2200 or so in stock records to order (Tom Waits, Weezer, Sonic Youth, Pestilence and more)


All listed below and yes that is a lot of vinyl no doubt. But if anything is of interest and you want prices or info on any of it be in touch and I will look it up for you. If ordered soon should ship in time for Easter Weekend:

LP    1975    The 1975 (2LP)    POLYDOR
LP    13th Floor Elevators     Easter Everywhere    INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS
LP    24 Carat Black    Ghetto: Misfortune's Wealth    STAX
LP    2Pac    2pacalypse Now (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    45 Grave    Sleep In Safety (ltd green vinyl)    REAL GONE MUSIC USA
LP    5,6,7,8's    Bomb The Rocks: Early Days Singles (2LP)    SWEET NOTHING
LP    A Day To Remember    What Separates Me From You    VICTORY
LP    A Giant Dog    Pile    MERGE
10"    A Perfect Circle    Doomed/Disillusioned    BMG
LP    A Perfect Circle    Thirteen Step (2LP/180g)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    A Perfect Circle    Thirteenth Step (2LP)    EMI
LP    A Tribe Called Quest    Low End Theory (2LP)    ARISTA
LP    A Tribe Called Quest    Midnight Marauders    BMG
LP    A. Savage    Thawing Dawn (by Parquet Courts' Andrew Savage)    DULL TOOLS
LP    Ac/Dc    '74 Jailbreak (180g Vinyl)    EPIC
LP    Ac/Dc    Back in Black (180g)    EPIC
LP    Ac/Dc    Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (180g)    EPIC
LP    Ac/Dc    Fly On The Wall (180g Vinyl)    EPIC
LP    Ac/Dc    High Voltage (180g Vinyl)    EPIC
LP    Ac/Dc    Highway To Hell (180g Vinyl)    EPIC
LP    Ac/Dc    If You Want Blood You've Got It (180g)    EPIC
LP    Ac/Dc    Live at River Plate (3LP)    COLUMBIA
LP    Ac/Dc    Who Made Who (180g Vinyl)    EPIC
LP    Accept    Death Row (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
OTHER    accessories    Mobile Fidelity - (10 packs of 50) Inner Sleeves    MOBILE FIDELITY
OTHER    accessories    Mobile Fidelity - Inner Sleeves (50pack)    MOBILE FIDELITY
OTHER    accessories    White Paper Inner Sleeves (100pack)    SHAKE
LP    Acid King    Busse Woods    KREATION
LP    Action Bronson    Mr. Wonderful (explicit w/CD)    ATLANTIC
LP    Adams, Bryan    Ultimate (2LP)    POLYDOR
LP    Adams, Ryan    1989 (2LP)    BLUE NOTE
LP    Adams, Ryan    Cold Roses    LOST HIGHWAY
LP    Adams, Ryan    Ten Songs From Live at Carnegie Hall    BLUE NOTE
LP    Adele    19    XL
LP    Adele    21    XL
LP    Adele    25    XL
LP    Adkins, Hasil    Out To Hunch    NORTON
LP    African Head Charge    Drastic Season    ON-U SOUND
LP    African Head Charge    My Life in a Hole in the Ground    ON-U SOUND
LP    Against Me    As The Eternal Cowboy    FAT WRECK
LP    Against Me    Searching for a Former Clarity (2LP)    FAT WRECK
LP    Against Me    Shape Shift With Me    TOTAL TREBLE
LP    Against Me    The Original Cowboy (incl. download)    FAT WRECK
LP    Against Me    White Crosses    TOTAL TREBLE
LP    Air    Premiers Symptomes (180g)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Alabama Shakes    Boys & Girls    ATO
LP    Alabama Shakes    Sound & Color (2LP clear vinyl)    ATO
LP    Alabama Shakes    Sound & Color (2LP/180g)    ATO
LP    Alexisonfire    Dogs Blood (180g)    DINE ALONE
LP    Alice In Chains     Dirt (Remastered)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Alice In Chains     Jar Of Flies/Sap (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Alkaline Trio    Goddamnit Redux    ASIAN MAN
LP    All    Allroy For Prez (EP)    CRUZ
LP    All    Allroy Saves    CRUZ
LP    All    Allroy Sez    CRUZ
LP    All    Breaking Things    CRUZ
LP    All Pigs Must Die    Hostage Animal    SOUTHERN LORD
10"    Allah-Las    Covers #1 (Ltd)    MEXICAN SUMMER
LP    Allah-Las    Calico Review    MEXICAN SUMMER
LP    Allen, Tony    Lagos No Shaking (2LP)    HONEST JON'S
LP    Allin, G.G.    Hated In The Nation    ROIR
LP    Allin, G.G.    Terror in America    ALIVE
LP    Allman Brothers    Live at Cow Palace, Vol. 1 (2LP/140g/Ltd)    LET THEM EAT VINYL
LP    Allman Brothers Band    At The Fillmore East (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Allman Brothers Band    Brothers And Sisters    MERCURY
LP    Allman Brothers Band    Eat A Peach (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Allman Brothers Band    Live At The Fillmore East (2LP)    MERCURY
LP    Alt-J    An Awesome Wave    ATLANTIC
LP    Alt-J    Relaxer (180g download)    ATLANTIC
LP    Alvvays    Antisocialites    ROYAL MOUNTAIN
LP    Ambarchi, Oren    Sleepwalker's Conviction (Ltd)    BLACK TRUFFLE
LP    Amidon, Sam    All is Well    BEDROOM COMMUNITY
LP    Andersen, Matt    Honest Man    TRUE NORTH
LP    Anderson, Laurie & Kronos Quartet    Landfall (2LP w/download)    NONESUCH
LP    Animals    Best Of The Animals    ABKCO
LP    Animals    Five Animals Don't Stop No Show    HISTORY OF RNB RECORDS
LP    Anthrax    Persistence Of Time (2LP)    WAX CATHEDRAL RECORDS
LP    Anti-Flag    Terror State    FAT WRECK
LP    Anti-Flag    Underground Network (incl. download)    FAT WRECK
LP    Aphex Twin    Cheetah EP    WARP
LP    Aphex Twin    Richard D. James Album    WARP
LP    Aphex Twin    Richard D. James Album    1972
LP    Aphex Twin    Windowlicker    WARP
LP    Arcade Fire    Neon Bible (2LP)    SONY
LP    Arcade Fire    The Suburbs (2LP + download)    SONOVOX
LP    Arch Enemy    Will to Power (w/CD)    CENTURY MEDIA
LP    Arctic Monkeys    Favourite Worst Nightmare    WARNER
LP    Ariel Pink & R. Stevie Moore    Ku Klux Glam    STROLL ON
12"EP    Ariel Pink & Weyes Blood    Myths 002    MEXICAN SUMMER
LP    Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti    The Doldrums    PAW TRACKS
LP    Arkells    Michigan Left    UNIVERSAL
LP    Arkells    Morning Report    UNIVERSAL
LP    Armstrong, Louis & Ellington, Duke    Together for the First Time    WEA
LP    Ashby, Dorothy    The Rubaiyat of Dorothy Ashby    CADET
LP    Asleep At The Wheel    Havin' A Party Live    GOLDENLANE
LP    Atkinson, Félicia    Hand In Hand (2LP)    SHELTER PRESS
LP    Autechre    Amber (reissue)    WARP
LP    Autechre    Incunabula (reissue)    WARP
LP    Autechre    Tri Repetae (reissue)    WARP
LP    Avalanches    Since I Left You (2LP)    ASTRALWERKS
LP    Ayler, Albert    Prophecy (Ltd/Opaque Yellow Vinyl)    ESP-DISK
LP    B12    Electro-Soma    WARP
LP    B-52'S    s/t (180g)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Bad Brains    I Against I    SST
LP    Bad Brains    Live    SST
LP    Bad Brains    Rock For Light    PVC
LP    Bad Brains    s/t    ROIR
LP    Bad Religion    Empire Strikes First    EPITAPH
LP    Bad Religion    Stranger Than Fiction (2018 remaster)    EPITAPH
LP    BadBadNotGood    III (2LP gatefold w/download)    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    BadBadNotGood    IV    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Badu, Erykah    Baduizm (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Badu, Erykah    Mama's Gun (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Badu, Erykah    New Amerykah Part One (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Badu, Erykah    New Amerykah Part Two    UNIVERSAL
LP    Bags    All Bagged Up    ARTIFIX
LP    Bahamas    Barchords    UNIVERSAL
LP    Bahamas    Earthtones    UNIVERSAL
LP    Bahamas    Pink Strat    INTERSCOPE
LP    Baker, Chet    Chet (die cut/colour vinyl)    DOL
LP    Baker, Chet    Love for Sale (2LP) Live Montreal - Rising Sun Celebrity Jazz Club    JUSTIN TIME
LP    Baker, Chet    Sings    WAX LOVE
LP    Baker, Chet    Sings (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Baker, Julien    Turn Out the Lights    MATADOR
LP    Bamba, Sorry    Sory Bamba Du Mali (1979 album)    AFRICA SEVEN
LP    Band    Live At The Palladium, NYC (2LP) 9/18/76 WNEW-FM    DOL
LP    Band    Live in Washington DC August 1976    DOL
LP    Band    Music From the Big Pink (180g/gatefold)    CAPITOL
LP    Band    Rock Of Ages (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Band    Stage Fright    UNIVERSAL
LP    Band    Syria Mosque 1970 (2LP)    PARACHUTE
LP    Banks    The Altar    HARVEST
7"    Barnett, Courtney    Boxing Day Blues (revisited)    THIRD MAN
LP    Barnett, Courtney    Brand New Song EP    MOM & POP MUSIC
LP    Baroness    The Blue Record (2LP)    RELAPSE
LP    Barr Brothers    Alta Falls    SECRET CITY
LP    Barr Brothers    Queens of the Breakers (deluxe)    SECRET CITY
LP    Bauhaus    Mask (remastered/gatefold)    BEGGAR'S BANQUET
LP    BBQ - Mark Sultan    s/t    IN THE RED
LP    Beach Boys    Little Deuce Coupé (Mono & Stereo)    DOL
LP    Beach Boys    Surfin' Safari    WAX LOVE
LP    Beach House    Devotion (2LP)    CARPARK
LP    Beastie Boys    Check Your Head (2LP/180g/gatefold)    CAPITOL
LP    Beastie Boys    Hello Nasty - Special Edition (2LP/gatefold)    CAPITOL
LP    Beastie Boys    Ill Communication (2LP/180g/gatefold)    CAPITOL
LP    Beastie Boys    Licensed to Ill (30th anniversary edition)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Beastie Boys    Paul's Boutique (20th Ann. remastered Ed. 180g)    CAPITOL
LP    Beastie Boys    The in Sound From Way Out    UNIVERSAL
LP    Beastie Boys    To The 5 Burroughs (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
7"    Beatles    Christmas Records Box (7 x 7in singles)    APPLE
LP    Beatles    1 (2LP)    APPLE
LP    Beatles    1963 BBC Sessions (180g)    CORNBREAD
LP    Beatles    A Taste Of Honey: Live At The Star Club, Hamburg, 1962    WAX LOVE
LP    Beatles    Abbey Road (180g)    APPLE
LP    Beatles    Let It Be (180g)    APPLE
LP    Beatles    Please Please Me (180g)    APPLE
LP    Beatles    Pop Group From Liverpool Visiting Stockholm (single sided LP)    WAX LOVE
LP    Beatles    Revolver (180g)    APPLE
LP    Beatles    Rubber Soul (180g)    APPLE
LP    Beatles    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - 50th Anniversary Ed (2LP)    APPLE
LP    Beatles    The Decca Tapes (clear vinyl)    DOL
LP    Beatles    The Decca Tapes (pic disc)    DOL
LP    Beatles    Work In Progress: More Hits From The Star Club, Hamburg 1962    WAX LOVE
LP    Beck    Colors (red LP)    CAPITOL
LP    Beck    Guero    UNIVERSAL
LP    Beck    Modern Guilt    UNIVERSAL
LP    Beck    Odelay    UNIVERSAL
LP    Beirut    Gulag Orkestar    BA DA BING
LP    Beirut    The Flying Club Cup    BA DA BING
LP    Belafonte, Harry    Calypso (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Bell Witch    Demo 2011    FLENSER
LP    Belle And Sebastian    If You're Feeling Sinister (w/download /repackaged)    MATADOR
LP    Bellrays    Punk Funk Rock Soul, Vol. 2    U & MEDIA
LP    Ben, Jorge    Samba Esquema Novo (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Bennett, Tony & Bill Evans    Tony Bennett & Bill Evans Album    ORIGINAL JAZZ CLASSICS
LP    Benson, George    New Boss Guitar (w/Brother Jack McDuff Quartet)    FANTASY
LP    Berry, Chuck    Great Twenty-Eight (2LP)    GEFFEN
LP    Berry, Chuck    The London Sessions (numbered/gatefold tip-on sleeve)    BROOKVALE
LP    Best Coast    Crazy For You    MEXICAN SUMMER
LP    Best Coast    The Only Place    MEXICAN SUMMER
LP    Bhatia, Rafiq    Breaking English    ANTI
LP    Biafra, Jello & The Guantanamo School Of Medicine    White People & the Damage Done    ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES
LP    Biafra, Jello & The Melvins    Sieg Howdy    ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES
LP    Bibio    Fi (2LP)    WARP
LP    Big Black    Songs About Fucking    TOUCH & GO
LP    Big Star    Complete Third, Vol. 3: Final Masters (2LP)    OMNIVORE
LP    Big Star    Radio City    ARDENT
LP    Big Wreck    In Loving Memory of,,,20th Anniversary Special Edition    LINUS
LP    Big Youth    Screaming Target    SUNSPOT
LP    BigFlo & Oli    La vrai vie (2LP)    POLYDOR
LP    Bikini Kill    Revolution Girl Style Now (re-issue of 1991 cass)    BIKINI KILL RECORDS
LP    Billy Talent    Billy Talent    WARNER
LP    Bird, Andrew    Are You Serious (LP + 7")    LOMA VISTA
LP    Bird, Andrew    Things Are Really Great Here, Sort Of..    WEGAWAM
LP    Bjork    Debut    ONE LITTLE INDIAN
LP    Bjork    Vespertine (2LP)    ONE LITTLE INDIAN
LP    Bjork    Vulnicura (2LP)    ONE LITTLE INDIAN
LP    Black Belles    The Black Belles (180g)    THIRD MAN
LP    Black Crowes    Live in Atlantic City - August 24, 1990    DOL
LP    Black Crowes    Shake Your Money Maker    AMERICAN
LP    Black Crowes    Southern Harmony and Musical Companion (2LP)    AMERICAN
10"    Black Flag    Nervous Breakdown    SST
7"    Black Flag    Nervous Breakdown    SST
7"    Black Flag    Six Pack    SST
7"    Black Flag    TV Party    SST
LP    Black Flag    Damaged    SST
LP    Black Flag    Everything Went Black (2LP)    SST
LP    Black Flag    Family Man    SST
LP    Black Flag    In My Head    SST
LP    Black Flag    Loose Nut    SST
LP    Black Flag    My War    SST
LP    Black Flag    Process Of Weeding Out (EP)    SST
LP    Black Flag    Slip It In    SST
LP    Black Flag    The First Four Years    SST
LP    Black Flag    Wasted Again    SST
LP    Black Flag    What The..    SST
LP    Black Flag    Who's Got The 10 1/2?    SST
LP    Black Keys    Attack & Release (bonus CD)    NONESUCH
LP    Black Keys    El Camino (LP+CD)    NONESUCH
LP    Black Keys    Magic Potion    WB MUSIC
LP    Black Keys    Rubber Factory    FAT POSSUM
LP    Black Label Society    Grimmest Hits (2LP)    EONE
LP    Black Lips    Good Bad Not Evil    IN THE RED
LP    Black Mecha    Counterforce (2LP)    PROFOUND LORE
LP    Black Moon    Enta Da Stage    NERVOUS RECORDS
LP    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club    For Murder: Take Them On Sessions    COBRASIDE
LP    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club    Howl (2LP)    COBRASIDE
LP    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club    Specter at the Feast (2LP/gatefold+booklet)    COBRASIDE
LP    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club    Take Them On, On Your Own (2LP/gatefold/reissue/new cover art)    COBRASIDE
LP    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club    Wrong Creatures (2LP/gatefold)    COBRASIDE
LP    Black Sabbath    Black Sabbath (180g)    RHINO
LP    Black Sabbath    Paranoid (180g)    RHINO
LP    Black Sabbath    Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (180g)    RHINO
LP    Black Sabbath    Vol. 4 (180g)    RHINO
LP    Black Star    Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star    UNIVERSAL
LP    Blackfoot    Train Train - Southern Rock Live!    PURPLE PYRAMID
LP    Blais, Jean-Michel    II    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Blais, Jean-Michel & CFCF    Cascades    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Blakey, Art    A Night at Birdland, Vol. 1    UNIVERSAL
LP    Blakey, Art    A Night at Birdland, Vol. 2    BLUE NOTE
LP    Blakey, Art    Moanin'    BLUE NOTE
LP    Bland, Bobby    Two Steps From The Blues    DUKE
LP    Blaze Velluto Collection    Weatherman    DARE TO CARE
LP    Bley, Paul Trio    Closer    ESP-DISK
LP    Blind Boys Of Alabama    Almost Home    BBOA
LP    Blind Faith    Blind Faith (import)    POLYDOR
LP    Blink 182    Buddha    KUNG FU
LP    Blink 182    Dude Ranch    GEFFEN
LP    Blonde Redhead    Fake Can Be Just As Good    TOUCH & GO
LP    Blonde Redhead    In An Expression Of The Inexpressible    TOUCH & GO
LP    Blonde Redhead    Melody Of Certain Damaged Lemons    TOUCH & GO
LP    Blondie    Parallel Lines    USM
LP    Blue Rodeo    Five Days In July (2LP)    WARNER
LP    Boards Of Canada    Campfire Headphase (2LP)    WARP
LP    Boards Of Canada    Geogaddi (3LP)    WARP
LP    Boards Of Canada    In a Beautiful Place out in the Country    WARP
LP    Boards Of Canada    Music Has the Right to Children (2LP)    WARP
LP    Boards Of Canada    Tomorrow's Harvest (2LP)    WARP
LP    Boards Of Canada    Trans Canada Highway    WARP
LP    Boards Of Canada    Twoism    WARP
LP    Body Count    Smoke Out Live    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Bolt Thrower    The IVth Crusade    EARACHE
LP    Bon Iver    22, A Million (gatefold)    JAGJAGUWAR
LP    Bon Iver    Blood Bank (EP)    JAGJAGUWAR
LP    Bon Iver    Bon Iver    JAGJAGUWAR
LP    Bon Jovi    7800 Fahrenheit    UNIVERSAL
LP    Bon Jovi    Keep the Faith (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Bon Jovi    New Jersey (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Bon Jovi    Slippery When Wet    UNIVERSAL
LP    Bonamassa, Joe    Driving Towards Daylight (2LP)    J & R ADVENTURES
LP    Bonamassa, Joe    Dustbowl (180g/import)    PROVOGUE
LP    Bonnie Prince Billy    I See A Darkness    PALACE RECORDS
LP    Bonobo    Animal Magic (2LP)    TRU THOUGHTS
LP    Bonobo    One Off's, Remixes & B Sides (2LP/180g w/download)    TRU THOUGHTS
LP    Booker T & The MG's    Green Onions (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Booker T & The MG's    Soul Limbo    STAX
LP    Boris    Live At Third Man    THIRD MAN
LP    Born Ruffians    Uncle, Duke & The Chief    PAPER BAG
LP    Boston    Boston    LEGACY
LP    Bowie, David    Blackstar    SONY
LP    Bowie, David    Changesonebowie (clear/black vinyl)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Bowie, David    David Bowie aka Space Oddity (180g)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Bowie, David    Heroes (2017 remastered)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Bowie, David    Lodger (2017 remastered)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Bowie, David    Low (2017 remastered)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Bowie, David    No Plan    COLUMBIA
LP    Bowie, David    Scary Monsters (and super creeps) (2017 remastered)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Bowie, David    Stage (2017 live 3LP)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Bowie, David    Station To Station (2016 Remastered)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Bowie, David    The Man Who Sold The World (180g)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Bowie, David    The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars (180g)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Bowie, David    Young Americans (2016 Remastered)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Bracket    Live In A Dive    FAT WRECK
LP    Branca, Glen    Lesson No. 1 (2x12")    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Brand New    Your Favorite Weapon    TRIPLE CROWN
LP    Breeders    All Nerve    4AD
LP    Brian Jonestown Massacre    Bravery, Repetition & Noise (180g)    A RECORDS
LP    Brian Jonestown Massacre    Bringing It All Back Home Again    A RECORDS
LP    Brian Jonestown Massacre    Don't Get Lost (2LP)    A RECORDS
LP    Brian Jonestown Massacre    If I Love You EP    A RECORDS
LP    Brian Jonestown Massacre    Methodrone (2LP-180g)    A RECORDS
LP    Brian Jonestown Massacre    Take It From The Man (2LP-180g)    A RECORDS
LP    Brian Jonestown Massacre    Tepid Peppermint Wonderland, Vol. 1 (2LP)    A RECORDS
LP    Brian Jonestown Massacre    Thank God For Mental Illness    A RECORDS
LP    Brian Jonestown Massacre    Third World Pyramid    A RECORDS
LP    Bridges, Leon    Coming Home    COLUMBIA
LP    Broadcast    Haha Sound    WARP
LP    Broadcast    Tender Buttons    WARP
LP    Broadcast    Work & Non-Work    WARP
LP    Broken Social Scene    You Forgot It In People (2LP)    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Brooks, Tina    True Blue    BLUE NOTE
LP    Brown, Danny    Atrocity Exhibition (2LP)    WARP
LP    Brown, Danny    Old (Dlx 4LP)    FOOL'S GOLD
LP    Brown, Danny    XXX (2LP/gatefold)    FOOL'S GOLD
LP    Brown, James    20 All Time Greatest Hits (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Brown, James    I Got You (I Feel Good) (180g)    POLYDOR
LP    Brown, James    Live At the Apollo    POLYDOR
LP    Brown, James    Live at The Apollo (180g/gatefold)    DOL
LP    Brown, James    Live At the Apollo (die cut/colour vinyl)    DOL
LP    Brown, James    Think!    DOL
LP    Brown, Zac Band    Greatest Hits So Far (2LP+CD)    ATLANTIC
LP    Brown, Zac Band    Welcome Home    ELEKTRA
LP    Brubeck, Dave Quartet    Time Out (die cut/colour viny)    DOL
LP    Bryan, Luke    What Makes You Country    CAPITOL
LP    Buck 65    Neverlove (w/Bonus CD)    WEA
LP    Budgie    If I Were Britannia, I'd Waive the Rules    NOTEWORTHY PRODUCTIONS
LP    Budgie    If Swallowed Do Not Include Vomiting    NOTEWORTHY PRODUCTIONS
LP    Buena Vista Social Club    s/t (2LP)    WORLD CIRCUIT
LP    BUILT TO SPILL    Perfect From Now On    WARNER
LP    Bulat, Basia    Tall Tall Shadow    SECRET CITY
LP    Bunyan, Vashti    Lookaftering    DICRISTINA STAIR BUILDERS
LP    Bunyan, Vashti    Some Things Just Stick In Your Mind (2LP)    DICRISTINA STAIR BUILDERS
12"EP    Burial    Kindred EP    HYPERDUB
LP    Burial    s/t (2LP/180g w/download)    HYPERDUB
LP    Burial    Untrue (2LP w/download)    HYPERDUB
LP    Burning Spear    Garvey's Ghost (180g)    SUNSPOT
7"    Burning Spring / Cuddlefish    split    DEBT OFFENSIVE
LP    Burnside, R.L.    Mr. Wizard    FAT POSSUM
LP    Burnside, R.L.    Too Bad Jim    FAT POSSUM
LP    Burnside, R.L.    Wish I Was In Heaven    FAT POSSUM
LP    Burrell, Kenny    Midnight Blue    BLUE NOTE
LP    Burrell, Kenny    Midnight Blue (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Burroughs, William    Curse Go Back (Ltd/Clear vinyl)    PARADIGM DISCS
LP    Burzum    Anthology (2LP/180g)    BACK ON BLACK
LP    Burzum    Filosofem (2LP/180g)    BACK ON BLACK
LP    Butler, Will    Policy    MERGE
10"    Butthole Surfers    Locust Abortion Technician    5 MUSIC
12"EP    Butthole Surfers    Brown Reason To Live    ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES
LP    Butthole Surfers    Rembrandt Pussyhorse    LATINO BUGGER VEIL
LP    Buzzcocks    Singles Going Steady    MUSIC ON VINYL
12"EP    By The Grace Of God    Above Fear (Pink silkscreen B-side)    STATE OF MIND
12"EP    By The Grace Of God    Above Fear (Purple silkscreen B-side)    STATE OF MIND
LP    Byrne, Julie    Not Even Happiness    BA DA BING
LP    C.O.M.A.    Clinik Organik Muzak Anatomik    DANGER RECORDS
LP    Cage The Elephant    Melophobia    UNIVERSAL
LP    Cage The Elephant    Unpeeled (2LP)    RCA
LP    Cale, J.J    Collected (3LP/180g audiophile vinyl/4-page insert/49 tracks)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Calexico    Black Light    QUARTERSTICK
LP    Calexico    Carried To Dust    QUARTERSTICK
LP    Calexico    Garden Ruin    QUARTERSTICK
LP    Calexico    Hot Rail    QUARTERSTICK
LP    Calexico    The Thread That Keeps Us    ANTI
LP    Callahan, Bill    Dream River    DRAG CITY
LP    Callas, Maria    Callas Remastered    WARNER CLASSICS
LP    Callas, Maria    Mad Scenes    WARNER CLASSICS
LP    Callas, Maria    Operatic Arias (Lyric & Coloratura)    WARNER CLASSICS
LP    Calvert, Robert    Freq    TIGER BAY
LP    Can    Tago Mago (2LP)    MUTE
LP    Captain Beefheart    Safe As Milk    BUDDAH
LP    Car Seat Headrest    Teens of Denial (2LP)    MATADOR
LP    Car Seat Headrest    Teens of Style    MATADOR
LP    Car Seat Headrest    Twin Fantasy (2LP/+ download)    MATADOR
LP    Caribou    Andorra    MERGE
LP    Caribou    Our Love    MERGE
LP    Caribou    Swim (2LP)    MERGE
LP    Caribou    The Milk of Human Kindness (LP+CD)    LEAF
LP    Caribou    Up in Flames (LP+CD)    LEAF
LP    Carpenter Brut    Carpenterbrutlive    CAROLINE
LP    Carpenters    Collected (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Carr, James    The Best Of    KENT
LP    Cars    Moving In Stereo: Best Of    ELEKTRA
LP    Case, Neko    Fox Confessor Brings the Flood    ANTI
LP    Case, Neko    Live at Austin TX    NEW WEST
7"    Cash, Johnny    Get Rhythm/I Walk the Line    THIRD MAN/SUN RECORDS
LP    Cash, Johnny    American IV: The Man Comes Around (2LP)    AMERICAN
LP    Cash, Johnny    Essential (2LP)    SONY
LP    Cash, Johnny    The Legend of Johnny Cash (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Cash, Johnny    With His Hot & Blue Guitar    WAX LOVE
LP    Cassidy, Eva    Best Of (2LP+CD)    BLIX STREET
LP    Castor, Jimmy    It's Just Begun    RCA
LP    Cat Power    The Greatest (120g/+mp3)    MATADOR
LP    Catfish & The Bottlemen    Ride    ISLAND
LP    Catherine Wheel    Chrome (180g HQ vinyl)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds    Abattoir Blues/The Lyre Of Orpheus (2LP)    MUTE
LP    Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds    Dig Lazarus, Dig!!! (2LP)    MUTE
LP    Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds    Lovely Creatures: Best Of (3LP)    BMG
LP    Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds    Murder Ballads (2LP)    BMG
LP    Cavern of Anti-Matter    Hormone Lemonade (black vinyl) (2LP)    DUOPHONIC
LP    Celtic Frost    Morbid Tales (2LP)    BMG
LP    Chapman, Michael    Fully Qualified Survivor    LIGHT IN THE ATTIC
7"    Charlatans    Plastic Machinery (Remixes)    BMG
LP    Charles, Ray    Modern Sounds In Country Music (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Charles, Ray    s/t    WAX LOVE
LP    Charles, Ray    What'd I Say    ERMITAGE
LP    Chenaux, Eric    Warm Weather With Ryan Driver (180gr)    CONSTELLATION
LP    Cherry, Don    Organic Music Society (2LP)    CAPRICE
LP    Chesnut, Vic    Silver Lake (2LP)    NEW WEST
LP    Chesnutt, Vic    Drunk (2LP)    NEW WEST
LP    Chesnutt, Vic    Little    NEW WEST
LP    Chicago    Chicago IX - Greatest Hits    RHINO
LP    Childish Gambino    Camp    GLASSNOTE
LP    Chixdiggit    Safeways Here We Come (EP)    FAT WRECK
LP    Christian Death    Catastrophe Ballet (Ltd. Ed Gatefold LP)    SEASON OF MIST
LP    Chronixx    Chronology    VIRGIN
LP    Church, Eric    Chief    CAPITOL
LP    Chvrches    Bones Of What You Believe    GLASSNOTE
LP    Cigarettes After Sex    Cigarettes After Sex    PARTISAN RECORDS
LP    Cindy Lee    Act Of Tenderness (Incl. Download)    W.25TH
LP    Cindy Lee    Malenkost (w/download)    W.25TH
LP    Circle Jerks    Group Sex (colored vinyl)    FRONTIER
LP    Circuit Des Yeux    Reaching For Indigo    DRAG CITY
LP    Circus Devils    Laughs Best: The Kids Eat It Up (2LP+DVD)    HAPPY JACK ROCK
LP    Citizen    Everybody Is Going To Heaven (w/download)    RUN FOR COVER
LP    City And Colour    Peaceful Road + Rain    DINE ALONE
10"    Civil Wars    Between The Bars EP    LEGACY
LP    Clapton, Eric    Slowhand (35th Anniversary remaster)    POLYDOR
LP    Clapton, Eric    Unplugged (2LP)    REPRISE
LP    Clark, Gary Jr.    Blak And Blu (2LP)    WARNER
LP    Clark, Gary Jr.    Gary Clark Jr. Live (2LP)    WB MUSIC
LP    Clark, Gary Jr.    Live North America 2016 (2LP)    WB MUSIC
LP    Clark, Sonny    Cool Struttin'    BLUE NOTE
LP    Clash    Hits Back (3LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Clash    London Calling (2LP/180g)    LEGACY
LP    Claypool Lennon Delirium    Lime and Limpid Green (10"/splatter green vinyl)    ATO
LP    Claypool Lennon Delirium    Monolith of Phobos    ATO
LP    Clientele    Music For the Age of Miracles    MERGE
LP    Clientele    Suburban Light (LP+CD Dlx re-issue 2014)    MERGE
LP    Cluster    Sowiesoso    BUREAU B
LP    Clutch    Blast Tyrant (2LP w/bonus CD)    RED INK
LP    Clutch    Psychic Warfare    WEATHERMAKER
LP    Cochran, Eddie    Fool's Paradise: Early And Rare Eddie    WAX LOVE
LP    Cochran, Eddie    Singing' To My Baby (gatefold)    DOL
7"    Cock Sparrer    Every Step Of The Way (Ltd/Red/Download)    PIRATES PRESS
LP    Cock Sparrer    Forever (180g/Download)    PIRATES PRESS
LP    Cock Sparrer    Shock Troops    PIRATES PRESS
LP    Cockburn, Bruce                Bone on Bone    TRUE NORTH
LP    Cocteau Twins    Head Over Heels (remastered/+ download card)    4AD
LP    Code Orange    Forever    ROADRUNNER
LP    Coeur de pirate    Blonde (LP w/download)    GROSSE BOITE
LP    Coeur de pirate    Coeur de pirate (LP)    DARE TO CARE RECORDS
LP    Cohen, Avishai    Into the Silence (2LP)    ECM RECORDS
LP    Cohen, Leonard    I'm Your Man (Reissue)    SONY
LP    Cohen, Leonard    Songs Of Leonard Cohen    LEGACY
LP    Cohen, Leonard    You Want It Darker    COLUMBIA
12"EP    Coil    A Cold Cell In Bangkok (1-Side/Screenprint)    OPTIMO
LP    Coldplay    Parachutes (180g)    CAPITOL
LP    Coleman, Ornette    An Evening With Ornette Coleman part 1    ORG MUSIC
LP    Collective Soul    Live    SURETONE
LP    Coltrane, Alice    A Monastic Trio    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Coltrane, Alice    Journey in Satchidananda    IMPULSE
LP    Coltrane, Alice    World Galaxy (180g)    IMPULSE
LP    Coltrane, John    A Love Supreme    IMPULSE
LP    Coltrane, John    Chasing Trane (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Coltrane, John    Crescent    IMPULSE
LP    Coltrane, John    Ellington & Coltrane    IMPULSE
LP    Coltrane, John    Ole (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Coltrane, John    Soultrane (180g HQ vinyl)    DOL
LP    Coltrane, John    Sun Ship    IMPULSE
LP    Coltrane, John    The Last Trane    ORIGINAL JAZZ CLASSICS
LP    Coltrane, John & Alice    Cosmic Music    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Coltrane, John & Don Cherry    The Avant Garde (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Coltrane, John & Johnny Hartman    John Coltrane & Johnny Hartman (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Comeback Kid    2016RSD2 - Turn It Around (Ltd/Color w/download)    FACEDOWN
LP    Comets On Fire    Field Recordings From The Sun    BA DA BING
LP    Common    Live at The Jazz Room (2LP)    LET THEM EAT VINYL
LP    Comus    First Utterance (180g HQ vinyl)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Converge    The Dusk In Us    DEATHWISH
LP    Cook, Hollie    Vessel of Love    MERGE
LP    Cooke, Sam    For Always - 20 Beloved Classics (180g)    VINYL PASSION
LP    Cooke, Sam    Portrait Of A Legend (2LP)    ABKCO
LP    Cooke, Sam    Tribute To The Lady (180g HQ vinyl)    DOL
LP    Cooper, Alice    Love It to Death (black/white swirl)    WARNER
LP    Cooper, Alice    Pretties for You (red vinyl)    WARNER
LP    Cooper, Alice    Welcome to My Nightmare (purple vinyl)    RHINO
LP    Costello, Elvis    This Year's Model    HIP-O
LP    Counting Crows    August and Everything After (2LP)    GEFFEN
LP    Cowley, Patrick    Afternooners (2LP/Gatefold)    DARK ENTRIES
LP    Cowley, Patrick    Muscle Up (2LP / 2 x Posters)    DARK ENTRIES
LP    Cowley, Patrick    School Daze (2LP)    DARK ENTRIES
LP    Cramps    Big Beat From Badsville (linen ? coloured vinyl)    BIG BEAT
LP    Cramps    Rockinnreelininaucklandnewzealand    VENGEANCE
LP    Cramps    Smell Of Female    VENGEANCE
LP    Cranberries    No Need to Argue (180g)    PLAIN RECORDINGS
LP    Cream    Fresh Cream (180g)    VINYL LOVERS
LP    Creation    Action Painting (2LP)    NUMERO
LP    Creedence Clearwater Revival    Bayou Country    FANTASY
LP    Creedence Clearwater Revival    Chronicle (2LP)    FANTASY
LP    Creedence Clearwater Revival    Cosmo's Factory    FANTASY
LP    Cresswell, Chris    One Week Record    FAT WRECK
LP    Crosby, Bing    Merry Christmas    UNIVERSAL
LP    Crosby, Stills, & Nash    s/t    WARNER
LP    Cult    Pure Cult: The Singles (2LP)    BEGGAR'S BANQUET
LP    Cure    Faith (180g)    ELEKTRA
LP    Cure    Greatest Hits (2LP 180g)    RHINO
LP    Cure    Head On The Door (180g)    ELEKTRA
LP    Cure    Pornography    POLYDOR UK
LP    Curran, Amelia    Watershed    SIX SHOOTER
LP    CURSED    Two (gatefold/poster)    DEATHWISH
LP    Cyrus, Miley    Younger Now    RCA
LP    Czarface    Every Hero Needs a Villain (2LP/clear vinyl)    BRICK
LP    D.O.A.    Hard Rain Falling    SUDDEN DEATH
LP    D.O.A.    Murder (1990)    SUDDEN DEATH
LP    D.O.A.    Something Better Change (30th Ann. Ed.)    SUDDEN DEATH
LP    D.O.A.    We Come In Peace    SUDDEN DEATH
LP    D.R.I.    Crossover - Millennium Edition (reissue)    BEER CITY
LP    D.R.I.    Dealing With It (180g)    BEER CITY
LP    D.R.I.    The Dirty Rotten LP    BEER CITY
LP    Dacus, Lucy    Historian    MATADOR
LP    Daft Punk    Discovery    EMI
LP    Daft Punk    Random Access Memories (2LP)    COLUMBIA
LP    Damaged Bug    Cold Hot Plumbs    CASTLE FACE
LP    Damned    Damned Damned Damned (2017 remaster)    UK IMPORT
LP    Damned    Machine Gun Etiquette    CHISWICK
LP    Dane, Barbara & The Chambers Brothers    Barbara Dane & the Chambers Brothers    SMITHSONIAN
LP    D'Angelo    Voodoo (2LP)    MODERN CLASSICS
LP    D'Angelo & The Vanguard    Black Messiah (2LP)    RCA
LP    Danger Mouse    Gray Album    FANCLUB
LP    Dangerdoom    The Mouse and the Mask: Official Metalface Version (3LP)    METAL FACE
LP    Daughter    If You Leave    GLASSNOTE
LP    Daughter    Not to Disappear    GLASSNOTE
LP    Davis, Betty    Nasty Gal (Gatefold/Remastered)    LIGHT IN THE ATTIC
LP    Davis, Betty    This Is It (Anthology) (2LP)    VAMPI SOUL
LP    Davis, Blind Gary    Pure Religion And Bad Company (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Davis, Miles    Birth Of Cool (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Davis, Miles    Bitches Brew (2LP remaster 2015)    SONY
LP    Davis, Miles    In A Silent Way (remaster 2015)    SONY
LP    Davis, Miles    Kind of Blue (180g)    DOL
LP    Davis, Miles    Kind Of Blue (blue vinyl/mono/die cut Ltd Ed.)    DOL
LP    Davis, Miles    Kind Of Blue (pic disc)    DOL
LP    Davis, Miles    Kind of Blue (remaster 2015)    SONY
LP    Davis, Miles    Round About Midnight (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Davis, Miles    Volume 2    BLUE NOTE
LP    Davis, Spencer Group    Live In Finland '67 (180g/white vinyl)    LONDON CALLING
LP    De La Soul    And The Anonymous Nobody (2LP)    KOBALT
LP    Dead Boys    Young, Loud & Snotty (green vinyl)    SIRE
LP    Dead Kennedys    Frankenchrist    MANIFESTO
LP    Dead Kennedys    Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables (180g)    MANIFESTO
LP    Dead Kennedys    Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death (180g)    MANIFESTO
LP    Dead Moon    Cracks In The System    MISSISSIPPI
LP    Dead Moon    Stranded In the Mystery Zone    MISSISSIPPI
LP    Dead Weather    Sea of Cowards    WB MUSIC
LP    Deafheaven    New Bermuda (2LP)    ANTI
LP    Dear Rouge    Phases    UNIVERSAL
LP    Dears    No Cities Left    PAPER BAG
LP    Death    Human (remastered reissue)    RELAPSE
LP    Death    Leprosy    RELAPSE
LP    Death    Scream Bloody Gore    RELAPSE
LP    Death    The Sound Of Perseverance (2LP/reissue)    RELAPSE
LP    Death Cab For Cutie    Plans (2LP-180g)    BARSUK
LP    Death From Above 1979    Live at Third Man Records    THIRD MAN
LP    Death Grips    Bottomless Pit    HARVEST
LP    Death Grips    The Money Store    SONY
LP    Decemberists    I'll Be Your Girl    CAPITOL
LP    Decemberists    I'll Be Your Girl (indie only translucent blue)    CAPITOL
LP    Decemberists    The Hazards Of Love (180g)    CAPITOL
LP    Decemberists    The King Is Dead    CAPITOL
LP    Dedekind Cut    Tahoe (2LP)    KRANKY
LP    Deep Dark Woods    Yarrow    SIX SHOOTER
LP    Deep Purple    Machine Head    RHINO
LP    Deerhunter    Microcastle (2LP)    KRANKY
LP    Deerhunter    Rainwater Cassette Exchange (EP)    KRANKY
LP    Def Leppard    Hysteria  (Dlx 2LP + poster)    MERCURY
LP    Dekker, Desmond    You Can Get It If You Really Want (ltd black & blue marble vinyl)    REAL GONE MUSIC USA
LP    Del Rey, Lana    Born to Die    INTERSCOPE
LP    Del Rey, Lana    Born to Die (Paradise Edition - explicit)    INTERSCOPE
LP    Del Rey, Lana    Born to Die (Paradise Edition)    INTERSCOPE
LP    Del Rey, Lana    Ultraviolence (2LP)    INTERSCOPE
LP    Delfonics    La La Means I Love You    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    DeMarco, Mac    Another One    CAPTURED TRACKS
LP    DeMarco, Mac    This Old Dog    ROYAL MOUNTAIN
LP    Depeche Mode    Black Celebration (180g)    RHINO
LP    Depeche Mode    Songs Of Faith And Devotion (180g)    RHINO
LP    Depeche Mode    Violator (180g)    SIRE
12"EP    Descendents    Bonus Fat (EP)    SST
LP    Descendents    All    SST
LP    Descendents    Cool To Be You    FAT WRECK
LP    Descendents    Enjoy    SST
LP    Descendents    Everything Sucks (LP+7"/20th anniversary)    EPITAPH
LP    Descendents    Hallraker    SST
LP    Descendents    I Don't Want to Grow Up    SST
LP    Descendents    Liveage    SST
LP    Descendents    Milo Goes to College    SST
LP    Descendents    Somery (2LP)    SST
LP    Destroyer    City Of Daughters (re-issue on red vinyl)    MERGE
LP    Destroyer    Destroyer's Rubies (2LP w/download)    MERGE
LP    Destroyer    Kaputt (2LP-bonus track)    MERGE
LP    Destroyer    ken    MERGE
LP    Destroyer    Thief (re-issue on orange vinyl)    MERGE
LP    Destroyer    This Night (2LP)    MERGE
LP    Detroit Cobras    Life, Love And Leaving    WARNER
LP    Detroit Cobras    Mink, Rat Or Rabbit    WARNER
LP    Devo    Live At Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 8/3/77    DOL
LP    Diddley, Bo    Go Bo Diddley (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Diddley, Bo    In the Spotlight (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Dillon, Phyllis    One Life to Live (ltd violet vinyl)    REAL GONE MUSIC USA
LP    Dinosaur Jr.    Bug    JAGJAGUWAR
LP    Dinosaur Jr.    J Mascis Live At CBGB's: (coloured vinyl) 1st  Acoustic Show    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Dinosaur Jr.    You're Living All Over Me    JAGJAGUWAR
LP    Dio    Holy Diver (remaster red vinyl)    RHINO
LP    Dire Straits    Brothers In Arms (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Dire Straits    Making Movies    UNIVERSAL
LP    Dire Straits    s/t (180g)    WB MUSIC
LP    Dirty Three    Cinder (2LP)    TOUCH & GO
LP    Dixon, Willie    I Am The Blues (180g)    COLUMBIA
LP    Dixon, Willie    Walkin' the Blues (gatefold)    DOL
LP    DJ Brace    Apatheia (2LP)    NOSTOMANIA
LP    Django Django    Marble Skies (includes CD)    BECAUSE
LP    Dolphy, Eric    Out To Lunch    BLUE NOTE
LP    Don Caballero    American Don (2LP)    TOUCH & GO
LP    Doors    Absolutely Live (2LP)    ELECTRA
LP    Doors    s/t (180g  US edition)    ELEKTRA
LP    Doors    The Doors (mono 180g)    RHINO
LP    Doors    The Soft Parade (180g  US edition)    ELEKTRA
LP    Dorsey, Lee    Yes We Can (180g)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Downie, Gord    Battle Of the Nudes    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Downie, Gord    Introduce Yerself    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Downie, Gord The Sadies, And The Conquering Sun    Gord Downie, The Sadies, And The Conquering Sun    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Dr. Dog    Be The Void (w/CD copy)    ANTI
LP    Dr. Dre    Compton (2LP)    INTERSCOPE
LP    Dr. Dre    The Chronic (2LP)    DEATH ROW
LP       Dr. Dre    2001 (2LP)    INTERSCOPE
LP    Dr. John    Gris-Gris (180g/original artwork)    WARNER
LP    Dr. John    Professor Bizarre Funknology (2LP 180g)    RUN OUT GROOVE
LP    Drake    Take Care    CASH MONEY
LP    Drake    Views (2LP)    CASH MONEY
LP    Drake, Nick    Bryter Later (180g/HQ vinyl w/download)    ISLAND
LP    Drake, Nick    Five Leaves Left    UNIVERSAL
LP    Drake, Nick    Pink Moon (Vinyl Reissue)    ISLAND
LP    Dream Theater    A Change Of Seasons (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Dream Theater    Awake (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Dream Theater    Metropolis PT2: Scenes From Memory (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Drive-By Truckers    English Oceans    ATO
LP    Drive-By Truckers    Southern Rock Opera (2LP-180g)    LOST HIGHWAY
LP    Dropkick Murphys    Blackout    HELLCAT
LP    Dropkick Murphys    Going Out In Style (w/CD)    ILG
LP    Dropkick Murphys    Warriors Code    HELLCAT
LP    du Pre, Jacqueline    Legendary Recordings (5LP)    WARNER CLASSICS
LP    Dungen    4 (w/download)    MEXICAN SUMMER
LP    Dungen    Allas Sak    MEXICAN SUMMER
LP    Dungen    Skit I Allt    MEXICAN SUMMER
12"EP    Dungen & Woods    Myths 003 (ltd)    MEXICAN SUMMER
LP    Dunlap, Slim    2015RSD - The New Me/Times Like This (2LP)    NEW WEST
LP    Dwarves    Invented Rock & Roll (w/download)    BURGER
LP    Dylan, Bob    Basement Tapes (2LP)    LEGACY
LP    Dylan, Bob    Blonde on Blonde (2LP)    LEGACY
LP    Dylan, Bob    Bringing it All Back Home    LEGACY
LP    Dylan, Bob    Freewheelin' Outtakes    WAX LOVE
LP    Dylan, Bob    Highway 61 Revisited    LEGACY
LP    Dylan, Bob    The Times They Are A Changin'    SONY
LP    Dylan, Bob    Triplicate (3LP)    COLUMBIA
LP    Dylan, Bob & Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers    Live On The Radio '86 (picture disc/incl. bonus CD)    ROX VOX
LP    Eagles    Hotel California (180g/HQ vinyl)    RHINO
LP    Eagles    Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975 (180g)    ELEKTRA
LP    Eagles    Their Greatest Hits, Volumes 1 & 2 (2LP)    RHINO
LP    Earle, Steve    I'll Never Get Out Of This World Alive    NEW WEST
LP    Earle, Steve    Live at Austin TX (2LP)    NEW WEST
10"    Earle, Steve & The Dukes    2015RSD - Terraplane Blues     NEW WEST
LP    Earle, Steve & The Dukes    Terraplane (w/download)    NEW WEST
LP    Earthless    Black Heaven (2LP)    NUCLEAR BLAST
LP    East, Anderson    Encore (w/CD)    ATLANTIC
LP    Eazy E    Eazy Duz It (25th Anniversary Edition) LP- Explicit    PRIORITY
LP    Echo & The Bunnymen    Ocean Rain (180g/remastered)    1972
LP    El Michels Affair    Return to the 37th Chamber (4 different covers)    BIG CROWN
LP    Elbow    Little Fictions    CONCORD
LP    Elder    Dead Roots Stirring (2LP/Gatefold/Colour vinyl/Poster)    ARMAGEDDON
LP    Elder    Elder + Demo Armageddon (2LP)    ARMAGEDDON
LP    Elder    Reflections Of A Floating World (2LP)    ARMAGEDDON
LP    Elder    Spires Burn/Rise    ARMAGEDDON
LP    Electric Wizard    Come My Fanatics (2LP/import version)    RISE ABOVE
LP    Electric Wizard    Dopethrone (2LP)    RISE ABOVE
LP    Electric Wizard    Wizard Bloody Wizard    SPINEFARM
LP    Elephant9    Greatest Show On Earth    RUNE GRAMMOFON
LP    Ellington, Duke    Money Jungle (gatefold) with Charlie Mingue & Max Roach    DOL
LP    Ellington, Duke & John Coltrane    Duke Ellington & John Coltrane (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Elliott Brood    Ghost Gardens    PAPER BAG
LP    Eminem    Curtain Call: The Hits (2LP)    AFTERMATH
LP    Eminem    Relapse (2LP)    AFTERMATH
LP       Eminem    The Eminem Show (2LP)    INTERSCOPE
LP       Eminem    The Marshall Mathers (2LP)    INTERSCOPE
LP    Eno, Brian    Another Green World    ASTRALWERKS
LP    Eno, Brian    Before and After Science    ASTRALWERKS
LP    Eno, Brian    Before and After Science (2LP/180g/half-speed remaster 45 RPM/Ltd)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Eno, Brian    Here Come the Warm Jets    ASTRALWERKS
LP    Eno, Brian    Here Come the Warm Jets (2LP/180g/half-speed remaster 45 RPM/Ltd)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Eno, Brian    Taking Tiger Mountain (by strategy)    ASTRALWERKS
LP    Eno, Brian    Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy) (2LP/180g/half-speed remaster 45 RPM/Lt    UNIVERSAL
LP    Entombed    Clandestine    EARACHE
LP    Entombed    Left Hand Path    EARACHE
LP    Enya    Very Best Of (2LP)    REPRISE
LP    ESG    Keep On Moving    FIRE
LP    Essaie Pas    New Path    DFA
LP    Estardy, Bernard    Bernard Estardy's Space Oddities 1970-1982    BORN BAD
LP    Etheridge, Melissa    Melissa Etheridge - 30th Anniversary Ed. (180g)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Evanescence    Fallen    BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY
LP    Evans, Bill Trio    At Shelly's Manne-Hole    FANTASY
LP    Evans, Bill Trio    Moon Beams (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Every Time I Die    Ex Lives (w/CD copy)    EPITAPH
LP    Every Time I Die    Low Teens (entire album!!)    EPITAPH
LP    Every Time I Die    New Junk Aesthetic    EPITAPH
LP    Exploding Hearts    Guitar Romantic    DIRTNAP
LP    Exploding Hearts    Shattered    DIRTNAP
LP    Eyehategod    In The Name Of Suffering (+7 bonus tracks)    EMETIC
LP    Face To Face    Don't Turn Away (2016 remaster/expanded)    FAT WRECK
LP    Face To Face    Protection    FAT WRECK
12"EP    Factory Floor    Heart Of Data/Babel    HEART OF DATA
10"    Fall    Slates    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Fall    Grotesque (After The Gramme)    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Fall    Hex Enduction Hour    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Fall    Room To Live    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Fall    The Wonderful and Frightening World of The Fall    BEGGAR'S BANQUET
LP    fall out boy    Mania    ISLAND
LP    Fallon, Brian    Sleepwalkers    ISLAND
LP    Farmer, Mylene    A Quoi Je Sers (maxi 45 tours)    POLYDOR
LP    Farmer, Mylene    Regrets (maxi 45 tours)    POLYDOR
LP    Farmer, Mylene    Sans Contrefacon (maxi 45 tours)    POLYDOR
LP    Fatboy Slim    You've Come a Long Way Baby (20th anniversary) (2LP)    ASTRALWERKS
LP    Faust    71 Minutes (2LP-180g)    RER
LP    Feathers, Charlie    Best Of the Sun Records Sessions    ORG MUSIC
LP    Feathers, Charlie    Best Of the Sun Records Sessions (indie store version)    ORG MUSIC
LP    Feist    Metals    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Feist    Reminder    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Felt    The Seventeenth Century (remastered/gatefold)    CHERRY RED
LP    Ferrari, Luc    Tinguely 1967    SUB ROSA
LP    Fever Ray    Plunge    MUTE
LP    Fever Ray    s/t    MUTE
LP    Fidlar    Fidlar    MOM & POP MUSIC
LP    Fifty Foot Hose    Cauldron (180g)    AGUIRRE
LP    Fire!    The Hands    RUNE GRAMMOFON
LP    Firehose    Ragin' Full On    SST
LP    First Aid Kit    Ruins    COLUMBIA
LP    Fishbone    Truth And Soul    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Fitzgerald, Ella & Louis Armstrong    Ella & Louis    VERVE
LP    Flaming Lips    Embryonic (2LP)    WB MUSIC
LP    Flaming Lips with Stardeath And White Dwarfs    Dark Side Of The Moon    WARNER
LP    Flatliners    Cavalcade    FAT WRECK
LP    Flatliners    Dead Language    FAT WRECK
LP    Flatliners    The Great Awake    FAT WRECK
LP    Fleetwood Mac    Greatest Hits    WARNER BROS.
LP    Flesh Eaters    A Minute To Pray A Second To Die    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Flesh Eaters    Forever Came Today    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Flipper    Blow 'N' Chunks    ROIR
LP    Flogging Molly    Swagger (Colour vinyl/Gatefold/Download)    SIDE1/DUMMY
LP    Flogging Molly    Within A Mile Of Home - 20th Anniversary Edition (Color/Gatefold/DL/Ltd)    SIDE1/DUMMY
LP    Florence & The Machine    How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful (2LP)    REPUBLIC
LP    Flying Lotus    Cosmogramma (2LP w/download)    WARP
LP    Foo Fighters    Concrete And Gold (2LP)    RCA
LP    Foo Fighters    Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace    RCA VICTOR
LP    Foo Fighters    Foo Fighters (180g)    RCA
LP    Foo Fighters    Greatest Hits (2LP)    SONY
LP    Foo Fighters    One by One (2LP-180g)    RCA
LP    Foo Fighters    Sonic Highways    RCA
LP    Foo Fighters    Wasting Light    RCA
LP    Foreigner    40 (2LP)    RHINO
LP    Francis, Sage    Li(f)e    ANTI
LP    Franklin, Aretha    Lady Soul (180g)    ATLANTIC
LP    Franklin, Aretha    Live At The Fillmore West    4 MEN WITH BEARDS
LP    Franklin, Aretha/Ray Bryant Combo    Aretha (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Franti, Michael & Spearhead    Soulrocker (2LP)    FANTASY
LP    Freak Heat Waves    Beyond XXXL    TELEPHONE EXPLOSION
LP    Free    Tons of Sobs    POLYDOR
LP    Frehley, Ace    Anomaly (2LP colour)    EONE
12"EP    Frusciante, John    Foregrow EP (Ltd silver colored vinyl)    ACID TEST
LP    Frusciante, John    Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt (2LP/Gatefold)    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Fu Manchu    (Godzilla's) Eatin' Dust (reissue/gatefold)    AT THE DOJO
LP    Fu Manchu    Daredevil (remastered 2015)    AT THE DOJO
LP    Fu Manchu    In Search Of    AT THE DOJO
12"EP    Fugazi    Fugazi    DISCHORD
LP    Fugazi    Red Medicine    DISCHORD
LP    Fugazi    Repeater    DISCHORD
LP    Fugazi    The Argument    DISCHORD
LP    Full Of Hell    Trumpeting Ecstasy (Ltd)    PROFOUND LORE
10"    Fuller, Jesse    Working On The Railroad (EP)    MISSISSIPPI
LP    Funkadelic    America Eats Its Young (2LP)    WESTBOUND
LP    Funkadelic    Best Of: Standing On The Verge (2LP)    WESTBOUND
LP    Funkadelic    Cosmic Slop    WESTBOUND
LP    Funkadelic    Free Your Mind and Your Ass Will Follow    4 MEN WITH BEARDS
LP    Funkadelic    Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow    WESTBOUND
LP    Funkadelic    Maggot Brain    WESTBOUND
LP    Funkadelic    Maggot Brain (180g - gatefold edition)    WESTBOUND
LP    Future    HNDRXX (2LP)    EPIC
LP    Future Islands    Singles    4AD
LP    Fuzz    II (2LP)    IN THE RED
LP    G.B.H.    Leather, Bristles, Studs and Acne (140g/red vinyl/Ltd)    LET THEM EAT VINYL
LP    Gabriel, Peter    Passion: Music From The Last Temptation of Christ (3LP)    CAROLINE
LP    Gainsbourg, Serge    Bonnie and Clyde    UNIVERSAL
LP    Galas, Diamanda    All the Way    INTRAVENAL SOUND OPERATIONS
LP    Galas, Diamanda    At Saint Thomas the Apostle Harlem (2LP)    INTRAVENAL SOUND OPERATIONS
LP    Galaxie 500    On Fire    20/20/20
LP    Gallagher, Noel    Noel Gallagher's High Flighing Birds    UK IMPORT
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Against the Gain    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Blueprint    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Calling Card    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Defender    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Deuce    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Fresh Evidence    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Irish Tour '74 (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Jinx    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Live in Europe    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Notes From San Francisco    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Photo Finish    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Rory Gallagher    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Stage Struck    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Tattoo    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gallagher, Rory    Top Priority    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gang Starr    Moment Of Truth (3LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Gardot, Melody    Live in Europe (3LP)    DECCA
LP    Gaye, Marvin    Collected (2LP/180g HQ vinyl/gatefold/pvc sleeve)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Gaye, Marvin    Let's Get It On    TAMLA
LP    Gaye, Marvin    Let's Get It On (180g)    TAMLA
LP    Gaye, Marvin    Soulful Moods Of Marvin Gaye    MOTOWN
LP    Gaye, Marvin    The Soulful Moods Of Marvin Gaye (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Gaye, Marvin    Trouble Man    TAMLA
LP    Gaye, Marvin    What's Going On    MOTOWN
LP    Gaye, Marvin    What's Going On (180g)    TAMLA
LP    Gaye, Marvin    What's Going On (tan vinyl)    MOTOWN
LP    Generation X    Sweet Revenge (180g)    MUNSTER
LP    Genesis    Nursery Cryme (180g)    ATLANTIC
LP    Genius/GZA    Liquid Swords (2LP/Remastered)    GET ON DOWN
LP    Getz, Stan & Joao Gilberto    Getz/Gilberto    VERVE
LP    Ghost    Ceremony and Devotion    LOMA VISTA
LP    Ghost    Popestar    LOMA VISTA
LP    Gibson, Jon    Two Solo Pieces    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Gilberto, Astrud    Now    PERCEPTION
LP    Gits    Seafish Louisville (180g)    BROKEN REKIDS
LP    Glass Animals    Zaba    HARVEST
LP    Glass, Philip    Glassworks    MUSIC ON VINYL CLASSICAL
LP    Glass, Philip    How Now/Strung Out (180g - 1968 recordings)    ORANGE MOUNTAIN
LP    Goblin    Suspiria (HQ vinyl)    AMS
LP    Gogol Bordello    Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike (2LP)    SIDE1/DUMMY
LP    Gojira    L'Enfant Sauvage (2LP/orange vinyl)    ROADRUNNER
LP    Gojira    Magma (LP w/download)    ROADRUNNER
LP    Gonzalez, Jose    Vestiges & Claws (indie exclusive/clear)    MUTE
LP    Good Lovelies    Shapeshifters    FONTANA
LP    Good Riddance    A Comprehensive Guide To Moderne Rebellion    FAT WRECK
LP    Good Riddance    Ballads From The Revolution    FAT WRECK
LP    Good Riddance    For God And Country    FAT WRECK
LP    Good Riddance    Operation Phoenix    FAT WRECK
LP    Good Riddance    Symptons Of A Leveling Spirit    FAT WRECK
LP    Goraguer, Alain    La Planete Sauvage (film score)    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Gordon, Dexter    Go!    BLUE NOTE
7"    Gorilla Biscuits    Gorilla Biscuits    REVELATION
LP    Gorilla Biscuits    Start Today    REVELATION
LP    Gorillaz    Gorillaz (2LP)    EMI
LP    Gorillaz    Humanz (2LP)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Gorillaz    Plastic Beach (2LP)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Gould, Glenn    Goldberg Variations 1955 Recording (180g)    SONY
LP    Graham, Davy    Folk, Blues & Beyond    BREAD & WINE
LP    Grateful Dead    Best of the Grateful Dead Live Vol.1 : 1969-1977 (2LP)    RHINO
LP    Grateful Dead    Smiling On A Cloudy Day    RHINO
LP    Grateful Dead    The Best of The Grateful Dead, Vol. 2: 1977-1989 (180g 2LP)    WARNER
LP    Green Day    American Idiot (2LP)    WEA
LP    Green Day    Dookie (180g)    REPRISE
LP    Green Day    Greatest Hits : God's Favorite Band (2LP)    WB MUSIC
LP    Green Day    Nimrod    REPRISE
LP    Green Day    Warning    REPRISE
LP    Green Druid    Ashen Blood    EARACHE
LP    Green, Al    Greatest Hits    FAT POSSUM
LP    Green, Al    I'm Still In Love With You    FAT POSSUM
LP    Green, Al    Let's Stay Together    FAT POSSUM
LP    Greta Van Fleet    Black Smoke Rising EP    LAVA
LP    Grizzly Bear    Shields (2LP)    WARP
LP    Grizzly Bear    Yellow House (2LP/180g)    WARP
LP    Grouper    The Man Who Died in His Boat    KRANKY
LP    Gruppo Di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza    s/t    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
7"    Guided By Voices    Everywhere Is Miles From Everywhere    GUIDED BY VOICES, INC.
LP    Guided By Voices    August By Cake (2LP)    GUIDED BY VOICES, INC.
LP    Guided By Voices    Bee Thousand (remaster 2015/gatefold sleeve)    SCAT
LP    Guided By Voices    Mag Earwhig    MATADOR
LP    Guided By Voices    Ogre’s Trumpet (Live) (2LP)    GUIDED BY VOICES, INC.
LP    Guided By Voices    Space Gun    GUIDED BY VOICES, INC.
LP    Gun Club    Fire Of Love (220g)    MUNSTER
LP    Gun Club    In My Room (Ltd/150g/Gatefold)    BANG!
LP    Guns N Roses    Use Your Illusion 1 (2LP)    GEFFEN
LP    Guns N Roses    Use Your Illusion 2 (2LP)    GEFFEN
LP       Guns N Roses    Appetite for Destruction (180g)    GEFFEN
LP    Guru    Jazzmatazz (180g audiophile vinyl)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Guthrie, Woody    Dust Bowl Ballads    DOL
LP    Guy, Buddy    Bring 'Em In (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Guy, Buddy & Junior Wells    Chicago Blues Festival    DOL
LP    H.I.M.    Razorblade Romance    THE END
LP    Haack, Bruce    Electric Lucifer (Ltd)    TELEPHONE EXPLOSION
LP    Halo, Laurel    Dust    HYPERDUB
LP    Hammond, Albert Jr.    2016RSD - Yours To Keep    VAGRANT
LP    Hammond, Albert Jr.    Francis Trouble    RED BULL RECORDS
LP    Hancock, Herbie    Maiden Voyage    BLUE NOTE
LP    Hancock, Herbie    Takin' Off (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Hardy, Francoise    Francoise Hardy (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Hardy, Francoise    Francoise Hardy (pic disc)    DOL
LP    Hardy, Francoise    Tous les garcons et les filles (180g)    VINYL PASSION
LP    Harper, Roy    Return of Sophisticated Beggar (180g)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Hart, Beth & Joe Bonamassa    Black Coffee (2LP)    J&R ADVENTURES
LP    Hart, Beth & Joe Bonamassa    Don't Explain    PROVOGUE
LP    Hart, Grant    Intolerance    SST
LP       Harvey, P.J.    To Bring You My Love    ISLAND
LP    Hawkins, Dale    Oh! Suzy-Q (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Hawkins, Screamin' Jay    At Home With    WAX LOVE
LP    Hawkins, Screamin' Jay    At Home With Screamin' Jay Hawkins (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Hawkwind    Warrior on the Edge of Time (180g/yellow vinyl/Ltd)    LET THEM EAT VINYL
LP    Hayes, Isaac    Black Moses (2LP)    CONCORD
LP    Hayes, Isaac    Hot Buttered Soul    CONCORD
LP    Hayes, Isaac    Shaft OST (2LP)    FANTASY
LP    Hayes, Isaac    Shaft: Music From the Soundtrack (2LP)    CONCORD
LP    Hayes, Isaac    Spirit of Memphis (2LP)    CONCORD
LP    Heads    Nobody Knows (2LP)    ROOSTER
LP    Heart    Dreamboat Annie    CAPITOL
LP    Hecker, Tim    Dropped Pianos    KRANKY
LP    Hecker, Tim    Harmony in Ultraviolet (2LP)    KRANKY
LP    Hecker, Tim & Daniel Lopatin    Instrumental Tourist (2LP)    SOFTWARE
LP    Heldon    Allez-Teia (Heldon II)    BUREAU B
LP    Hell, Richard & The Voidoids    Blank Generation    SIRE
LP    Henderson, Joe    Page One    BLUE NOTE
LP    Hendrix, Jimi    Are You Experienced    SONY
LP    Hendrix, Jimi    Axis: Bold As Love (180g)    SONY
LP    Hendrix, Jimi    Live At Monterey (200g)    SONY
LP    Hendrix, Jimi    Valleys of Neptune    SONY
LP    Hendrix, Jimi Experience    Experience Hendrix: Best Of (2LP)    SONY
LP    Henson, Keaton    Birthdays (w/CD copy)    ANTI
LP    Hentchmen    Hentch-Forth    THIRD MAN/ITALY
LP    Hey Rosetta!    Into Your Lungs (2LP)    SONIC
LP    High On Fire    Art Of Self Defense (2LP)    SOUTHERN LORD
LP    High Rise    II    BLACK EDITIONS
LP    Highly Suspect    The Boy Who Died Wolf (colour vinyl)    ADA
LP    Hill, Andrew    Point Of Departure    BLUE NOTE
LP    Hill, Lauryn    Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill (2LP)    SONY
LP    Hill, Lauryn    The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill (Domestic Legacy Edition 2LP)    LEGACY
LP    Hockey Dad    Blend Inn    KANINE
LP    Hole    Celebrity Skin (180g)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Hole    Live Through This    GEFFEN
LP    Hole    Pretty on the Inside (180g)    PLAIN RECORDINGS
LP    Hole    Pretty On the Inside (colour vinyl)    PLAIN RECORDINGS
LP    Holiday, Billie    Commodore Days (180g HQ vinyl)    DOL
LP    Holiday, Billie    Strange Fruit (die cut/violet vinyl)    DOL
LP    Holiday, Billie    Strange Fruit (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Hood, Patterson    Killers And Stars    NEW WEST
LP    Hooker, John Lee    House Of the Blues (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Hooker, John Lee    The Great John Lee Hooker    WAX LOVE
LP    Hooker, John Lee    Whiskey & Wimmen: John Lee Hooker's Finest    CONCORD
LP    Hopkins, Lightnin'    Lightnin' Strikes    VEE JAY
LP    Hopkins, Lightnin'    Walkin' This Road By Myself    FANTASY
LP    Hot Snakes    Automatic Midnight    SWAMI
LP    House Of Pain    Same As It Ever Was    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Housemartins    London 0 Hull 4    POLYDOR
LP    Howlin' Wolf    Best Of the Sun Records Sessions    ORG MUSIC
LP    Howlin' Wolf    Big City Blues (180g HQ vinyl)    DOL
LP    Howlin' Wolf    Howlin' Wolf (pic disc)    DOL
LP    Howlin' Wolf    Howlin' Wolf (the rockin' chair) (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Howlin' Wolf    Moanin' in the Moonlight (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Howlin' Wolf    Real Folk Blues (pic disc)    DOL
LP    Hubbard, Freddie    Open Sesame    DOL
LP    Hubbard, Freddie    Ready For Freddie    BLUE NOTE
LP    Human League    Dare (180g w/download)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Hurt, Mississippi John    Stack O' Lee: Very Best Of (180g)    MASTER CLASSICS
LP    Hurt, Mississippi John & Skip James    Live At WTBS-FM Cambridge, MA Oct. 1964    DOL
10"    Husker Du    8 Miles High/Makes No Sense At All    SST
12"EP    Husker Du    Metal Circus (EP)    SST
7"    Husker Du    Eight Miles High    SST
7"    Husker Du    Makes No Sense At All    SST
LP    Husker Du    Flip Your Wig    SST
LP    Husker Du    Land Speed Record    SST
LP    Husker Du    New Day Rising    SST
LP    Husker Du    Savage Young Du (4LP)    NUMERO
LP    I.L.Y.'s, The    Bodyguard (Deathgrips side project)    CASTLE FACE
LP    Ibibio Sound Machine    Uyai    MERGE
LP    Ice Cube    Death Certificate (25th Ann. 2LP)    INTERSCOPE
LP    Ice Cube    Death Certificate (3D lenticular cover 180g)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Idol, Billy    Idolize Yourself - The Very Best Of (2LP)    CAPITOL
LP    Iggy & The Stooges    Raw Power (2LP)    SONY
LP    Imagine Dragons    Smoke + Mirrors    INTERSCOPE
LP    Immolation    Atonement (splatter vinyl)    NUCLEAR BLAST
LP    Incubus    Light Grenades (2LP)    EPIC
LP    Incubus    Make Yourself (2LP)    EPIC
LP    Insecure Men    Insecure Men    FAT POSSUM
LP    Interpol    Turn on the Bright Lights (LP w/download)    MATADOR
LP    Inxs    Kick (180g half-speed remastered 2LP)    RHINO
LP    Iron Maiden    A Matter of Life & Death (180g 2LP)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Iron Maiden    Book of Souls (3LP)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Iron Maiden    Final Frontier (2LP 180g)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Iron Maiden    From Fear To Eternity: Best Of 1990-2010 (pic disc 3LP)    EMI
LP    Iron Maiden    Iron Maiden    PARLOPHONE
LP    Iron Maiden    Killers    PARLOPHONE
LP    Iron Maiden    Powerslave    PARLOPHONE
LP    Iron Maiden    Seventh Son of a Seventh Son    PARLOPHONE
LP    Iron Maiden    The Number of the Beast    PARLOPHONE
LP    Isakov, Alan Gregory    This Empty Northern Hemisphere (w/download)    SUITCASE TOWN
LP    Isakov, Alan Gregory    With the Colorado Symphony    SUITCASE TOWN
LP    Isbell, Jason    Southeastern    SONY
LP    Isbell, Jason & The 400 Unit    Here We Rest    LIGHTNING ROD
LP    Isbell, Jason & The 400 Unit    Nashville Sound    THIRTY TIGERS
LP    Isis    In The Absence Of Truth (2LP)    ROBOTIC EMPIRE
LP    Isis & Aereogramme    In The Fishtank    IN THE FISHTANK
LP    J Dilla    The Shining (2LP)    BBE
LP    Jackson, Michael    Off the Wall    EPIC
LP    Jackson, Michael    Thriller    EPIC
LP    Jackson, Michael    Thriller (25th Anniversary edition 2LP)    LEGACY
LP    Jackson, Millie    Caught Up    SOUTHBOUND
LP    Jah Stitch    Watch Your Step Youthman    RADIATION ROOTS
LP    Jam    All Mod Cons    POLYDOR
LP    James Gang    Rides Again    MOBILE FIDELITY
LP    James, Elmore    The Sky Is Crying    SPHERE  
LP    James, Etta    At Last ! (die cut/red vinyl)    DOL
LP    James, Etta    At Last! (gatefold)    DOL
LP    James, Etta    Etta James    DOL
LP    James, Skip    The Complete 1931 Sessions (180g)    YAZOO
LP    Jamie xx    In Colour (LP+CD)    YOUNG TURKS
LP    Jamiroquai    Emergency On Planet Earth (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Jamiroquai    Emergency On Planet Earth (2LP/import)    IMPORT
LP    Jamiroquai    Return of the Space Cowboy (2LP/import)    IMPORT
LP    Jamiroquai    Travelling Without Moving (2LP/import)    IMPORT
LP    Jansch, Bert    A Man I'd Rather Be (Part 2) 4LP/book    EARTH RECORDINGS
LP    Jansch, Bert    Jack Orion    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Jansch, Bert    Living In the Shadows (4LP)    EARTH RECORDINGS
LP    Jansch, Bert    Living In the Shadows Part 2 (4LP) On the Edge of a Dream    EARTH RECORDINGS
LP    Jarrett, Keith    Koln Concert (2LP)    ECM RECORDS
LP    Jay-Z    Black Album (2LP)    DEF JAM
LP    Jay-Z    Magna Carta..Holy Grail (2LP)    THIRD MAN
LP    Jazz Butcher    Bath Of Bacon    FIRE
LP    Jesus & Mary Chain    Automatic (coloured vinyl)    PLAIN RECORDINGS
LP    Jesus & Mary Chain    Darklands (blue vinyl)    PLAIN RECORDINGS
LP    Jesus & Mary Chain    Psychocandy (180g)    WB MUSIC
LP    Jesus & Mary Chain    Stoned & Dethroned    1972
LP    Jethro Tull    Aqualung (180g)    WARNER
LP    Jett, Joan    Greatest Hits (2LP)    BLACKHEART
LP    John, Elton    Diamonds (2LP)    MERCURY
LP    John, Elton    Don't Shoot Me I'm Only the Piano Player    MERCURY
LP    John, Elton    Goodbye Yellow Brick Road  (2LP)    MERCURY
LP    John, Elton    Honky Chateau    MERCURY
LP    Johnny Jewel    Digital Rain    ITALIANS DO IT BETTER
LP    Johnny Jewel    Windswept (blue vinyl)    ITALIANS DO IT BETTER
LP    Johnson, Jack    In Between Dreams    UNIVERSAL
LP    Johnson, Jack    On & On    UNIVERSAL
LP    Johnson, Robert    King of the Delta Blues (180g)    COLUMBIA
LP    Johnson, Robert    King Of The Delta Blues Singers    RUMBLE
LP    Johnson, Robert    King of the Delta Blues, Vols. 1&2 (2LP gatefold)    DOL
LP    Johnson, Syl    Is It Because I'm Black    NUMERO
LP    Jones, Norah    Come Away With Me    BLUE NOTE
LP    Jones, Norah    The Fall (180g/gatefold)    BLUE NOTE
LP    Jones, Quincy    Big Band Bossa Nova (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Jones, Sharon & the Dap-Kings    100 Days, 100 Nights    DAPTONE
LP    Jones, Trevor & Randy Edelman    The Last of the Mohicans (ltd sepia toned vinyl)    REAL GONE MUSIC USA
LP    Joplin, Janis    Janis Joplin'S Greatest Hits    LEGACY
LP    Joy Division    Closer (180g/import)    RHINO
LP    Joy Division    Live at Les Bains Douches, Paris December 18, 1979    DOL
LP    Joy Division    Live in Holland, January 1980    DOL
LP    Joy Division    Live in Preston, February 28, 1980    DOL
LP    Joy Division    Unknown Pleasures (180g)    WARNER
LP    Joy, Vance    Dream Your Life Away    ATLANTIC
LP    Judas Priest    Screaming For Vengeance    SONY
LP    Julie & The Wrong Guys    Julie & The Wrong Guys    DINE ALONE
LP    Julius, Orlando & Ashiko    Love, Peace & Happiness    HOT CASA
LP    July Talk    July Talk    SLEEPLESS
LP    July Talk    Touch    SLEEPLESS
LP    June, Valerie    Order Of Time    CONCORD
LP    Junip    s/t (2LP)    MUTE
LP    Jurassic 5    Power in Numbers (2LP)    INTERSCOPE
LP    Just Joans    You Might Be Smiling Now..    FIKA
LP    Kaleo    A/B (white/black vinyl w/download)    ATLANTIC
LP    Kawabata / Pinhas / Yoshida    Trax    BAM BALAM
LP    Kaytranada    99.9%    SONY
LP    Keifer, Tom    The Way Life Goes (CD copy incl.)    MEROVEE
LP    Kelela    Take Me Apart    WARP
LP    Kerouac, Jack    The Complete Jack Kerouac Vol.2 (2LP)    PRIME VINYL
LP    Kesha    Rainbow (2LP)    RCA
LP    Kid Cudi    Man On The Moon: The End Of the Day (2LP)    MOTOWN
LP    Killers    Hot Fuss    ISLAND
LP    Killers    Sam's Town    ISLAND
LP    Kimbrough, Junior    God Knows I Tried    FAT POSSUM
LP    King Crimson    In the Court of the Crimson King (200g)    PANEGYRIC
LP    King Crimson    Larks Tongues in Aspic (200g HQ vinyl w/download)    DISCIPLINE GLOBAL MOBILE
LP    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard    Paper Mache Dream Balloon    ATO
LP    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard    Polygondwanaland    ATO
LP    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard    Polygondwanaland (180g/Ltd/import)    BLOOD MUSIC
LP    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard    Quarters    CASTLE FACE
LP    King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard & Mild High Club    Sketches of Brunswick East    ATO
LP    King Tubby    Meets Rockers Uptown    CLOCKTOWER
LP    King, Albert    Born Under A Bad Sign (180g)    STAX
LP    King, Albert & Otis Rush    Door to Door (180g/HQ)    DOL
LP    King, Albert & Stevie Ray Vaughan    In Session    STAX
LP    King, B.B.    King Of the Blues    DOL
LP    King, B.B.    Live at the Regal    ACE
LP    King, B.B.    Live at The Regal    GEFFEN
LP    King, B.B.    My Kind Of Blues    DOL
LP    Kingston All-Stars    Dubwise    ROOTS & WIRE
LP    Kingston All-Stars    Presenting Kingston All-Stars    ROOTS & WIRE
LP    Kinks    The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society (mono)    SANCTUARY
LP    Kirby, Leyland    Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was (2LP)    HISTORY ALWAYS FAVOURS
LP    Kirby, Leyland    When We Parted My Heart Wanted To Die (2LP)    HISTORY ALWAYS FAVOURS
LP    Kirchin, Basil    Basil Kirchin Is My Friend: A Trunk Records Sampler    TRUNK
LP    Kirchin, Basil    Worlds Within Worlds    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Kiss    Alive (2LP)    MERCURY
LP    Kiss    Dynasty    MERCURY
LP    Kiss    Love Gun    MERCURY
LP    Kiss    Revenge    MERCURY
LP    Kiss    Unmasked    MERCURY
LP    Kiwanuka, Michael    Home Again    UNIVERSAL
LP    Kiwanuka, Michael    Love & Hate    POLYDOR
LP    Korn    Path Of Totality (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Krall, Diana    Stepping Out    JUSTIN TIME
LP    Kronos Quartet & Bryce Dessner    Aheym (2LP+CD  45rpm)    ANTI
LP    kurtz, Efrem    Tchaikovsky: Sleeping Beauty    HIQ
LP    Kuti, Fela    Alagbon Close    KNITTING FACTORY RECORDS
LP    Kuti, Fela    Beasts of No Nation    KNITTING FACTORY RECORDS
LP    Kuti, Fela    Expensive Shit    KNITTING FACTORY RECORDS
LP    Kuti, Fela    Vinyl Box Set #4 : Compiled by Erykah Badu (7LP)    KNITTING FACTORY RECORDS
LP    Kuti, Fela    Zombie    KNITTING FACTORY RECORDS
LP    Kyuss    Welcome to Sky Valley    ELEKTRA
LP    Kyuss    Wretch (2LP)    ELEKTRA
12"EP    La Dispute / Koji    Never Come Undone (Split) (Ltd/Etched B-Side w/download)    NO SLEEP
LP    Lady Gaga    Artpop    INTERSCOPE
LP    Lady Gaga    Born This Way (2LP)    INTERSCOPE
LP    Lagwagon    Hang    FAT WRECK
LP    Lagwagon    I Think My Older Brother Used To Listen To Lagwagon (EP) (w/CD insert)    FAT WRECK
LP    Lagwagon    Resolve (incl. download)    FAT WRECK
LP    Lagwagon    Trashed (2LP-remastered/expanded edition)    FAT WRECK
LP    Lamar, Kendrick    DAMN (2LP)    AFTERMATH
LP    Lamar, Kendrick    Damn. Collector's Edition    AFTERMATH
LP    Lamar, Kendrick    Good Kid, M.A.A.D City (2LP)    AFTERMATH
LP    Lamar, Kendrick    To Pimp a Butterfly    INTERSCOPE
LP    Lamar, Kendrick    untitled unmastered    INTERSCOPE
LP    Lamarr, Delvon Organ Trio    Close But No Cigar    COLEMINE
LP    Lamb Of God    Ashes Of The Wake    EPIC
LP    Lambchop    Flotus (2LP)    MERGE
LP    Lambchop    Nixon (re-issue 2014)    MERGE
LP    LaMontagne, Ray    Trouble    SONY
LP    Lanois, Daniel    For the Beauty of Wynona (180g/audiophile vinyl)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Laraaji    Vision Songs    NUMERO
12"EP    Lard    70's Rock Must Die    ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES
LP    Lard    Last Temptation Of Reid    ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES
LP    Lard    Pure Chewing Satisfaction    ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES
LP    Last Gang    Keep Them Counting    FAT WRECK
LP    Lavigne, Avril    Avril Lavigne    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Lavigne, Avril    Let Go (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Lawrence Arms    Apathy And Exhaustion    FAT WRECK
LP    Lawrence Arms    Greatest Story Ever Told    FAT WRECK
LP    Lawrence Arms    Oh! Calcutta!    FAT WRECK
LP    LCD Soundsystem    45:33 (2LP)    DFA
LP    Lcd Soundsystem    American Dream (2LP)    COLUMBIA
LP    LCD Soundsystem    s/t    DFA
LP    LCD Soundsystem    Sound Of Silver (2LP)    DFA
LP    Lcd Soundsystem    This Is Happening (2LP)    DFA
LP    Leadbelly    Take This Hammer (180g HQ vinyl)    DOL
LP    Leah    Kings & Queens    FLYING DOLPHIN
LP    Leah    Of Earth & Angels    FLYING DOLPHIN
LP    Leah    Otherworld    FLYING DOLPHIN
LP    Leblanc, Lisa    Why You Wanna Leave, Runaway Queen?    BONSOUND
LP    Led Zeppelin    Houses of the Holy (remastered)    SWAN SONG
LP    Led Zeppelin    How the West Was Won (4LP 180g)    RHINO
LP    Led Zeppelin    In Through the Out Door (180g)    SWAN SONG
LP    Led Zeppelin    Led Zeppelin I (180g)    SWAN SONG
LP    Led Zeppelin    Led Zeppelin II (180g/gatefold)    SWAN SONG
LP    Led Zeppelin    Led Zeppelin III (180g/gatefold)    SWAN SONG
LP    Led Zeppelin    Mothership (4LP/180g/remastered)    SWAN SONG
LP    Led Zeppelin    Physical Graffiti (2LP)    SWAN SONG
LP    Led Zeppelin    Presence (180g)    SWAN SONG
LP    Leftover Crack    Constructs of the State    FAT WRECK
LP    Leftover Crack    Fuck World Trade (2LP/2015 re-issue 5 bonus tracks)    FAT WRECK
LP    Leftover Crack    Mediocre Generica    HELLCAT
LP    Lennon, John    Double Fantasy    UNIVERSAL
LP    Less Than Jake    Borders & Boundaries (w/DVD w/download)    FAT WRECK
LP    Letlive    The Blackest Beautiful    EPITAPH
LP    Lillingtons    Stella Sapiente    FAT WRECK
LP    Linkin Park    Hybrid Theory    WARNER
12"EP    Liquid Liquid    Optimo    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Little Richard    Here's Little Richard    CONCORD
LP    Little Walter    The Best Of Little Walter    DOL
LP    London, Julie    Around Midnight (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Lord Huron    Lonesome Dreams    THE END
LP    Loscil    First Narrows (2LP)    KRANKY
LP    Lovato, Demi    Tell Me You Love Me    ISLAND
LP    Love    Forever Changes (ltd. white vinyl)    RHINO U.K.
LP    Lumineers    Cleopatra (Dlx)    DINE ALONE
LP    Lynn, Loretta    Van Lear Rose (180g)    THIRD MAN
LP    Lynyrd Skynyrd    Second Helping (180g)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Lynyrd Skynyrd    Street Survivors    UNIVERSAL
LP    Macklemore    Gemini (2LP)    ADA
LP    Madlib    Shades Of Blue (2LP)    BLUE NOTE
LP    Magazine    Real Life    VIRGIN
LP    Magazine    The Correct Use of Soap    VIRGIN
LP    Magnetic Fields    Get Lost (180g w/download)    MERGE
LP    Magnetic Fields    The Charm Of The Highway Strip (180g)    MERGE
LP    Magnetic Fields    Wayward Bus/Distant Plastic Trees (2LP - re-issue)    MERGE
LP    Mahal, Taj & Keb' Mo'    TajMo    CONCORD
7"    Man Or Astroman    Inside The Head Of John Peel    ASTRO FONIC
LP    Mancini, Henry    Breakfast At Tiffany's (blue vinyl)    DOL
LP    Mancini, Henry    Music From Peter Gunn (coloured vinyl)    DOL
LP    Manson, Charles    Sings (Lie: The Love and Terror Cult) (Ltd/Red vinyl)    ESP-DISK
LP    Mariah    Utakata No Hibi (2LP)    PALTO FLATS
LP    Marley, Bob    Exodus (180g w/download)    TUFF GONG
LP    Marley, Bob    Legend: 30th Anniversary (2LP)    ISLAND
LP    Marley, Bob    Uprising (180g w/download)    TUFF GONG
LP    Marley, Bob & The Wailers    Live Forever: Live at the Stanley Theatre (Super Dlx 3LP+2CD)    TUFF GONG
LP    Marshall, Amanda    Amanda Marshall    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Martha & The Vandellas    Heat Wave (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Martin, Dean    Dino Latino    DOL
LP    Martinez, Cliff    Contagion: Original Soundtrack (gold & red vinyl)    REAL GONE MUSIC USA
LP    Massive Attack    Mezzanine (2LP/180g)    VIRGIN
LP    Mastodon    Crack The Skye    REPRISE
LP    Max Webster    The Bootleg    ANTHEM
LP    Mayall, John    Talk About That    FORTY BELOW
LP    Mayall, John & The Bluesbreakers    A Hard Road (2LP)    VINYL LOVERS
LP    Mayall, John & The Bluesbreakers    Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton    DECCA
LP    Mayall, John & The Bluesbreakers    Bluesbreakers With Eric Clapton (180g)    VINYL LOVERS
LP    Mayer, John    Room For Squares    COLUMBIA
LP    MC5    Best Of    CLEOPATRA
LP    MC5    Kick Out The Jams (180g/HQ vinyl/gatefold)    RHINO
LP    Mccartney, Paul    McCartney    CAPITOL
LP    McDowell, Mississippi Fred    Delta Blues (blue vinyl)    ARHOOLIE
LP    McEntire, H.C.    Lionheart    MERGE
LP    McEntire, H.C.    Lionheart (White vinyl/Gatefold)    MERGE
LP    McGraw, Tim & Faith Hill    Rest Of Our Life    ARISTA
LP    McPherson, J.D.    Undivided Heart & Soul    NEW WEST
LP    Mctell, Blind Willie    Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol. 1 (180g)    THIRD MAN/DOCUMENT
LP    Mctell, Blind Willie    Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol. 2 (180g)    THIRD MAN/DOCUMENT
LP    Mctell, Blind Willie    Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 4 (180g)    THIRD MAN/DOCUMENT
LP    Me First & The Gimme Gimmes    Blow In The Wind    FAT WRECK
LP    Me First & The Gimme Gimmes    Have A Ball    FAT WRECK
LP    Me First & The Gimme Gimmes    Have Another Ball (w/bonus CD)    FAT WRECK
LP    Me First & The Gimme Gimmes    Ruin Jonny's Bar Mitzvah    FAT WRECK
LP    Me First & The Gimme Gimmes    Take A Break    FAT WRECK
LP    Meat Beat Manifesto     Impossible Star (2LP)    FLEXIDISC
LP    Megadeth    Super Collider    UME
LP    Melody's Echo Chamber    Melody's Echo Chamber    FAT POSSUM
LP    Melvins    Stag (2LP/180g/gatefold)    THIRD MAN
LP    Memphis Jug Band    American Epic: the best of    THIRD MAN
LP    Memphis Slim & Willie Dixon    In Paris    ORIGINAL BLUES CLASSICS
LP    Mercyful Fate    Into The Unknown    METAL BLADE
LP    Merzbow & Oren Ambarchi    Cat's Squirrel (Dlx/Ltd)    BLACK TRUFFLE
LP    Messthetics    The Messthetics    DISCHORD
LP    Metallica    And Justice for All (2LP)    BLACKENED
LP    Metallica    Death Magnetic (2LP)    BLACKENED
LP    Metallica    Garage Inc. (3LP)    BLACKENED
LP    Metallica    Live at House of Vans, London - 11/18/16 (3LP/Ltd)    BLACKENED
LP    Metallica    Live at Webster Hall, New York - 9/27/16 (3LP/Ltd)    BLACKENED
LP    Metallica    Master of Puppets Remastered    BLACKENED
LP    Metallica    Metallica (2LP)    BLACKENED
LP    Metallica    Ride the Lightning    BLACKENED
LP    Meters    s/t    JOSIE
LP    Meters    Struttin'    JOSIE
LP    Metric    Old World Underground    LAST GANG
7"    MF Doom    Operation: Doomsday - Deluxe 7" Box Set (7 x 7"/adapters/silver foil mask)    METAL FACE
LP    MF Doom    Special Blends, Vols. 1&2 (2LP)    METAL FACE
LP    MF Doom    Special Herbs, Vol. 9 & 0 (LP +bonus 7"/Ltd)    NATURE SOUNDS
LP    MF Doom    Special Herbs, Volumes 1 & 2 (2LP +bonus 7")    NATURE SOUNDS
LP    MF Doom    Special Herbs, Volumes 3 & 4 (2LP +bonus 7"/yellow cover)    NATURE SOUNDS
LP    MF Doom    Unexpected Guests (2LP/Ltd)    METAL FACE
LP    MGMT    Little Dark Age (2LP)    COLUMBIA
LP    MGMT    Oracular Spectacular (180g/numbered)    SONY
LP    Michael, George    Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 (w/download)    SONY
LP    Milk & Bone    Deception Bay (2LP)    SONY
LP    Millencolin    Life On A Plate    EPITAPH
LP    Millencolin    Pennybridge Pioneers    BURNING HEART
LP    Miller, Steve    Greatest Hits 74-78 (180g)    CAPITOL
LP    Miller, Steve Band    Ultimate Hits (4LP)    CAPITOL
LP    Mind Spiders    Furies (Incl. Download)    DIRTNAP
LP    Mingus, Charles    Ah Um (pic disc)    DOL
LP    Mingus, Charles    Mingus Ah Um (die cut colour vinyl)    DOL
LP    Minor Threat    Minor Threat    DISCHORD
LP    Minor Threat    Out Of Step    DISCHORD
LP    Minutemen    Ballot Result (2LP)    SST
LP    Minutemen    Double Nickels on the Dime (2LP)    SST
LP    Minutemen    Project: Mersh (EP)    SST
LP    Minutemen    The Punch Line    SST
LP    Misfits    Evilive    PLAN 9
LP    Misfits    s/t (aka Collection 1)    PLAN 9
LP    Misfits    Static Age    CAROLINE
LP    Mitchell, Joni    Blue (180g)    RHINO
LP    Mitchell, Joni    Ladies Of The Canyon (180g)    RHINO
LP    Mittoo, Jackie    Rides On    JAMAICAN RECORDINGS
LP    Mobley, Hank    Workout    BLUE NOTE
LP    Moby    Everything Was Beautiful, and Nothing Hurt    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Modern Baseball    Holy Ghost (indie exclusive/colour vinyl)    RUN FOR COVER
LP    MODERN LOVERS    s/t (180g audiophile vinyl)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Modernettes    Teen City - 35th Anniversary Reissue    SUDDEN DEATH
LP    Modest Mouse    Good News For People Who Love Bad News (2LP)    EPIC
LP    Modest Mouse    Strangers To Ourselves (2LP)    EPIC
LP    Modest Mouse    The Lonesome Crowded West (2LP)    FAT POSSUM
LP    Monk, Thelonious     5 by 5 by Monk (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Monk, Thelonious     Genius Of Modern Music, Vol. 2    DOL
LP    Monroe, Marilyn    The Essential Masters (ltd pink vinyl)    STARDUST
LP    Monster Magnet    Mindfucker (2LP silver gatefold)    NAPALM
LP    Monster Magnet    Spine Of God    NAPALM
LP    Moody Blues    Collected (2Lp/180g HQ vinyl/gatefold/pvc sleeve)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Moore, Dudley    Bedazzled (1967 Score) (LP+CD)    TRUNK
LP    Morbid Angel    Altars of Madness    EARACHE
LP    Morbid Angel    Blessed Are the Sick    EARACHE
LP    Morbid Angel    Formulas Fatal To the Flesh (2LP)    EARACHE
LP    Morby, Kevin    Still Life    WOODSIST
LP    Morcheeba    Big Calm    WB MUSIC
LP    Morgan, Lee    Search For A New Land    UNIVERSAL
LP    Morgan, Lee    The Cooker    BLUE NOTE
LP    Morissette, Alanis    Flavors Of Entanglement    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Morissette, Alanis    Jagged Little Pill (180g/HQ vinyl)    RHINO
LP    Morphine    Live At the Warfield 1997 (2LP)    RUN OUT GROOVE
LP    Morrison, Van    Moondance    RHINO
LP    Morrison, Van    Versatile (2LP)    LEGACY
LP    Mos Def    Black On Both Sides (2LP 180g)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Motion City Soundtrack    Even If It Kills Me (2LP) 10th anniversary version    EPITAPH
LP    Motion City Soundtrack    Even If It Kills Me (2LP/colour vinyl) 10th anniversary edition    EPITAPH
LP    Motley Crue    Girls, Girls, Girls    ELEVEN SEVEN
LP    Motley Crue    Greatest Hits (2LP/180g)    MOTLEY RECORDS
LP    Motley Crue    Theatre Of Pain    ELEVEN SEVEN
LP    Motley Crue    Too Fast for Love    ELEVEN SEVEN
LP    Motorhead    Ace of Spades    BMG
LP    Motorhead    Ace Of Spades    BRONZE
LP    Motorhead    Ace Of Spades (180g)    BRONZE
LP    Motorhead    Bomber    BRONZE
LP    Motorhead    No Sleep 'til Hammersmith    BRONZE
LP    Motorhead    Orgasmatron    BMG
LP    Motorhead    Overkill    BMG
LP    Mould, Bob    Patch The Sky    MERGE
LP    Mount Kimbie    Love What Survives (2LP black)    WARP
LP    Mountain Goats    All Hail West Texas (2013 re-issue)    MERGE
LP    Mountain Goats    Beat The Champ (2LP)    MERGE
LP    Mountain Goats    Goths (2LP)    MERGE
LP    Mountain Goats    Goths (indie only 3LP)    MERGE
LP    Mountain Goats    Transcendental Youth    MERGE
LP    Mournful Congregation    The Incubus Of Karma (2LP)    20 BUCK SPIN
LP    Mr. Bungle    California    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Mumford & Sons    Babel    GLASSNOTE
LP    Mumford & Sons    Sigh No More    GLASSNOTE
LP    Mumford & Sons    Wilder Mind    GLASSNOTE
LP    Muse    Origin Of Symmetry (2LP)    WB MUSIC
LP    My Bloody Valentine    Live in Vancouver July 7th 1992    FANCLUB
LP    My Bloody Valentine    Loveless (2LP/+ 5 bonus tracks)    FANCLUB
LP    My Bloody Valentine    m b v (LP180g+CD)    MBV
LP    My Morning Jacket    Circuital (2LP/180g)    ATO RECORDS
LP    My Morning Jacket    Evil Urges (LP+CD)    ATO
LP    My Morning Jacket    It Still Moves (Dlx Reissue 4LP)    ATO RECORDS
LP    N.E.R.D    No One Ever Really Dies (2LP)    COLUMBIA
LP    N.W.A.    Straight Outta Compton (remaster)    PRIORITY
LP    Naked & Famous    In Rolling Waves    REPUBLIC
LP    Napalm Death    From Enslavement To Obliteration    EARACHE
LP    Napalm Death    Utopia Banished    EARACHE
LP    Nas    Illmatic (import)    COLUMBIA
LP    National    Alligator    BEGGAR'S BANQUET
LP    National    Boxer    BEGGAR'S BANQUET
LP    National    Sad Songs For Dirty Lovers    BRASSLAND
LP    National    Sleep Well Beast (2LP/white vinyl/gatefold/+ download & poster)    4AD
LP    National    Trouble Will Find Me (2LP/180g w/download)    4AD
LP    Neck Deep    Wishful Thinking    HOPELESS
7"    Negative Approach    10 Song 7"ep    TOUCH & GO
LP    Neurosis    Word As Law (Ltd/Clear vinyl)    NEUROT
LP    Neutral Milk Hotel    In The Aeroplane Over The Sea (180g w/download)    MERGE
LP    Neutral Milk Hotel    On Avery Island (180g w/download)    MERGE
LP    New York Dolls    s/t    MERCURY
LP    New York Dolls    s/t (180g)    MERCURY
LP    Newsom, Joanna    Divers (2LP)    DRAG CITY
LP    Newsom, Joanna    Have One On Me (3LP)    DRAG CITY
LP    Newsom, Joanna    Milk-Eyed Mender    DRAG CITY
LP    Nickelback    Silver Side Up    ATLANTIC
LP    Nicks, Stevie    The Wild Heart (remastered)    RHINO
LP    Nilsson, Harry    Nilsson Sings Newman    CONCORD
LP    Nine Inch Nails    Add Violence EP    NOTHING
LP    Nine Inch Nails    Broken (LP + 7" single)    NOTHING
LP    Nine Inch Nails    Hesitation Marks (3LP)    NULL CORPORATION
LP    Nine Inch Nails    Mudstock! (Woodstock 1994) (2LP)    PARACHUTE
LP    Nine Inch Nails    Not the Actual Events    NOTHING
LP    Nine Inch Nails    Pretty Hate Machine (2LP-2010 remaster/bonus track)    NULL CORPORATION
LP    Nine Inch Nails    The Downward Spiral (2LP)    NOTHING
LP    Nine Inch Nails    The Fragile (3LP)    NOTHING
LP    Nine Inch Nails    The Fragile : Deviation 1 (4LP)    NOTHING
LP    Nine Inch Nails With David Bowie    Back In Anger Vol.1 (2LP) The 1995 Radio Transmissions: St. Louis 1995    PARACHUTE
7"    Nirvana    Sliver b/w Dive (7")    SUB POP
LP    Nirvana    Bleach    SUB POP
LP    Nirvana    Bleach (2LP-180g/20th Ann. Ed.)    SUB POP
LP    Nirvana    Feels Like the First Time (2LP/180g/blue vinyl/Ltd)    LET THEM EAT VINYL
LP    Nirvana    Hollywood Rock Festival 1993 (2LP)    BAUHAUS
LP    Nirvana    In Utero (2013 remix 2LP - S. Albini)    GEFFEN
LP    Nirvana    In Utero (20th Ann. Dlx 3LP)    GEFFEN
LP    Nirvana    Nevermind (180g w/download)    GEFFEN
LP    Nirvana    Nirvana Greatest Hits (2LP/180g/45rpm w/download)    GEFFEN
LP       Nirvana    MTV Unplugged In New York (180g)    GEFFEN
LP    Nitty Gritty Dirt Band    Twenty Years Of Dirt: Best Of    WARNER
LP    No Age    Snares Like A Haircut    DRAG CITY
LP    No Doubt    Tragic Kingdom    UNIVERSAL
LP    No Use For A Name    The Feel Good Record Of The Year (w/bonus CD)    FAT WRECK
7"    NOFX    Liza & Louise    FAT WRECK
LP    NOFX    22 Songs    FAT WRECK
LP    NOFX    First Ditch Effort    FAT WRECK
LP    NOFX    Frisbee    FAT WRECK
LP    NOFX    I Heard They Suck Live    FAT WRECK
LP    NOFX    Longest Line (EP)    FAT WRECK
LP    NOFX    Maximum Rock N Roll    MYSTIC
LP    NOFX    Ribbed    EPITAPH
LP    NOFX    Self Entitled    FAT WRECK
LP    NOFX    The Decline    FAT WRECK
LP    NOFX    They've Actually Gotten Worse Live (2LP)    FAT WRECK
LP    NOFX    War On Errorism    FAT WRECK
LP    NOFX    Wolves In Wolves' Clothing    FAT WRECK
LP    Nofx & Friends    Home Street Home: Original Songs From the (S)hit Musical    FAT WRECK
LP    Northern Pikes    Big Blue Sky (super size 3LP)    UNIVERSAL
12"EP    Notorious B.I.G    Hypnotize (Black & Orange vinyl)    BAD BOY
LP    Notorious B.I.G    Ready To Die (2LP)    WARNER
LP    Numan, Gary    Dance    BEGGARS ARKIVE
LP    Oasis    (What's The Story) Morning Glory ? (Remastered) (2LP)    BIG BROTHER
LP    Oasis    Be Here Now (Remastered 2LP)    BIG BROTHER
LP    Oasis    Masterplan (2LP)    BIG BROTHER
LP    Oathbreaker    Rheia (2LP)    DEATHWISH
LP    Obituary    The End Complete (180g/clear vinyl)    METAL BLADE
LP    Obnox    Niggative Approach    12XU
LP    O'Brien, Conan    Third Man Live 06-10-2010    THIRD MAN
LP    OCS (Thee Oh Sees)    Memory Of A Cut Off Head (2LP)    CASTLE FACE
LP    Of Montreal    Innocence Reaches (2LP/Color/180g/Poster/Gatefold)    POLYVINYL
LP    Of Montreal    Paralytic Stalks (2LP-180g w/download)    POLYVINYL
LP    Offspring    Ignition (remastered)    EPITAPH
LP    Offspring    Ixnay on the Hombre    ROUND HILL
LP    Offspring    Smash (remastered)    EPITAPH
LP    Okkervil River    Away    ATO
LP    Olatunji, Babatunde    Drums Of Passion    MUSIC ON VINYL
12"EP    Old Firm Casuals    2018RSD - Wartime Rock ’N’ Roll (Black vinyl/Silkscreen b-side)    PIRATES PRESS
LP    Old Firm Casuals    For The Love Of It All (2LP/Download)    PIRATES PRESS
LP    Old Man Luedecke    Domestic Eccentric    TRUE NORTH
LP    Oldfield, Mike    Tubular Bells (2LP Half-Speed)    USM
12"EP    Olsen, Angel    Strange Cacti (EP)    BATHETIC
LP    Olsen, Angel    Halfway Home    BATHETIC
LP    Olympic Symphonium    Chance to Fate (180g/Ltd/Clear vinyl)    FORWARD MUSIC GROUP
LP    Om    Conference Of The Birds    HOLY MOUNTAIN
LP    Om    God Is Good    DRAG CITY
LP    Once And Future Band    Brain    CASTLE FACE
LP    Oneohtrix Point Never    Garden of Delete    WARP
LP    Oneohtrix Point Never    Replica    SOFTWARE
LP    Oneohtrix Point Never    Zones Without People    SOFTWARE
LP    Oranssi Pazuzu    Värähtelijä (2LP)    20 BUCK SPIN
LP    Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark    Access All Areas    DEMON
LP    Ought    Room Inside the World (special edition)    ROYAL MOUNTAIN
LP    Our Lady Peace    Clumsy    SONY
LP    P!NK    Beautiful Trauma (2LP)    SONY
12"EP    Pallbearer    Fear & Fury (Ltd/B-Side Etching)    PROFOUND LORE
LP    Pallbearer    Heartless (2LP/Gatefold)    PROFOUND LORE
LP    Pallbearer    Sorrow and Extinction (2LP/colored vinyl/Ltd)    20 BUCK SPIN
LP    Palm    Rock Island    CARPARK
LP    Parks, Tess    Blood Hot (Ltd/Colour vinyl)    OPTIC NERVE
LP    Parliament    Funkentelechy Vs. The Placebo Syndrome    CASABLANCA
LP    Parliament    Greatest Hits    CASABLANCA
LP    Parliament    Mothership Connection    CASABLANCA
LP    Parliament    Mothership Connection (180g)    CASABLANCA
LP    Parliament    Motor-Booty Affair    CASABLANCA
LP    Parliament    The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (180g)    CASABLANCA
LP    Parliament    Trombipulation    CASABLANCA
LP    Parquet Courts    Human Performance    ROUGH TRADE
LP    Parquet Courts    Live at Third Man Records    THIRD MAN
LP    Parquet Courts (aka Parkay Quarts)    Content Nausea    WHAT'S YOUR RUPTURE?
LP    Parsons, Alan Project    I Robot    SONY
LP    Part, Arvo    Fur Alina    MISSISSIPPI
LP    Partch, Harry    And On The Seventh Day Petals Fell In Petaluma (180g/Bonus Tracks/Download)    NEW WORLD RECORDS
LP    Pastorius, Jaco    Invitation    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Patton, Charley    Complete Recorded Works In Chronological Order, Vol. 1 (180g)    THIRD MAN/DOCUMENT
LP    Pavement    Slanted and Enchanted (120g)    MATADOR
LP    Pearl Jam    Aladdin, Las Vegas 1993 (2LP/180g/import)    LET THEM EAT VINYL
LP    Pearl Jam    Lightning Bolt    MONKEYWRENCH
LP    Pearl Jam    Ten    EPIC
LP    Pearl Jam    Vitalogy (2LP/remastered)    EPIC
LP    Pearl Jam    vs. (Expanded Edition)    EPIC
LP    Pelgag, Klo    Alchimie des monstres    ABUZIVE MUZIK
LP    Pelgag, Klo    L'etoile thoracique (2LP/180g/gatefold)    COYOTE
LP    Pennywise    About Time    EPITAPH
LP    Pennywise    Full Circle    EPITAPH
LP    Pennywise    Land Of The Free    EPITAPH
LP    Pennywise    Unknown Road    EPITAPH
LP    Perturbator    The Uncanny Valley (2LP)    BLOOD MUSIC
LP    Pestilence    Hadeon (exclusive grey vinyl/Ltd)    HAMMERHEART
LP    Pestilence    Malleus Maleficarum (180g HQ vinyl)    HAMMERHEART
LP    Pestilence    Spheres    HAMMERHEART
LP    Pet Shop Boys    Actually (2018 remastered)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Pet Shop Boys    Introspective (2018 remastered)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Pet Shop Boys    Please (2018 remastered)    PARLOPHONE
LP    Peterson, Oscar    Night Train (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Petty, Tom    Facing the Crowd (2LP/140g/Ltd)    PARACHUTE
LP    Petty, Tom    Greatest Hits (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Petty, Tom    Highway Companion (2LP)    WB MUSIC
LP    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers    Into the Great Wide Open    GEFFEN
LP    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers    RHINO
LP    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers    Torpedoes in Texas - Houston 1979 (2LP/140g/Ltd)    PARACHUTE
LP    Phantogram    Three    REPUBLIC
LP    Pharcyde    Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde (2LP)    CONCORD
LP    Phish    Fuego (2LP)    ATO
LP    Phish    Hoist (2LP)    JEMP
LP    Phish    Party Time (2LP)    JEMP
LP    Phoenix    Bankrupt!    GLASSNOTE
LP    Phoenix    Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix    GLASSNOTE
LP    Pianos Become The Teeth    Wait For Love    EPITAPH
LP    Pianos Become The Teeth    Wait For Love (colour vinyl/indie-shop only)    EPITAPH
7"    Pill    Afraid Of the Mirror - live at Third Man    THIRD MAN
LP    Pinhas, Richard    Rhizosphere    BUREAU B
LP    Pink Floyd    A Momentary Lapse Of Reason    PINK FLOYD RECORDS
LP    Pink Floyd    A Saucerful of Secrets (180g/2016 remaster)    PINK FLOYD RECORDS
LP    Pink Floyd    Animals    PINK FLOYD RECORDS
LP    Pink Floyd    Dark Side Of The Moon    PINK FLOYD RECORDS
LP    Pink Floyd    Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Live) 2LP    PINK FLOYD RECORDS
LP    Pink Floyd    Meddle (2016 version)    PINK FLOYD RECORDS
LP    Pink Floyd    The Division Bell (2LP)    PINK FLOYD RECORDS
LP    Pink Floyd    Wish You Were Here    PINK FLOYD RECORDS
LP    Pixies    Bossanova (180g)    4AD
LP    Pixies    Come On Pilgrim    4AD
LP    Pixies    Doolittle    4AD
LP    Pixies    Surfer Rosa    4AD
LP    Pixies    Trompe Le Monde (180g)    4AD
LP    Pixies    Wave of Mutilation: Best of Pixies (2LP)    4AD
LP    Plan B: Joe McPhee /J. Keepnews /D. Berger    From Outer Space (Incl. Download)    ROARATORIO
LP    Plant, Robert & Alison Krauss    Raising Sand (2LP)    ROUNDER
LP    Plasmatics    New Hope for the Wretched (2LP/180g/splatter vinyl/Ltd)    LET THEM EAT VINYL
LP    Pogues    Rum, Sodomy & The Lash    RHINO
LP    Pointed Sticks    Perfect Youth    SUDDEN DEATH
LP    Polvo    Exploding Drawing (2LP)    TOUCH & GO
LP    Pop, Iggy    Iggy & Ziggy - Cleveland '77    CLEOPATRA
LP    Pop, Iggy    Lust for Life    UNIVERSAL
LP    Pop, Iggy    Post Pop Depression    LOMA VISTA
LP    Pop, Iggy    The Idiot    UNIVERSAL
LP    Porcupine Tree    Signify (2LP)    KSCOPE
LP    Portishead    Dummy (180g/gatefold)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Portishead    Roseland NYC Live (2LP/180g)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP       Portishead    Dummy (180g/import)    POLYDOR
LP    Portugal. The Man    Waiter: You Vultures !    FEARLESS
LP    Post Malone    Stoney    UNIVERSAL
LP    Power Trip    Nightmare Logic    SOUTHERN LORD
7"    Pre Nup    s/t    DEBT OFFENSIVE
LP    Presley, Elvis    Elvis Presley - first album (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Presley, Elvis    Elvis Presley - first album (picture disc)    DOL
LP    Presley, Elvis    It's Now Or Never    DOM DISQUES
LP    Presley, Elvis    Jailhouse Rock    DOM DISQUES
LP    Presley, Elvis    Shake Rattle and Roll    DOM DISQUES
LP    Presley, Elvis    Teddy Bear    DOM DISQUES
LP    Presley, Elvis    Turri Frutti    DOM DISQUES
LP    Previn, Andre    Orff: Carmina Burana    HIQ
LP    Price, Margo    All American Made    THIRD MAN
LP    Price, Sean    Imperius Rex (2LP/marble grey vinyl)    DUCK DOWN
LP    Price, Sean    Mic Tyson (2LP)    CIRCLE SOUND
LP    Primal Rite    Dirge Of Escapism (Red vinyl/Download)    REVELATION
LP    Primus    Frizzle Fry    RED INK
LP    Primus    Live At Winston Farm Saugerties NY 8/13/94    DOL
LP    Primus    Live In California Palo Alto 5/3/89 & Universal City 12/12/93    DOL
LP    Primus    Primus & The Chocolate Factory    ATO
LP    Prince    Around The World In A Day    WARNER BROS.
LP    Prince    Purple Rain (180g/2017 remaster)    WB MUSIC
LP    Prine, John    Diamond In The Rough    ATLANTIC
LP    Prism Tats    Mamba    ANTI
LP    Pritchard, Mark    The Four Worlds    WARP
LP    Prix    Historix (Big Star 70s side project!!)    HOZAC
LP    Promise Ring    30 Degreees Everywhere (clear vinyl indie shop version)    JADE TREE
LP    Promise Ring    30 Degrees Everywhere    JADE TREE
LP    Propagandhi    Less Talk, More Rock    FAT WRECK
LP    Propagandhi    Potemkin City    FAT WRECK
LP    Propagandhi    Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes    FAT WRECK
LP    Propagandhi    Victory Lap    EPITAPH
LP    Prophets Of Rage    Prophets of Rage    FANTASY
LP    Prophets Of Rage    The Party's Over (180g opaque red)    CAROLINE
LP    Psychic TV    Fishscales Falling: A Smorgasbord ov delights: mixtape 2    SWEET NOTHING
LP    Public Enemy    Fear of a Black Planet    UNIVERSAL
LP    Public Enemy    It Takes a Nation of Millions..(2LP-3Dcover)    DEF JAM
LP    Public Image Limited    This Is PiL (2LP)    PIL OFFICIAL
LP    Pulley    60 Cycle Hum    EPITAPH
LP    Pup    Pup    ROYAL MOUNTAIN
LP    Puscifer    Money Shot    PUSCIFER ENTERTAINMENT
LP    Queen    Game    HOLLYWOOD
LP    Queen    Greatest Hits (2LP)    HOLLYWOOD
LP    Queen    Greatest Hits II (2LP)    HOLLYWOOD
LP    Queen    Live At The Rainbow '74 (2LP)    HOLLYWOOD
LP    Queens Of The Stone Age    Lullabies To Paralyze (2LP-180g)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Queens Of The Stone Age    Rated R (import)    INTERSCOPE
LP    Queens Of The Stone Age     Villains (2LP w/download /etching on Side 4)    MATADOR
LP    Quicksand    Interiors    EPITAPH
LP    R.E.M.    Murmur (180g)    IRS
LP    R.E.M.    Out of Time (25th anniversary)    CONCORD
LP    Race, Hugo & The True Spirit    Spiritual Thirst    BANG!
LP    Rachel's    Systems/Layers (2LP)    QUARTERSTICK
LP    Raconteurs    Broken Boy Soldiers (180g)    THIRD MAN
LP    Radiohead    A Moon Shaped Pool (2LP)    XL
LP    Radiohead    Amnesiac (2LP/180g)    XL
LP    Radiohead    I Might Be Wrong (180g)    XL
LP    Radiohead    Kid A (2LP/180g)    XL
LP    Radiohead    OK Computer (2LP)    XL
LP    Radiohead    Other Colors - BBC    FANCLUB
LP    Radiohead    The King of Limbs    XL
LP    Rage Against The Machine    End of the Party (2LP/Ltd)    PARACHUTE
LP    Raincoats    Odyshape (180g)    WE THREE
LP    Raincoats    The Raincoats (180g/coloured vinyl)    WE THREE
LP    Ram Jam    Ram Jam    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Ramones    It's Alive (2LP 180g)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Ramones    Leave Home (remastered)    RHINO
LP    Ramones    Road To Ruin (180g)    RHINO U.K.
LP    Rancid    And Out Come the Wolves (2015 remaster)    EPITAPH
LP    Rancid    Indestructible (2LP)    EPITAPH
LP    Rancid    Let The Dominoes Fall (2LP)    EPITAPH
LP    Rancid    Life Won't Wait    EPITAPH
LP    Rancid    Trouble Maker    EPITAPH
LP    Rapeman    2 Nuns & A Pack Mule    TOUCH & GO
LP    Ratatat    Magnifique    XL
LP    Rateliff, Nathaniel & The Night Sweats    A Little Something More From    STAX
LP    Rateliff, Nathaniel & The Night Sweats    Live at Red Rock (2LP)    STAX
LP    Rateliff, Nathaniel & The Night Sweats    s/t    STAX
LP    Rateliff, Nathaniel & The Night Sweats    Tearing at the Seams    STAX
LP    Rateliff, Nathaniel & The Night Sweats    Tearing at the Seams (dlx)    STAX
LP    Red Fang    Only Ghosts    RELAPSE
LP    Red Hot Chili Peppers    By The Way    WARNER
LP    Red Hot Chili Peppers    Mother's Milk (180g)    CAPITOL
LP    Red Hot Chili Peppers    Uplift Mofo Party Plan (180g)    CAPITOL
LP    Redd Kross    Hot Issue - Rarities 1981-2007 (Grey/150g/Ltd)    BANG!
LP    Redding, Otis    Live At the Whiskey a Go Go (2LP)    STAX
LP    Redding, Otis    Live In Europe (50th Ann Mono)    ATLANTIC
LP    Redding, Otis    Lonely & Blue: Deepest Soul Of    STAX
LP    Redding, Otis    The Dock Of The Bay (mono - 180g)    ATLANTIC
LP    Redding, Otis    The Soul Album (180g)    STAX
LP    Reed, Lou    Transformer (remastered)    LEGACY
LP    Refused    The Shape of Punk to Come (2LP+DVD+CD/poster)    EPITAPH
LP    Reinhardt, Django    The Legendary Django (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Remo Drive    Greatest Hits    EPITAPH
LP    Rhye    Blood    LAST GANG
LP    Richman, Jonathan & The Modern Lovers    s/t (180g audiophile vinyl)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Rik L Rik    The Lost Album (180g)    RADIATION
LP    Rise Against    RPM10 (Revolutions Per Minute Dlx Re-issue)    FAT WRECK
LP    Rise Against    The Unraveling (incl. download)    FAT WRECK
LP    Rise Against    Wolves    CAPITOL
LP    Roach, Steve    Dreamtime Return (2LP/Gatefold)    TELEPHONE EXPLOSION
LP    Roberts, Alasdair/Amble Skuse/David McGuinness    What News    DRAG CITY
LP    Rodriguez    Coming From Reality (180g/Dlx package/die-cut sleeve)    LIGHT IN THE ATTIC
LP    Rogie, S.E.    The Sounds of SE Rogie    MISSISSIPPI
LP    Rolling Stones    12 x 5    ABKCO
LP    Rolling Stones    Beggars Banquet (180g)    ABKCO
LP    Rolling Stones    Exile On Main Street (2LP)    POLYDOR
LP    Rolling Stones    Hawaii - the classic broadcast 1966    CODA
LP    Rolling Stones    Hot Rocks 1964-1971 (2LP - 180g)    ABKCO
LP    Rolling Stones    On Air (2LP)    POLYDOR
LP    Rolling Stones    Some Girls    UNIVERSAL
LP    Rolling Stones    Sticky Fingers (180g)    POLYDOR
LP    Rolling Stones    The British Broadcasting Collection    CODA
LP    Rollins, Sonny    Bridge (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Rollins, Sonny    Saxophone Colossus (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Rollins, Sonny    What's New?    DOL
LP    Roots    Game Theory (2LP)    DEF JAM
LP    Roots    Illadelph Halflife    UNIVERSAL
LP    Rosenstock, Jeff    We Cool?    SIDE1/DUMMY
LP    Rosenstock, Jeff    Worry    SIDE1/DUMMY
LP    Roxy Music    Avalon    VIRGIN
LP    Rubs, The    Impossible Dream (Ltd/Download)    HOZAC
LP    Run D.M.C.    Raising Hell    LEGACY
LP    Run The Jewels    Run The Jewels    MASS APPEAL
LP    Run The Jewels    Run The Jewels 3 (2LP)    RUN THE JEWELS
LP    Run The Jewels     Run The Jewels, Vol. 2 (2LP)    MASS APPEAL
LP    RUNAWAYS    Live At Agora Ballroom 7/19/76    DOL
LP    Rural Alberta Advantage    The Wild    PAPER BAG
LP    Rush    Agora Ballroom, Cleveland Ohio May 1975 (pic disc)    ROX VOX
LP    Rush    Farewell to Kings 40th Anniversary (4LP deluxe)    OLE
LP    Rush    Feedback    ANTHEM
LP    Rush    Moving Pictures: Live 2011    ANTHEM
LP    Rush    Permanent Waves    ANTHEM
LP    Rush    Spirit of the Airwaves (2LP/180g/Ltd)    ROCK CLASSICS
LP    Rush    The Lady Gone Electric (2LP/180g/white vinyl/Ltd)    ROCK CLASSICS
LP    Rush    Timeless Wavelength (2LP/140g/gatefold)    INVISIBLE HANDS
LP    Rush, Otis    Cobra    RUMBLE
LP    Sacred Reich    Ignorance - 30th Anniversary Edition (import)    METAL BLADE
LP    Sacrilege    Within the Prophecy    HAMMERHEART
LP    Sade    Best Of (2LP)    EPIC
LP    Sadies    Northern Passages    DINE ALONE
LP    Said The Whale    As Long As Your Eyes Are Wide    HIDDEN PONY
12"EP    Saint Vitus    The Walking Dead    SST
LP    Saint Vitus    Saint Vitus    SST
LP    Saint Vitus    Thirsty & Miserable (EP)    SST
LP    Sainte-Marie, Buffy    Medicine Songs    TRUE NORTH
LP    Saints    (I'm) Stranded    4 MEN WITH BEARDS
LP    Sakamoto, Ryuichi    async (2LP)    MILAN
LP    Sakamoto, Ryuichi    Async Remodels (2LP)    MILAN
LP    Sampha    Process    YOUNG TURKS
LP    Sanders, Pharoah    Jewels Of Thought    ANTHOLOGY RECORDINGS
LP    Sanders, Pharoah    Summun Bukmun Umyun (Deaf Dumb Blind)    ANTHOLOGY RECORDINGS
LP    Sanders, Pharoah    Tauhid    ANTHOLOGY RECORDINGS
LP    Satan's Pilgrims    Creature Feature (Ltd/Green Ooze Colored Vinyl)    JACKPOT
LP    Saves The Day    Through Being Cool    EQUAL VISION
LP    Schulze, Klaus    Timewind (180g/remastered/import)    BRAIN
LP    Scientists    A Place Called Bad (2LP)    NUMERO
LP    Scorpions    Love at First Sting    ISLAND
LP    Scott-Heron, Gil    Pieces of a Man (180g/gatefold)    BGP
LP    Scott-Heron, Gil    The Revolution Will Not Be Televised    RCA
LP    Scream    Still Screaming    DISCHORD DIRECT
LP    Screeching Weasel    Wiggle (Gatefold/Import)    KINGS ROAD
LP    Seasick Steve    Hubcap Music    THIRD MAN
LP    Seasick Steve    I Started Out With Nothing and I Still Got Most Of It Left    RHINO U.K.
LP    Seasick Steve    Sonic Soul Surfer (2LP)    CAROLINE
LP    Seeger, Pete    Traditional Christmas Carols    SMITHSONIAN
LP    Segall, Ty    Emotional Mugger    DRAG CITY
LP    Segall, Ty    Freedom's Goblin    DRAG CITY
LP    Segall, Ty    Goodbye Bread    DRAG CITY
LP    Segall, Ty    Manipulator (2LP)    DRAG CITY
LP    Segall, Ty    Melted    GONER
LP    Segall, Ty    s/t    CASTLE FACE
LP    Segall, Ty    Slaughterhouse (2x12" +Bonus Track)    IN THE RED
LP    Segall, Ty    Sleeper    DRAG CITY
LP    Segall, Ty    Ty Rex (w/download)    GONER
LP    Segall, Ty & Mikal Cronin    Reverse Shark Attack    IN THE RED
LP    Segall, Ty & White Fence    Hair    DRAG CITY
LP    Seger, Bob    Greatest Hits (2LP 180g)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Sensations Fix    Fragments Of Light    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Severed Heads    Come Visit The Big Bigot (2LP/Gatefold)    DARK ENTRIES
7"    Sex Pistols    Anarchy in the UK - UK & US Singles (5x7in)    WARNER
LP    Sex Pistols    Never Mind The Bollocks (180g)    RHINO
LP    Sex Pistols    Never Mind The Bollocks (import/yellow cover)    UNIVERSAL EUROPE
LP    Shabazz Palaces    Live At Third Man Records    THIRD MAN
LP    Shakey Graves    And The War Came    SIX SHOOTER
LP    Shane, Jackie    Any Other Way (2LP)    NUMERO
LP    Shankar, Ravi    Improvisations    DOL
LP    Shark Toys    Labyrinths    IN THE RED
LP    Shauf, Andy    Party    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Shauf, Andy    The Bearer Of Bad News    TENDER LOVING EMPIRE
LP    She And Him    Volume 3    MERGE
LP    She And Him    Volume One (180g)    MERGE
LP    Sheepdogs, The    Five Easy Pieces    ATLANTIC
LP    Sheer Mag    Need To Feel Your Love    WILSUNS RC
LP    Sheeran, Ed    + (orange coloured vinyl)    ELEKTRA
LP    Sheeran, Ed    ÷ (Divide) (2LP)    EAST WEST
LP    Sheeran, Ed    X (2LP @ 45rpm)    ATLANTIC
LP    Shellac    1000 Hurts    TOUCH & GO
LP    Shellac    At Action Park    TOUCH & GO
LP    Shellac    Dude Incredible (LP&CD)    TOUCH & GO
LP    Shellac    Excellent Italian Greyhound    TOUCH & GO
LP    Shellac    Terraform (DMM pressing w/download)    TOUCH & GO
LP    Shins    Live at Third Man Records 10-8-2012    THIRD MAN
LP    Shins    Worm's Heart    COLUMBIA
LP    Shirt    Pure Beauty (180g)    THIRD MAN
LP    Shorter, Wayne    Speak No Evil    BLUE NOTE
LP    Shovels & Rope    Little Seeds (2LP colour vinyl)    NEW WEST
LP    Sick Of It All    Call To Arms    FAT WRECK
LP    Side By Side    You're Only Young Once (Ltd/Colour vinyl/Download)    REVELATION
LP    Sigur Ros    Agaetis Byrjun (2LP/150g vinyl w/download)    XL
LP    Sigur Ros    Valtari (2LP w/download)    XL
LP    Silver Apples    Contact (Ltd/Colour Vinyl)    JACKPOT
LP    Silver Jews    Bright Flight    DRAG CITY
LP    Silver Jews    Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea    DRAG CITY
LP    Silver Jews    Natural Bridge    DRAG CITY
LP    Simmons, Sonny & Moksha Samnyasin    Nomadic    SVART
LP    Simon & Garfunkel    Bookends    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Simon, Paul    Graceland (25th Ann. Ed./Vinyl)    SONY
LP    Simon, Paul    Paul Simon (180g)    LEGACY
LP    Simone, Nina    At Town Hall (180g/+ 2 bonus tracks)    VINYL PASSION
LP    Simone, Nina    Colpix Singles (mono remastered)    RHINO
LP    Simone, Nina    I Put A Spell On You    UNIVERSAL
LP    Simone, Nina    It Is Finished    RCA
LP    Simone, Nina    It Is Finished (180g)    RCA
LP    Simone, Nina    Little Girl Blue (die cut/green vinyl)    DOL
LP    Simone, Nina    Little Girl Blue (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Simone, Nina    Little Girl Blue (Jazz as Played in an Exclusive Side Street Club)    BETHLEHEM
LP    Simone, Nina    The Amazing Nina Simone (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Simone, Nina    The Amazing Nina Simone (pic disc)    DOL
LP    Simple Minds    Vinyl Collection 1979-1985 (7LP)    VIRGIN
LP    Simpson, Sturgill    Metamodern Sounds In Country Music    THIRTY TIGERS
LP    Sinatra, Frank    Come Fly With Me (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Sinatra, Frank    In the Wee Small Hours    UNIVERSAL
LP    Sinatra, Frank    In the Wee Small Hours (die cut/green vinyl)    DOL
LP    Sinatra, Frank    Only The Lonely    DOL
LP    Slackers    Red Light (20th Ann. Ed./180g w/download)    PIRATES PRESS
LP    Sleaford Mods    Chubbed Up    IPECAC
LP    Sleep    Dopesmoker    SOUTHERN LORD
LP    Sleep    Holy Mountain (Ltd/Purple)    EARACHE
LP    Sleep    Sleep (Volume One)    TUPELO
LP    Slint    Spiderland    TOUCH & GO
LP    Slint    Spiderland (180g/DVD/12page booklet - remastered)    TOUCH & GO
LP    Slipknot    .5. The Gray Chapter (2LP - clear vinyl indie only)    ROADRUNNER
LP    Slits    Return of the Giant Slits (Ltd Fluorescent Yellow Vinyl)    REAL GONE MUSIC USA
LP    Slowdive    s/t (2017) import    DEAD OCEANS
LP    Sly & The Family Stone    Greatest Hits (1970)    LEGACY
LP    Sly, Tony    12 Song Program (incl. download)    FAT WRECK
LP    Smashing Pumpkins    Gish (Remastered 180g Ed.)    EMI
LP    Smith, Elliott    Figure 8 (2LP)    GEFFEN
LP    Smith, Patti    Horses (180g)    LEGACY
LP    Smith, Sam     In the Lonely Hour - Drowning Shadows Edition (2LP)    CAPITOL
LP    Smiths    Hatful of Hollow    WARNER
LP    Smog    A River Ain't Too Much To Love    DRAG CITY
LP    Smog    Dongs Of Sevotion    DRAG CITY
LP    Smog    Julius Caesar    DRAG CITY
LP    Smog    Knock Knock    DRAG CITY
LP    SNFU    Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You    CRUZAR
LP    Snoop Dogg    The Last Meal (2LP)    PRIORITY
LP    Soccer Mommy    Collection    FAT POSSUM
LP    Social Distortion    Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes (2LP+CD)    EPITAPH
LP    Social Distortion    Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell (180g)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Social Distortion     White Light White Heat White Trash    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Solange    A Seat at the Table (2LP)    COLUMBIA
LP    Sonic Youth    Bad Moon Rising    GOOFIN'
LP    Sonic Youth    Confusion Is Sex (w/download)    GOOFIN'
LP    Sonic Youth    Daydream Nation (4LP)    GOOFIN'
LP    Sonic Youth    Dirty (2LP)    GEFFEN
LP    Sonic Youth    Dirty (4LP box)    GOOFIN'
LP    Sonic Youth    Evol    GOOFIN'
LP    Sonic Youth    Goo    GEFFEN
LP    Sonic Youth    Goo (4LP box)    GOOFIN'
LP    Sonic Youth    s/t (2LP)    GOOFIN'
LP    Sonic Youth    Sonic Nurse (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Sonic Youth    Spinhead Sessions (1986) (w/download)    GOOFIN'
LP    Sonic Youth    Washing Machine (2LP)    GEFFEN
LP    Sonics    Boom    NORTON
LP    Soumaoro, Idrissa    Ampsa    MISSISSIPPI
LP    Sound    Jeopardy    1972
LP    Soundgarden    Badmotorfinger    A&M
LP    Soundgarden    Superunknown (2LP/200g/gatefold)    UNIVERSAL
10"    soundtrack    Guardians Inferno b/w Dad (from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2)    WALT DISNEY
LP    soundtrack    A History Of Violence (Howard Shore score)    SILVA SCREEN
LP    soundtrack    American Epic: the Sessions (3LP) new recordings/current artists    THIRD MAN
LP    soundtrack    American Graffiti (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    soundtrack    Blacula (red vinyl)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    soundtrack    Blade Runner 2049 (2LP - Hans Zimmer/Benjamin Wallfisch score)    EPIC
LP    soundtrack    Conan the Barbarian    GEFFEN
LP    soundtrack    Forrest Gump (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    soundtrack    Guardians Of The Galaxy (2LP Dlx)    HOLLYWOOD
LP    soundtrack    Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 (Dlx)    WALT DISNEY
LP    soundtrack    It Follows (Disasterpeace score)    MILAN
LP    soundtrack    Jackie Brown: Quentin Tarantino (180g Yellow Vinyl)    RHINO
LP    soundtrack    Juno    RHINO
LP    soundtrack    Lady Bird (Jon Brion score)    FIRE
LP    soundtrack    Lady Bird (Jon Brion score) indie shop version    FIRE
LP    soundtrack    Moana    WALT DISNEY
LP    soundtrack    Molly's Game (coloured vinyl/Daniel Pemberton score)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    soundtrack    Moonlight (Nicholas Britell)    LAKESHORE
LP    soundtrack    Natural Born Killers (2LP)    INTERSCOPE
LP    soundtrack    Phantom Of the Opera (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    soundtrack    Reservoir Dogs    GEFFEN
LP    soundtrack    Reservoir Dogs (red & clear mixed vinyl) 25th Anniversary Ed.    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    soundtrack    Singles (2LP+CD) 25th anniversary/remaster    LEGACY
LP    soundtrack    Some Like It Hot (Marilyn Monroe)    DOL
LP    soundtrack    Star Wars : The Last Jedi    WALT DISNEY
LP    soundtrack    Stranger Things 2 (blue with black smoke vinyl)    LAKESHORE
LP    soundtrack    T2 Trainspotting (2LP)    POLYDOR
LP    soundtrack    The Big Lebowski    UNIVERSAL
LP    soundtrack    The Post (coloured vinyl/John Williams score)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    soundtrack    The Witch (Mark Korven score)    MILAN
LP    soundtrack    Twin Peaks - Music From (red & black splatter 2LP)    RHINO
LP    soundtrack    Twin Peaks - Score (neon green 2LP)    RHINO
LP    soundtrack    Vertigo (Bernard Herrmann score) coloured vinyl    DOL
LP       soundtrack    Pulp Fiction    MCA
LP    Spacemen 3    Dreamweapon (2LP)    SPACE AGE RECORDINGS
LP    Spacemen 3    Dreamweapon (2LP/Download)    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Spacemen 3    Playing With Fire    SPACE AGE RECORDINGS
LP    Spacemen 3    The Perfect Prescription (180g)    FIRE
LP    Spectrum    Forever Alien (2LP/Gatefold)    1972
LP    Spencer, Jon/Blues Explosion    Extra Width    SHOVE
LP    Spencer, Jon/Blues Explosion    Now I Got Worry    SHOVE
LP    Spoon    A Series Of Sneaks (180g)    MERGE
LP    Spoon    Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (180g)    MERGE
LP    Spoon    Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (2LP includes "Get Nice" EP) 2017 remaster    MERGE
LP    Spoon    Gimme Fiction (w/download)    MERGE
LP    Spoon    Girls Can Tell (180g)    MERGE
LP    Spoon    Hot Thoughts    MATADOR
LP    Sportsfan    Extended Plays    SPORTSFAN
LP    Springsteen, Bruce    Darkness on the Edge of Town    COLUMBIA
LP    Springsteen, Bruce    The 1973 Acoustic Radio Sessions (2LP/180g/clear vinyl/Ltd)    LET THEM EAT VINYL
LP    Springsteen, Bruce    The River (2LP)    COLUMBIA
LP    Squarepusher x Z-Machines    Music For Robots    WARP
LP    Squirrel Nut Zippers    Beasts of Burgundy    SOUTHERN BROADCASTING
LP    St. Vincent    Marry Me    BEGGAR'S BANQUET
LP    St. Vincent    St. Vincent    UNIVERSAL
LP    St. Vincent    Strange Mercy (w/download)    4AD
LP    Stapleton, Chris    From a Room Vol. 2    MERCURY
LP    Stapleton, Chris    From a Room, Vol. 1    MERCURY
LP    Stapleton, Chris    Traveller    UNIVERSAL
LP    Star Fucking Hipsters    From The Dumpster To The Grave (w/download)    FAT WRECK
LP    Stark Reality    Discovers Hoagy Carmichael's Music Shop (3LP)    NOW AGAIN
LP    Stars    Set Yourself On Fire    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Status Quo    Collected (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Stevens, Cat    Tea For The Tillerman    A&M
LP    Stevens, Sufjan, Nico Muhly, Bryce Dessner, James    Planetarium (2LP)    4AD
LP    Stewart, Rod    Every Picture Tells A Story    UNIVERSAL
LP    Sting    Ten Summoner's Tales    UNIVERSAL
LP    Stone Roses    s/t    SONY
LP    Stone Temple Pilots    No. 4 (180g)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Stone Temple Pilots    Purple (180g)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    Stone, Angus & Julia    Down The Way    NETTWERK
LP    Stooges    Highlights from the Fun House Sessions (180g Multi-Colour Swirl 2LP)    RUN OUT GROOVE
LP    Stooges    Stooges    RHINO
LP    Stooges    The Stooges (opaque gold-brown vinyl)    RHINO
LP    Strapping Young Lad    City    BLOOD MUSIC
LP    Strokes    Angles    RCA
LP    Strokes    Is This It    RCA VICTOR
LP    Strollers    Tough Hits    LOW IMPACT
LP    Strumbellas    Hope    SIX SHOOTER
LP    Strumbellas    We Still Move On Dance Floors    SIX SHOOTER
LP    Strummer, Joe    Global A Go-Go (2LP)    HELLCAT
LP    Strummer, Joe    Live at Acton (2LP)    HELLCAT
LP    Strummer, Joe    Rock Art And The X-Ray Style (2012 remaster 2LP)    HELLCAT
LP    Strung Out    Suburban Teenage Wasteland Blues (2014 remaster)    FAT WRECK
LP    Subhumans    Death Was Too Kind    ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES
LP    Sublime    40 oz. To Freedom (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Sublime    Second-Hand Smoke (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Sublime    Sublime (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Suede    Dog Man Star (2LP)    DEMON
LP    Sugar    Copper Blue/Beaster (2LP)    MERGE
LP    Suicidal Tendencies    Get Your Fight on !    SUICIDAL
LP    Suicidal Tendencies    Suicidal Tendencies    FRONTIER
LP    Suicide    First Rehearsal Tapes    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Suicide    Ghost Riders    ROIR
LP    Suicide    Half Alive    ROIR
LP    Suicide    s/t    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Sun Ra    Medicine for a Nightmare    DOL
LP    Sun Ra    Outer Spaceways Incorporated    ORG MUSIC
LP    Sun Ra    The Solar-Myth Approach (Vol. 2) Ltd Ed. Colored Vinyl    BYG ACTUEL
LP    Sun Ra & His Arkestra    Featuring Pharoah Sanders And Black Harold    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Sun Ra All-Stars    Live In Berlin 10/29/83    DOL
LP    Sunny Day Real Estate    The Rising Tide (2LP)    CONCORD
LP    Superchunk    Come Pick Me Up (180g/remastered 2015)    MERGE
LP    Superchunk    Indoor Living (2014 remaster 180g)    MERGE
LP    Superchunk    On The Mouth (180g w/download)    MERGE
LP    Superchunk    What A Time To Be Alive    MERGE
7"    Supercrush    I Don’t Want to be Sad Anymore    DEBT OFFENSIVE
7"    Supercrush    I’ve Been Around    DEBT OFFENSIVE
LP    Supertramp    Crime Of The Century - 40th Anniversary Edition (180g/mastered for vinyl)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Supremes    Meet the Supremes (gatefold)    DOL
12"EP    Survive    MF064 (Ltd/Silkscreen w/download)    MONOFONUS PRESS
LP    Suuns    Felt    SECRET CITY
LP    Suuns    Images Du Futur    SECRET CITY
LP    Swann, Bettye    The Money Masters    KENT
LP    Swans    The Glowing Man (3LP)    YOUNG GOD
LP    Swift, Taylor    1989    BIG MACHINE RECORDS
LP    Swift, Taylor    RED (2LP)    BIG MACHINE RECORDS
LP    Swift, Taylor    Reputation (2LP/picture disc)    BIG MACHINE RECORDS
LP    Swingin' Utters    Poorly Formed    FAT WRECK
LP    Sword    Gods Of The Earth (LP w/download)    KEMADO
LP    Sword    Used Future    RAZOR & TIE
LP    Sword    Warp Riders    KEMADO
LP    Symarip    Skinhead Moonstomp    SUNSPOT
LP    Sza    Ctrl (2LP)    SONY
LP    T. Rex    Dandy In The Underworld    DEMON
LP    T. Rex    Electric Warrior (180g)    RHINO
LP    T. Rex    T. Rex (remastered 2016)    RHINO
LP    T. Rex    Tanx    DEMON
LP    T. Rex    The Slider (HQ audiophile vinyl w/download)    DEMON
LP    Tagaq, Tanya    Retribution    SIX SHOOTER
LP    Talk Talk    Laughing Stock    POLYDOR
LP    Talking Heads    Speaking In Tongues (180g)    SIRE
LP    Tame Impala    Innerspeaker (2LP)    MODULAR
LP    Tame Impala    Live Versions (import)    IMPORT
LP    Tankard    Hymns for the Drunk (2LP clear red vinyl)    AFM
LP    Tears For Fears    Songs From The Big Chair    UNIVERSAL
LP    Tedeschi Trucks Band    Let Me Get By (2LP)    FANTASY
LP    Tedeschi Trucks Band    Live From The Fox Oakland (3LP)    CONCORD
LP    Teenage Bottlerocket    They Came From The Shadows    FAT WRECK
LP    Teenage Fanclub    Grand Prix    PLAIN RECORDINGS
LP    Teenage Fanclub    Man-Made (re-issue 180g)    MERGE
LP    Teenage Fanclub    Shadows (re-issue 180g)    MERGE
LP    Teenage Wrist    Chrome Neon Jesus    EPITAPH
LP    Teengirl Fantasy    8am    PLANET MU
LP    Television    Marquee Moon (180g/HQ vinyl)    RHINO
LP    Television Personalities    They Could Have Been Bigger Than the Beatles    FIRE
LP    Terauchi, Takeshi    Nippon Guitars    BIG BEAT
LP    Terrorizer    World Downfall    EARACHE
LP    Testament    Demonic    NUCLEAR BLAST
LP    Testament    First Strike Still Deadly (w/7in)    NUCLEAR BLAST
LP    Testament    The Legacy (green vinyl)    WARNER
LP    Texas Gentlemen    TX Jelly    NEW WEST
LP    Texas Is The Reason    Do You Know Who You Are?:(2LP/Color/DL) Complete Collection    REVELATION
LP    Tharpe, Sister Rosetta    Live In 1960 (indie shop version)    ORG MUSIC
LP    Thee Oh Sees    Floating Coffin    CASTLE FACE
LP    Thee Oh Sees    Help    IN THE RED
LP    Thee Oh Sees    Mutilator Defeated at Last    CASTLE FACE
LP    Them    The Angry Young Them    LEGACY
LP    Them Crooked Vultures    s/t (2LP)    INTERSCOPE
LP    Thievery Corporation    Temple of I & I (2LP)    ESL
LP    Thin Lizzy    Chinatown    UMC
LP    Third Eye Blind    Third Eye Blind (2LP/180g audiophile vinyl pressing)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    This Kind Of Punishment    s/t    SUPERIOR VIADUCT
LP    Thomas, Irma    Sings - The New Orleans Series    BANDY
LP    Thompson Twins    Here's to Future Days (180g/purple vinyl)    VINYL 180
LP    Thor & Friends    The Subversive Nature Of Kindness    LM DUPLI-CATION
LP    Thorn, Tracey    Record    MERGE
LP    Thorn, Tracey    Record (gatefold/colour vinyl indie shop version)    MERGE
LP    Throbbing Gristle    20 Jazz Funk Greats (colour vinyl)    MUTE
LP    Throbbing Gristle    The Second Annual Report (colour vinyl)    MUTE
LP    Thunders, Johnny & Heartbreakers    L.A.M.F.: The Lost '77 Mixes - 40th Anniversary (Remastered/Gatefold)    JUNGLE
LP    Thursday    Common Existence (2LP w/download)    EPITAPH
LP    Timber Timbre    Creep On Creepin' On    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Timber Timbre    Hot Dreams    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Timber Timbre    Sincerely, Future Pollution    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Timber Timbre    Timber Timbre    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Timberlake, Justin    Man of the Woods (2LP)    RCA
7"    Time Unlimited    Africa, We Are Going Home    PRESSURE SOUNDS
LP    Titus Andronicus    A Productive Cough    MERGE
LP    Titus Andronicus    A Productive Cough (colour vinyl + 7" indie shop version)    MERGE
LP    Tool    Opiate EP    ZOO
LP    Tool    Undertow    ZOO
LP    Toro Y Moi    Boo Boo (2LP)    CARPARK
LP    Toro Y Moi    Causers Of This    CARPARK
LP    Toro Y Moi    Live From Trona (2LP)    CARPARK
LP    Toro Y Moi    Underneath The Pine    CARPARK
LP    Toro Y Moi    What For?    CARPARK
12"EP    Total Control    Laughing At the System    ALTER
10"    Toto    2017RSD2 - Hold The Line b/w Alone (pic disc)    SONY
LP    Touche Amore    Is Survived By    DEATHWISH
LP    Toy Dolls    Another Bleedin' Best of    SECRET
LP    Traditional Fools (Ty Segall)    Fools Gold (w/download)    IN THE RED
LP    Tragically Hip    Day For Night (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Tragically Hip    Fully Completely (180g/Poster w/download)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Tragically Hip    Road Apples    UNIVERSAL
LP    Tragically Hip    Trouble At The Henhouse (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Tragically Hip    Up To Here    UNIVERSAL
LP    Tragically Hip    World Container    UNIVERSAL
LP    Trapped Under Ice    Big Kiss Goodnight (Ltd/Color w/download)    REAPER
LP    Traveling Wilburys    The Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1    CONCORD
LP    Tribulation    Down Below    CENTURY MEDIA
LP    Trio Da Kali and Kronos Quartet    Ladilikan    WORLD CIRCUIT
LP    Trout, Walter    We're All in This Together (2LP+MP3)    PROVOGUE
LP    Trust    TRST    ARTS & CRAFTS
LP    Tune-Yards    I Can Feel You Creep Into My Private Life    4AD
LP    Turner, Frank    England Keep My Bones (w/CD)    EPITAPH
LP    Turner, Frank    Love Ire & Song    EPITAPH
LP    Turner, Frank    Positive Songs For Negative People    INTERSCOPE
LP    Turner, Ike & Tina    Dynamite! (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Turner, Ike & Tina    River Deep-Mountain High    A&M
LP    Turner, Ike & Tina    The Soul Of Ike & Tina Turner (gatefold)    DOL
OTHER    Turntable Slipmat    Third Man Records slipmat    THIRD MAN
LP    TV On The Radio    Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes (2LP)    TOUCH & GO
LP    Ty Dolla $ign    Beach House 3 (2LP w/download)    ATLANTIC
LP    Tyler, The Creator    Flower Boy (2LP)    SONY
LP    Tyler, The Creator    Goblin (2LP w/download)    XL
LP    U2    How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb    ISLAND
LP    U2    Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary (2LP)    ISLAND
LP    U2    Songs of Experience (2LP)    INTERSCOPE
LP    U2    U218 Singles (2LP)    ISLAND
LP    U2    War - Remastered (180g)    ISLAND
LP    Ufomammut    8    NEUROT
LP    Unearth    Oncoming Storm    METAL BLADE
7"    Uniform Choice    Orange Peel Session (colored vinyl)    DR. STRANGE
LP    V/A    American Epic: the best of the blues    THIRD MAN
LP    V/A    An Americana Christmas    NEW WEST
LP    V/A    Beat Girls Espanol!: 1960's She-Pop From Spain (180g white vinyl)    ACE
LP    V/A    Brown Acid: The First Trip    RIDING EASY
LP    V/A    Cambodian Cassette Archives, Vol. 1 (2LP)    SUBLIME FREQUENCIES
LP    V/A    Death Row Greatest Hits (2LP)    DEATH ROW
LP    V/A    Eccentric Soul: Sitting In the Park    NUMERO
LP    V/A    Eccentric Soul: The Saru Label (2LP)    NUMERO
LP    V/A    Ghost Woman Blues: Country Blues 1927-52    MISSISSIPPI
LP    V/A    Good God! Born Again Funk    NUMERO
LP    V/A    Halfway To Paradise (2LP-180g)    DEMON
LP    V/A    I Believe I'll Go Back Home    MISSISSIPPI
LP    V/A    I Only Listen To the Mountain Goats (2LP/Colour)    MERGE
LP    V/A    I'm In a Strange Town: Blues And Gospel 1927-1967    MISSISSIPPI
LP    V/A    Impressions - The Sound of Debussy    WARNER CLASSICS
LP    V/A    Jazz Dispensary MOON ROCKS:Extraplanetary Funk/Space Disco    CONCORD
LP    V/A    Living In The Streets (2LP)    BGP
LP    V/A    Lovin' Mighty Fire:(2LP) Nippon funk/soul/disco 1973-83    BGP
LP    V/A    Medium: Paranormal Field Recordings and Compositions 1901-2017 (Gatefold)    ZUCKERMAN MUSEUM
LP    v/a    Memphis Rent Party    FAT POSSUM
LP    V/A    Nippon Girls: Japanese Pop, Beat & Bossa Nova 1967-69    BIG BEAT
LP    v/a    Radio Cramps / Purple Knif Show (2LP/180g/Gatefold)    MUNSTER
LP    V/A    Really Rock 'Em Right: Sun Records 4    ORG MUSIC
LP    V/A    Roots Of Chicha (2LP)    BARBES
LP    V/A    Sticks Over My Shoulder    MISSISSIPPI
LP    V/A    Stranger Things: Music From the Netflix Original Series (2LP)    LEGACY
LP    V/A    The Reverb Conspiracy Volume 5 (2LP)    FUZZ CLUB RECORDS
LP    V/A    Wayfaring Strangers:(2LP) Cosmic American Music    NUMERO
LP    V/A    Zaire 74 (3LP 180g)    WRASSE
OTHER    V/A    LP Wood Crate (unassembled)    SHAKE
LP    V/VM (Leyland Kirby)    New Beat: Brabant Schrobbeler (Ltd)    BOOMKAT EDITIONS
LP    Vampire Weekend    Contra (LP)    XL
LP    Vampire Weekend    Modern Vampires of the City    XL
LP    Vampire Weekend    s/t    XL
LP    Van Halen    1984 (remastered)    RHINO
LP    Van Halen    Diver Down    RHINO
LP    Van Halen    Van Halen (remastered)    RHINO
LP    Van Halen    Van Halen II    RHINO
LP    Van Zandt, Townes    Delta Momma Blues    FAT POSSUM
LP    Van Zandt, Townes    Flying Shoes    FAT POSSUM
LP    Van Zandt, Townes    For the Sake of the Song    FAT POSSUM
LP    Van Zandt, Townes    Live at the Old Quarter (2LP)    FAT POSSUM
LP    Van Zandt, Townes    Townes Van Zandt    FAT POSSUM
LP    Van Zandt, Townes & Clark, Guy    Live At Great American Music Hall In San Francisco (2LP) 1/20/91    DOL
LP    Vassiliu, Pierre    Face B - 1965/1981    BORN BAD
10"    Vatican Shadow    Luxor Necropolitics (2x10")    HOSPITAL PRODUCTIONS
LP    Vaughan, Stevie Ray & Double Trouble    Essential Stevie Ray Vaughan And Double Trouble (2LP)    SONY
LP    Vektor    Black Future (2LP)    EARACHE
LP    Velvet Underground    1969 The Live Album (2LP)    POLYDOR
LP    Velvet Underground    s/t (blue vinyl)    MGM
LP    Velvet Underground    V.U. & Nico    VERVE
LP    Velvet Underground    V.U. & Nico (180g)    VERVE
LP    Velvet Underground    V.U. & Nico (mono version)    VERVE
LP    Velvet Underground    White Light/White Heat    VERVE
LP    Velvet Underground    White Light/White Heat (180g)    VERVE
LP    Velvet Underground    White Light/White Heat (white vinyl)    VERVE
LP    Venom    At War With Satan (2LP/180g)    BACK ON BLACK
LP    Venom    Seven Gates of Hell: The Singles (2LP)    BACK ON BLACK
LP    Venom    Welcome to Hell (2LP/180g)    BACK ON BLACK
LP    Vile, Kurt    B'lieve I'm Going Down (2LP)    MATADOR
LP    Vile, Kurt    Constant Hitmaker    WOODSIST
LP    Vile, Kurt    God Is Saying This To You    MEXICAN SUMMER
LP    Vile, Kurt    Smoke Ring for My Halo (LP w/download)    MATADOR
LP    Vile, Kurt    Wakin on a Pretty Daze (2LP)    MATADOR
LP    Von Schleicher, Katie    Shitty Hits    BA DA BING
LP    Von Teese, Dita    Dita Von Teese (Produced by Sebastien Tellier)    RECORD MAKERS
LP    W.A.S.P.    Reidolized: The Soundtrack To The Crimson Idol (2LP/DVD)    NAPALM
LP    Waits, Tom    2018RSD - Bastards (2LP/colour vinyl)    ANTI
LP    Waits, Tom    2018RSD - Brawlers (2LP/colour vinyl)    ANTI
LP    Waits, Tom    Cold Beer On a Hot Night (2LP/140g/Ltd)    PARACHUTE
LP    Waits, Tom    Early Years, Vol. 1    MANIFESTO
LP    Waits, Tom    Glitter And Doom Live (2LP/2017 re-master)    ANTI
LP    Waits, Tom    Mule Variations (2LP) 2017 re-master    ANTI
LP    Waits, Tom    Swordfishtrombones    ISLAND
LP    Waits, Tom    The Early Years, Vol. 2 (180g)    MANIFESTO
LP    Walker, Scott    Scott 1    MERCURY
LP    Walker, Scott    Scott 4    MERCURY
LP    Walker, Scott    Tilt    DRAG CITY
LP    Walker, T-Bone    T-Bone Blues (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Wallflowers    Bring Down the Horse (2LP)    INTERSCOPE
LP    War On Drugs    A Deeper Understanding (2LP)    ATLANTIC
LP    War On Drugs    Slave Ambient (2LP/45rpm w/download)    SECRETLY CANADIAN
LP    Ward, M.    Post-War    MERGE
LP    Ward, M.    Transistor Radio (2014 re-issue 180g +CD of 4 bonus tracks)    MERGE
LP    Warwick, Dionne    Make Way For Dionne Warwick Sings Burt Bacharach (gatefold)    DOL
12"EP    Washington, Kamasi    Harmony of Difference    YOUNG TURKS
LP    Washington, Walter Wolfman    My Future Is My Past    ANTI
LP    Watchmen    Live and in Stereo    FONTANA
LP    Waters, Muddy    Best Of    GEFFEN
LP    Waters, Muddy    Muddy Waters At Newport 1960 (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Waters, Muddy    Muddy Waters At Newport 1960 (pic disc)    DOL
LP    Waters, Muddy    The Best Of Muddy Waters (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Waters, Muddy & The Rolling Stones    Live at Checkerboard Lounge (2LP+DVD)    EAGLE VISION
LP    Watson, Patrick    Love Songs for Robots    SECRET CITY
7"    Waxahatchee    Greenville - live at Third Man    THIRD MAN
LP    Waxahatchee    Out In the Storm (2LP deluxe)    MERGE
LP    Weedeater    Jason The Dragon    SEASON OF MIST
LP    Weeknd    Echoes of Silence    CP
LP    Weeknd    House of Balloons    CP
LP    Weeknd    Starboy (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Ween    GodWeenSatan: Live (2LP)    ATO
LP    Weezer    Pinkerton    GEFFEN
LP    Weezer    Weezer (blue album)    GEFFEN
LP    Weezer    Weezer (green album)    GEFFEN
LP    Weezer    Weezer (The Blue Album) blue vinyl 180g    MOBILE FIDELITY
LP    Wells, Junior & Buddy Guy    Hoodoo Man Blues    DELMARK
LP    West Coast Pop Art Exp. Band    Part One (Mono/Ltd)    JACKPOT
LP    West Coast Pop Art Exp. Band    Vol. 2 (Mono/Ltd)    JACKPOT
LP    West Coast Pop Art Exp. Band    Vol. 3 (Mono/Ltd)    JACKPOT
LP    West, Kanye    College Dropout (2LP)    ROC A FELLA
LP    West, Kanye    Late Registration (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP    West, Kanye    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (3LP)    DEF JAM
LP    Westerberg, Paul    Eventually (180g)    PLAIN RECORDINGS
LP    Weyes Blood    Front Row Seat To Earth    MEXICAN SUMMER
7"    White Stripes    Hand Springs    THIRD MAN
7"    White Stripes    I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself    THIRD MAN
7"    White Stripes    Lafayette Blues (black vinyl)    THIRD MAN
7"    White Stripes    Let's Shake Hands (black vinyl)    THIRD MAN
7"    White Stripes    Seven Nation Army    THIRD MAN
7"    White Stripes    The Hardest Button To Button    THIRD MAN
7"    White Stripes    There Is No Home For You Here    THIRD MAN
LP    White Stripes    Complete Peel Sessions: BBC (2LP)    THIRD MAN
LP    White Stripes    De Stijl (180g w/download)    THIRD MAN
LP    White Stripes    Elephant (2LP)    WARNER
LP    White Stripes    Get Behind Me Satan (2LP)    THIRD MAN
LP    White Stripes    s/t (180g w/download)    THIRD MAN
LP    White Stripes    Under Great White Northern Lights (2LP-180g)    WB MUSIC
LP    White Stripes    White Blood Cells (180g w/download)    THIRD MAN
LP    White Zombie    Astro-Creep: 2000 Songs (180g)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    White Zombie    It Came From N.Y.C. (5LP box)    NUMERO
LP    White Zombie    La Sexorcisto: Devil (180g/purple vinyl/25th anniversary edition)    MUSIC ON VINYL
7"    White, Jack    Connected By Love/Respect Commander    THIRD MAN
7"    White, Jack    Sixteen Saltines    THIRD MAN
7"    White, Jack    That Black Bat Licorice/Blue Light, Red Light (Someone's There)    THIRD MAN
7"    White, Jack    Would You Fight For My Love?/Parallel    THIRD MAN
LP    White, Jack    Blunderbuss    SONY
LP    White, Jack    Boarding House Reach    THIRD MAN
LP    White, Jack    Jack White Acoustic Recordings 1998-2016 (2LP)    SONY
LP    White, Jack    Lazaretto (180g)    THIRD MAN
LP    Whitehorse    Panther in the Dollhouse    SIX SHOOTER
LP    Whitfield, Barrence & Savages    Soul Flowers Of Titan (180g)    BLOODSHOT
LP    Who    Who's Next    UNIVERSAL
LP    Wilco    A Ghost Is Born (2LP-180g)    RHINO
LP    Wilco    Sky Blue Sky (2LP-180g w/bonus CD)    NONESUCH
LP    Wilco    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2LP-bonus CD)    NONESUCH
LP    Wilson, Steven    The Raven That Refused To Sing (2LP 180g gatefold)    KSCOPE
LP    Windhand & Satan's Satyrs    Split    RELAPSE
LP    Winehouse, Amy    Frank    REPUBLIC
LP    Winehouse, Amy    Lioness: Hidden Treasures (2LP)    UNIVERSAL
LP     Winehouse, Amy    Back To Black    UNIVERSAL
LP    Wipers    Is This Real?    JACKPOT
LP    Wipers    Over the Edge    JACKPOT
LP    Wipers    Youth of America    JACKPOT
LP    Wolves In The Throne Room    Diadem of 12 Stars (2LP)    ARTEMISIA
LP    Wolves In The Throne Room    Thrice Woven (2LP/Gatefold)    ARTEMISIA
LP    Womack, Lee Ann    The Lonely, The Lonesome & The Gone    ATO
LP    Wonder, Stevie    Drown In My Own Tears: Live At The Regal Theater, Chicago 1962    WAX LOVE
LP    Wonder, Stevie    Innervisions (180g)    TAMLA
LP    Wonder, Stevie    Innervisions (colored vinyl)    TAMLA
LP    Wonder, Stevie    Music Of My Mind    MOTOWN
LP    Wonder, Stevie    Original Musiquarium (2LP)    MOTOWN
LP    Wonder, Stevie    Songs In The Key Of Life    MOTOWN
LP    Wonder, Stevie    Talking Book    UNIVERSAL
LP    Wonder, Stevie    Talking Book    MOTOWN
LP    Wonder, Stevie    With A Song In My Heart (gatefold)    DOL
LP    Woodkid    Golden Age (2LP/import)    UNIVERSAL
LP    Wray, Link    Early Recordings    ACE
LP    Wu-Tang Clan    The W (2LP)    MUSIC ON VINYL
LP    X    Los Angeles (180g)    PORTERHOUSE
LP    Xiu Xiu    A Promise (LP+7''/180g/Color Vinyl/Download/Bonus tracks)    GRAVEFACE
LP    XX, The    Coexist (LP w/download)    YOUNG TURKS
LP    XX, The    I See You    YOUNG TURKS
LP    XX, The    s/t    YOUNG TURKS
LP    Yawning Man    Rock Formations (reissue)    COBRASIDE
10"    Yeah Yeah Yeahs    Machine    TOUCH & GO
12"EP    Yeah Yeah Yeahs    s/t    TOUCH & GO
LP    Yeah Yeah Yeahs    Fever to Tell    INTERSCOPE
LP    Yeah Yeah Yeahs    Show Your Bones    INTERSCOPE
LP    Yes    Fragile    ATLANTIC
LP    Yo La Tengo    I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One (2LP)    MATADOR
LP    Yo La Tengo    There's a Riot Going On    MATADOR
LP    Young Rascals    Groovin' (50th Ann. Green mono vinyl)    RHINO
LP    Young, Neil    A Letter Home (180g)    THIRD MAN
LP    Young, Neil    Harvest (HQ vinyl/import)    REPRISE
LP    Young, Neil    Harvest Moon (2LP)    REPRISE
LP    Young, Neil    Live Rust (2LP 180g)    RHINO
LP    Young, Neil    Peace Trail    WB MUSIC
LP    Young, Neil & Crazy Horse    Live at Shoreline Amphitheatre Mountain View CA 10/1/94    DOL
LP    Young, Neil & Crazy Horse    Live USA Tour Nov. 1986 (2LP)    DOL
LP    Young, Neil & Crazy Horse    Psychedelic Pill (3LP/180g)    REPRISE
LP    Young, Neil & Promise Of The Real    Paradox (2LP)    REPRISE
LP    Your Food    Poke It With A Stick    DRAG CITY
12"EP    Zao    Pyrrhic Victory - EP    OBSERVED OBSERVER
LP    Zappa, Frank    Absolutely Free (2LP)    ZAPPA
LP    Zappa, Frank    Hot Rats    ZAPPA
LP    Zappa, Frank    Joe's Garage (3LP)    ZAPPA RECORDS
LP    Zappa, Frank    Live In November 1973    DOL
LP    Zappa, Frank    Zoot Allures    ZAPPA
LP    Zappa, Frank & The Mothers Of Invention    Vancouver Workout, Vol. 2: Canada 1975 (2LP)    PARACHUTE
LP    Zombies    Greatest Hits    VARESE
LP    Zombies    Odessey & Oracle    VARESE
LP    Zomby    Mercury's Rainbow (2LP/Ltd)    MODERN LOVE
LP    ZZ Top    Deguello (180g)    RHINO
LP    ZZ Top    Eliminator    WARNER
LP    ZZ Top    Eliminator (red vinyl)    RHINO
LP    ZZ Top    Tres Hombres (green vinyl)    RHINO
LP    ZZ Top    ZZ Top's First Album (180g)    WARNER

Dan Wolovick