Davis, Miles    Kind Of Blue (180g)
Davis, Miles    Miles Ahead (180g)
Davis, Miles    Miles Ahead (180g)
Davis, Miles    Milestones
Davis, Miles    Milestones (180g)
Davis, Miles    Original Quintet (First Record
Davis, Miles    Plays Jazz Classics (180g) (1
Davis, Miles    Quiet Nights (180g) (Bonus Tra
Davis, Miles    Quintet & Sextet
Davis, Miles    Round About Midnight
Davis, Miles    Round About Midnight
Davis, Miles    Sketches Of Spain
Davis, Miles    Sketches Of Spain
Davis, Miles    Sketches Of Spain (+1 Bonus Tr
Davis, Miles    Someday My Prince Will Come
Davis, Miles    Workin
Davis, Miles Qnt    Relaxin W/T
Davis, Miles Qnt    Round About Midnight (1 Bns)
Davis, Miles Qnt    Steamin
Davis, Miles Qnt    Steamin (180g/1 Bns)
Davis, Miles/Blakey, Art    Back To Back (180g)
Davis, Miles/Jackson, Milt    Qnt/Sextet
Davis, Miles/Legrand, Michel    Legrand Jazz (180g)
Diddley, Bo    Bo Diddley (His Underrated 196
Diddley, Bo    Bo Diddley Debut Album (180g)
Diddley, Bo    Go Bo Diddley (180g) (2 Bonus
Diddley, Bo    Have Guitar Will Travel (2 Bon
Diddley, Bo    In The Spotlight (180g) (2 Bon
Diddley, Bo    Is A Lover (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Dion    Alone With Dion (2 Bns Tr)
Dion And The Belmonts    Presenting Dion And The Belmon
Dolphy, Eric    V1 At The Five Spot: W/Booker
Domino, Fats    A Lot Of Dominos! (180g)
Domino, Fats    Here Stands Fats Domino
Domino, Fats    Lets Play Fats Domino (180g)
Domino, Fats    Rock And Rollin W/ (4 Bonus Tr
Domino, Fats    This Is Fats (180g/2bns)
Donaldson, Lou    Midnight Sun (1 Bns)
Dorham, Kenny    Jazz Contemporary
Drifters    Save The Last Dance For Me
Dylan, Bob    Bob Dylan (180g) (2 Bonus Trac
Eddy, Duane    Twangs The Thang (180g)
Eddy, Duane    Twistin'n'twangin' (180g)
Eddy, Duane And The Rebels    Especially For You (2 Bns Tr)
Eddy, Duane And The Rebels    Have Twangy Guitar Will Travel
Ellington, Duke    Ellington Indigos (180g)
Ellington, Duke    Festival Session
Ellington, Duke    Jazz Party In Stereo (180g)
Ellington, Duke    Meets Coleman Hawkins (180g)
Ellington, Duke    Money Jungle (180g)
Ellington, Duke    Piano In The Background
Ellington, Duke    Piano In The Foreground
Ellington, Duke    Such Sweet Thunder
Ellington, Duke Spacemen    Cosmic Scene
Ellington, Duke/Basie, Count    Battle Royal
Ellington, Duke/Coltrane, John    Ellington And Coltrane (180g)
Ellington, Duke/Hodges, Johnny    Back To Back
Ellington, Duke/Hodges, Johnny    Side By Side
Evans & Mann    Nirvana (180g)
Evans, Bill    Dig It! (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Evans, Bill    Easy To Love (180g/1 Bns)
Evans, Bill    Interplay (180g) (2 Bonus Trac
Evans, Bill    Live At The Village Vanguard
Evans, Bill    New Jazz Conceptions (180g)
Evans, Bill    Peace Pieces (180g/1 Bns Tr)
Evans, Bill    Portrait In Jazz
Evans, Bill    Waltz For Debby
Evans, Bill Trio    Everybody Digs Bill Evans
Evans, Bill Trio    Explorations
Evans, Bill Trio    How My Heart Sings! (180g) (1
Evans, Bill Trio    Moonbeams (180g)
Evans, Bill Trio    Portrait In Jazz
Evans, Bill Trio    Sunday At The Village Vanguard
Evans, Bill Trio    Waltz For Debby
Evans, Bill/Brookmeyer, Bob    Ivory Hunters (180g)
Evans, Bill/Hall, Jim    Undercurrent (180g)
Evans, Bill/Jones, Philly Joe    Green Dolphin Street (Bonus Tr
Evans, Bill/Manne, Shelly    Empathy (180g) (1 Bonus Track)
Everly Brothers    Both Sides Of An Evening (180g
Everly Brothers    Everly Brothers (180g)
Everly Brothers    Fabulous Style Of (180g/2 Bns)
Everly Brothers    Its Everly Time
Everly Brothers    Songs Our Daddy Taught Us
Farmer, Art/Golson, Benny    Jazztet Big City Sounds (180g)
Fitzgerald & Armstrong    Ella & Louis
Fitzgerald, Ella    Ella In Berlin
Fitzgerald, Ella    Ella In Berlin (180g)
Fitzgerald, Ella    Like Someone In Love
Fitzgerald, Ella/Armstrong, Loui    Ella & Louis (Alt Rare Cover)
Fitzgerald, Ella/Armstrong, Loui    Ella And Louis Again
Flanagan, Tommy    Overseas
Franklin, Aretha    Electrifying (180g/2 Bns)
Franklin, Aretha    Electrifying Aretha Franklin
Franklin, Aretha    W/T Ray Bryant Combo (180g) (1
Fulson, Lowell    1952-1962 Blues Come Rollin In
Garland, Red    At The Prelude (2 Bonus Tracks
Garland, Red Qnt    Dig It! W/John Coltrane
Getz, Stan    57 (180g)
Getz, Stan    Big Band Bossa Nova (180g) (1
Getz, Stan    Focus (Bonus Track)
Getz, Stan    Jazz Samba
Getz, Stan    Stan Getz In Stockholm (180g)
Getz, Stan    West Coast Jazz
Getz, Stan    With The Oscar Peterson Trio (
Getz, Stan/Baker, Chet    Stan Meets Chet (180g)
Getz, Stan/Byrd, Charlie    Jazz Samba (180g)
Getz, Stan/Mulligan, Gerry    Getz Meets Mulligan In Hi-Fi
Getz, Stan/Peterson, Oscar Trio    Stan Getz And The Oscar Peters
Gilberto, Joao    Brazils Brilliant + 3 Bns (180
Gilberto, Joao    Warm World (180g)
Gillespie, Dizzy    A Musical Safari Live At Monte
Gillespie, Dizzy    Greatest Trumpet Of Them All
Gillespie, Dizzy    Have Trumpet Will Excite! (180
Gillespie, Dizzy/Getz, Stan    Diz And Getz (180g)
Gordon, Dexter    Go
Gordon, Dexter    Resurgence Of (180g)
Green, Grant    Born To Be Blue (2 Bonus Track
Green, Grant    Goodens Corner (180g/1 Bns Tr)
Green, Grant    Green Street (180g)
Green, Grant    Nigeria (180g)
Green, Grant    Oleo (1 Bns Tr)
Green, Grant    Remembering
Haley, Bill    Rock Around The Clock (180g)
Hawkins, Coleman    Back In Beans Bag (180g) (2 Bo
Hawkins, Coleman    Desafinado (180g)
Hawkins, Dale    Oh! Suzie Q (180g) (4 Bonus Tr
Hawkins, Ronnie    Ronnie Hawkins (180g/4 Bns)
Hawkins, Screamin Jay    At Home With (180g/4 Bns)
Holiday, Billie    All Or Nothing At All (180g)
Holiday, Billie    Carnegie Hall Concert 1956
Holiday, Billie    Complete Commodore Masters
Holiday, Billie    Jazz At The Philharmonic
Holiday, Billie    Lady In Satin
Holiday, Billie    Lady In Satin
Holiday, Billie    Lady Sings The Blues
Holiday, Billie    Last Recording (180g)
Holiday, Billie    Loverman (180g)
Holiday, Billie    Music For Torching (180g) (1 B
Holiday, Billie    Sings + 4 Bonus Tracks (180g)
Holiday, Billie    Solitude (180g/1 Bns Tr)
Holiday, Billie    Songs For Distingue Love (180g
Holiday, Billie    Songs For Distingue Lovers
Holiday, Billie    Stay With Me + 1 Bonus Track
Holiday, Billie    Velvet Mood (1 Bonus Track)
Holland, Eddie    First Album (180g/2 Bns)
Holliday, Billie    Billie Holiday (180g)
Holly, Buddy    Second Album (180g)
Holly, Buddy And The Crickets    Chirping Crickets (180g)
Hooker, John Lee    Big Soul Of John Lee Hooker
Hooker, John Lee    Blue! (180g/2 Bns)
Hooker, John Lee    Burnin (180g/2 Bns)
Hooker, John Lee    Burning Hell + 4 Bonus Tracks
Hooker, John Lee    Folk Blues (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Hooker, John Lee    Folk Lore Of John Lee Hooker
Hooker, John Lee    Im John Lee Hooker (2 Bns)
Hooker, John Lee    John Lee Hooker (Galaxy Lp)
Hooker, John Lee    Thats My Story (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Hooker, John Lee    Travelin (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Howlin Wolf    Big City Blues (180g/5 Bns)
Howlin Wolf    Howlin Wolf (180g)
Howlin Wolf    Moanin In The Moonlight (180g)
Howlin Wolf    Rockin Chair Album (180g/4 Bns
Impressions    Impressions (180g) (2 Bonus Tr
Jackson, Wanda    Lovin Country Style (180g/3bns
Jackson, Wanda    Right Or Wrong (180g/4 Bns)
Jackson, Wanda    Rockin W/Wanda! (4 Bonus Track
Jackson, Wanda    Theres Party Goin On (4 Bonus
Jackson, Wanda    Wonderful Wanda (180g/4 Bns)
Jacquet, Illinois    Swings The Thing (180g)
Jamal, Ahmad    Macanudo (180g) (1 Bonus Track
Jamal, Ahmad Trio    Ahmad Jamals Alhambra (180g)
Jamal, Ahmad Trio    V2 At The Pershing (180g/1 Bns
James, Elmore    Blues After Hours (180g/4 Bns)
James, Etta    At Last
James, Etta    At Last (4 Bonus Tracks)
James, Etta    Second Time Around (180g)
James, Etta    Sings For Lovers (180g/2 Bns)
James, Etta    Third Album (180g) (4 Bonus Tr
Jobim, Antonio Carlos    Black Orpheus (180g) (3 Bonus
Johnson, J.J.    First Place
Jones, Hank    Talented Touch (180g)
Jones, Quincy    Big Band Bossa Nova (180g)
Kessel, B/Manne, S/Brown, R    Poll Winners
King, B.B.    Blue Shadows
King, B.B.    Blues + 4 Bonus Tracks
King, B.B.    Blues In My Heart (180g/4 Bns)
King, B.B.    Easy Listening Blues (180g/4 B
King, B.B.    Going Home (Aka B.B.King) (2 B
King, B.B.    King Of The Blues (180g) (1 Bo
King, B.B.    More (180g/2 Bns)
King, B.B.    Singin The Blues (180g/2 Bns
King, B.B.    Wails (180g/2 Bns Tr)
King, Freddy    Freddy King Sings (2 Bns Tr)
Kirk, Roland    Domino (180g)
Kitt, Eartha    Down To Eartha (180g/2 Bns)
Konitz, Lee/Marsh, Warne    Lee Konitz W/Warne Marsh
Legrand, Michel    Legrand Piano (180g)
Lewis, Jerry Lee    Jerry Lee Lewis (180g/2 Bns)
Lewis, John/Distel, Sacha    Afternoon In Paris (180g)
Little Richard    Little Richard (180g)
Little, Booker Qrt    Booker Little Qrt
London, Julie    Calendar Girl
London, Julie    Julie (180g) (1 Bonus Track)
London, Julie    Sings Latin In A Satin Mood (1
London, Julie    Whatever Julie Wants (180g)
London, Julie    Your Number Please (1 Bonus Tr
Loussier, Jacques    V1 Play Bach
Mancini, Henry    Breakfast At Tiffanys
Manne, Shelly    2-3-4 (180g)
Manne, Shelly A/H Men    Play Peter Gunn
Manne, Shelly A/H Men    V1 At The Black Hawk
Martin, Dean    Cha Cha De Amor + 2 Bonus Tra
Martin, Dean    Pretty Baby (180g)
Marvelettes    Playboy (2 Bonus Tracks)
Mclean, Jackie    A Long Drink Of The Blues
Merril, Helen    With Clifford Brown (180g)
Merrill, Helen    W/Clifford Brown: Comp Recordi
Mingus, Charles    1962: Town Hall Concert (180g)
Mingus, Charles    Ah Um
Mingus, Charles    Blues And Roots
Mingus, Charles    East Coasting
Mingus, Charles    Jazz Composers Workshop (180g)
Mingus, Charles    Mingus Dynasty (180g)
Mingus, Charles    Pithecanthropus Erectus
Mingus, Charles    Presents
Mingus, Charles    Tijuana Moods (180g) (1 Bonus
Mobley, Hank    Workout (180g)
Modern Jazz Qrt    Fontessa (180g)
Modern Jazz Quartet    With Oscar Peterson Trio
Monk, Thelonious    Alone In San Francisco
Monk, Thelonious    At Town Hall (180g)
Monk, Thelonious    Brilliant Corners
Monk, Thelonious    Brilliant Corners (180g)
Monk, Thelonious    In Italy (180g)
Monk, Thelonious    Monks Dream (180g)
Monk, Thelonious    Monks Music
Monk, Thelonious    Plays The Music Of Ellington
Monk, Thelonious    Thelonious Himself +1 Bonus T
Monk, Thelonious    Way Out! (180g/1 Bns)
Montgomery, Wes    A Dynamic New Sounds (180g)
Montgomery, Wes    Full House (180g)
Montgomery, Wes    Incredible Jazz Guitar
Montgomery, Wes    Incredible Jazz Guitar (180g)
Montgomery, Wes    Incredible Jazz Guitar Of
Montgomery, Wes    Montgomery Brothers (180g)
Montgomery, Wes    Montgomeryland (180g)
Montgomery, Wes    So Much Guitar!
Mulligan, Gerry    Relax! (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Mulligan, Gerry/Baker, Chet    Quartet (9 Bonus Tracks)
Mulligan, Gerry/Hodges, Johnny    Gerry Mulligan Meets Johnny Ho
Mulligan, Gerry/Monk, Thelonious    Mulligan Meets Monk
Mulligan, Gerry/Webster, Ben    Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webst
Nelson, Oliver    Blues And The Abstract Truth (
Nelson, Ricky    Ricky Nelson (180g/2 Bns)
O Day, Anita/Peterson, Oscar    Anita Sings For Oscar
Orbison, Roy    At The Rock House + 2 Bonus T
Orbison, Roy    Crying (180g) (4 Bonus Tracks)
Orbison, Roy    Lonely And Blue (180g)
Paich, Marty    Broadway Bit
Parker, Charlie    Jazz At Massey Hall
Pepper, Art    Plus Eleven (180g)
Peter Paul & Mary    Debut Album + 3 Bonus Tracks
Peterson, Oscar    A Jazz Portrait Of Frank Sinat
Peterson, Oscar    Affinity
Peterson, Oscar    In A Romantic Mood (180g)
Peterson, Oscar    Pastel Moods (180g)
Peterson, Oscar    Plays Cole Porter Songbook
Peterson, Oscar    Plays The Cole Porter Songbook
Peterson, Oscar    Plays The Cole Porter Songbook
Peterson, Oscar    Plays The George Gershwin Song
Peterson, Oscar    Plays The Jerome Kern Song Boo
Peterson, Oscar    Sound Of The Trio (2 Bonus Tra
Peterson, Oscar Trio    Live From Chicago (180g)
Peterson, Oscar Trio    Night Train (180g)
Presley, Elvis    56-62: Number One Hits
Presley, Elvis    A Date W/Elvis (180g)
Presley, Elvis    Debut Lp (180g) (4 Bonus Track
Presley, Elvis    Elvis Is Back! (180g) (4 Bonus
Presley, Elvis    Elvis Is Back! (180g/4 Bns Tr)
Presley, Elvis    For Lp Fans Only (180g/4 Bns)
Presley, Elvis    G.I. Blues (180g) (4 Bonus Tra
Presley, Elvis    Girls! Girls! Girls! (2 Bns Tr
Presley, Elvis    Good Rockin Tonight + 8 Bns
Presley, Elvis    His Hand In Mine/2 Bonus Track
Presley, Elvis    Jailhouse Rock (180g/4 Bns)
Presley, Elvis    King Creole (180g/1 Bns Tr)
Presley, Elvis    Loving You (180g/2 Bns)
Presley, Elvis    Loving You (180g/3 Bns Tr)
Presley, Elvis    Number One U.S. Singles 56-62
Presley, Elvis    Pot Luck With Elvis (2 Bns Tr)
Presley, Elvis    Something For Everybody (180g)
Presley, Elvis    V1 Elvis Golden Records (180g)
Price, Lloyd    Lloyd Price
Price, Lloyd    Mr Personality (180g)
Price, Lloyd    Sings The Million Sellers
Reed, Jimmy    Rockin With Reed (180g/2 Bns T
Reinhardt, Django    Nuages (180g)
Roach, Max    We Insist! (180g) (1 Bonus Tra
Robbins, Marty    Gunfighter Ballads And Trail S
Robbins, Marty    More Gunfighter Ballads And Tr
Robinson, Smokey    Cookin With (180g/4 Bns)
Robinson, Smokey    Hi Were The Miracles (180g)
Rodgers, Jimmie    Jimmie Rodgers (Debut Album)
Rollins, Sonny    At The Music Inn (180g)
Rollins, Sonny    Brass/Trio (180g)
Rollins, Sonny    Bridge (180g)
Rollins, Sonny    Plays For Bird (180g)
Rollins, Sonny    Saxophone Colossus
Rollins, Sonny    Saxophone Colossus (180g)
Rollins, Sonny    Tenor Madness
Rollins, Sonny    Way Out West
Rollins, Sonny    Worktime (180g/1 Bns Tr)
Rugolo, Pete    Behind Brigitte Bardot (180g)
Schifrin, Lalo    Bossa Nova - New Brazilian Jaz
Shadows    Out Of The Shadows (180g/2 Bns
Shadows    Shadows (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Shannon, Del    Runaway With (4 Bns)
Shirelles & King Curtis    Give A Twist Party (2 Bns)
Simone, Nina    At Town Hall
Simone, Nina    Little Girl Blue
Simone, Nina    Little Girl Blue
Simone, Nina    My Baby Just Cares For Me (180
Simone, Nina    Sings Ellington! (180g)
Sims, Zoot    Cookin (180g/1 Bns Tr)
Sims, Zoot    Zoot
Sinatra, Frank    And The Count Basie Orchestra
Sinatra, Frank    Come Fly W/Me (1 Bonus Track)
Sinatra, Frank    In The Wee Small Hours (180g)
Sinatra, Frank    Nice N Easy (180g) (1 Bonus Tr
Sinatra, Frank    Only The Lonely
Sinatra, Frank    Sinatras Swingin Session
Sinatra, Frank    Songs For Swingin Lovers
Sinatra, Frank    Swing Easy + 2 Bonus Tracks
Sinatra, Frank    Swingin Session (1 Bns Tr)
Sinatra, Frank    This Is Sinatra + 2 Bonus Tra
Sinatra, Frank/Basie, Count    Sinatra-Basie (180g) (1 Bonus
Smith, Jimmy    Confirmation (180g)
Staple Singers    Swing Low Sweet Chariot (180g)
Stitt, Sonny    W/T New Yorkers
Sun Ra    Jazz In Silhouette
Sun Ra    Nubians Of Plutonia/Bad And Be
Supremes    Meet The (4 Bonus Tracks)
Tatum, Art/Defranco, Buddy    Tatum And De Franco (180g)
Tatum, Art/Webster, Ben    Quartet (180g)
T-Bone Walker    Sings The Blues (180g/4bns)
Teenagers    Featuring Frankie Lymon (180g)
Thielemans, Toots    Soul Of Toots (180g) (1 Bonus
Timmons, Bobby    This Here Is (180g)
Tjader, Cal    Demasiado Caliente (180g/1 Bns
Turner, Big Joe    Rock & Roll (180g/2 Bns)
Turner, Ike/Turner, Tina    Soul Of (180g) (4 Bonus Tracks
Valens, Ritchie    Ritchie Valens (4 Bonus Tracks
Valli, Frankie    Jersey Cats (180g)
Various Artists    Swings In The Films Of Woody A
Vaughan, Sarah    And Clifford Brown (180g)
Vaughan, Sarah/Brown, Clifford    Sarah Vaughan W/Clifford Brown
Vaughan, Sarah/Jones, Quincy    Youre Mine You
Vee, Bobby    Bobby Vee (180g/2 Bns)
Ventures    Play Telstar + 2 Bonus Tracks
Ventures    Walk Dont Run (180g/4bns)
Vincent, Gene    A Gene Vincent Record Date
Vincent, Gene    And The Blue Caps (4 Bonus Tra
Vincent, Gene    Crazy Beat Of Gene Vincen
Vincent, Gene    Twist Crazy Times! (180g/2 Bns
Vincent, Gene (And The Blue Cap    Blue Jean Bop! (180g/2 Bns)
Walker, T-Bone    I Get So Weary + 4 Bonus Track
Walker, T-Bone    Long Distance Blues (180g)
Walker, T-Bone    Singing The Blues (180g/2 Bns)
Walker, T-Bone    T-Bone Blues + 2 Bonus Tracks
Walter, Little    Just A Feeling - Chess Sides 1
Washington, Dinah    Drinking Again (180g)
Washington, Dinah    For Those In Love
Washington, Dinah    In The Land Of Hi-Fi (180g)
Washington, Dinah    Queen (180g/2 Bns)
Washington, Dinah    With Clifford Brown (180g)
Washington, Dinah/Brown, Cliffor    Dinah Jams (180g)
Waters, Muddy    I Got My Brand On You (180g)
Webster, Ben    Meets Oscar Peterson (180g)
Webster, Ben/Edison, Sweets    Ben And Sweets (180g)
Webster, Ben/Hodges, Johnny    Comp Jazz Cellar Sessions
Webster, Ben/Peterson, Oscar    Ben Webster Meets Oscar Peters
Wells, Junior    Cut That Out (180g)
Wells, Mary    Bye Bye Baby: I Dont Want To T
Wells, Mary    One Who Really Loves You (180g
Williams, Larry    Heres Larry Williams (2 Bns)
Wilson, Jackie    A Woman A Lover A Friend (180g
Wilson, Jackie    By Special Request (180g/4bns)
Wilson, Jackie    Hes So Fine (2 Bonus Tracks)
Wilson, Jackie    Jackie Sings The Blues (180g)
Wilson, Jackie    Lonely Teardrops (180g/2 Bns)
Wilson, Jackie    So Much (180g/2 Bns Tr)
Winding, Kai/Johnson, J.J.    Great Kai & J.J. (180g/1 Bns T
Wonder, Stevie    Tribute To Uncle Ray (2 Bonus
Wray, Link & His Wraymen    Link Wray & The Wraymen (180g)

Dan Wolovick