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These 230ish record store day titles are all available and in stock right now. We'll be updating this page and keeping it as current as possible as we go. From Tom Waits to Run the Jewels to Superjoint Ritual to DMX to Wilco. Don't sleep on titles and end up apying 3x or 10x on ebay! Shoot us a line to order anything you like:

Artist    Album Name    Price    Stock Status
Abruptum    2018RSD - Evil Genius (silver/black marble vinyl)    50    in stock
Adam Sandler    They're AlL Gonna Laugh at You    31.8    in stock
Alarm    Where The Two Rivers Meet EP    31.5    in stock
Albert Hammond Jr    Etchings (Double B-Side)    15.5    in stock
Anti Cimex    2018RSD - Victims of a Bomb Raid: 1982-1984 (140g/clear vinyl)    39.25    in stock
BALMORHEA    Chime / Shone    10    in stock
BEAVER & THE TRAPPERS    Happiness Is Havin' / In Missery - 7" (gold vinyl)    16    in stock
Beck, Gordon Trio    2018RSD - Gyroscope (180g)    37.75    in stock
BEGINNING OF THE END, THE    Fishman    17.5    in stock
Belly    Feel (Splattered Vinyl)    18    in stock
BERRY, CHUCK    Greatest Hits (gold vinyl)    38    in stock
Bert Jansch    LA Turnaround    66    in stock
Bill Murray and Jan Vogler    New Worlds    39.99    in stock
Blabbermouth    2018RSD - Deep State    21    in stock
Blitzen Trapper    2018RSD - Kids Album!    31.5    in stock
Bolan, Marc & T. Rex    2018RSD - the Final Cuts (picture disc)    48.75    in stock
BONE, RICHARD    Brave Tales    48.25    in stock
Boys    2018RSD - The Boys (coloured vinyl)    47    in stock
Brothers Osbourne    Port Saint Joe (Translucent Green Vinyl)    36    in stock
Brut Carpenter    Leather Teeth    29.25    in stock
Buckley, Tim    2018RSD - I Can't See You    40.75    in stock
Cam'Ron                                 2018RSD - Purple Haze (2LP/Purple vinyl/Import)    61    in stock
Car Seat Headrest    2018RSD - Twin Fantasy ()Mirror to Mirror) 2LP    46.75    in stock
Cash, John Carter    2018RSD - We Must Believe In Magic (2LP)    35.25    in stock
Charlie Daniels    Memories, Memoirs & Miles: Songs Of A Lifetime (Gray and White Swirl Vinyl)    45.5    in stock
CHURA, STEF    Degrees b/w Sour Honey    13    in stock
Clark, Gary Jr. & Junkie XL    2018RSD - Come Together (pic disc w/ comic book)    42.75    in stock
COATES, OLIVER    John Luther Adams' Canticles of the Sky    25    in stock
Colocs, Les    2018RSD - Les Colocs    30.75    in stock
Common    2018RSD - Can I Borrow a Dollar (2LP + 7")    67.5    in stock
COSTELLO, ELVIS    Someone Else's Heart    13.5    in stock
Cure    Mixed Up    49    in stock
Cure    2018RSD - Mixed Up (2LP pic disc)    49    in stock
Cymande    2018RSD - Promised Heights (180g)    48.35    in stock
Cymande    2018RSD - Second Time Round (180g)    48.38    in stock
Cypress Hill    Black Sunday Remixes    30.25    in stock
Czarface    2018RSD - Man's Worst Enemy (7" + comic book)    39.13    in stock
D.R.I.    2018RSD - Violent Pacification… And More Rotten Hits 1983-1987    31.5    in stock
Daniel Rossen    Deerslayer    24    in stock
Daughter    Music From Before the Storm    40    in stock
David Bowie - Welcome To The Blackout (Live London '78) [3LP] - 69.75 - in stock
Descendents    2018RSD - Who We Are    14.5    in stock
Dessa    Qunine (Clear Blue Vinyl)    16.1    in stock
DIDDLEY, BO    16 All-Time Greatest Hits (white vinyl)    38    in stock
Discharge    2018RSD - Early Demos March/June 1977    31.5    in stock
DMX    X Gon' Give It To Ya (Blood Red Vinyl)    26.2    in stock
DONAGGIO, PINO    A Venezia Un Dicembre Rosso Shocking    56    in stock
The Doors - Live at the Matrix Part 2: Let's Feed Ice Cream To The Rats, San Francisco, CA - March 7 & 10, 1967 (180g) 31.5
Dream Syndicate    2018RSD - How We Found Ourselves..Everywhere!    31.5    in stock
Duck Baker    Les Blues Du Richmond: Demos and Outtakes    31.5    in stock
Earle, Steve & The Dukes    2018RSD - Live from the Continental Club (2LP)    55    in stock
Easybeats    2018RSD - Lovin' Machine EP    22    in stock
Eddie & The Hot Rods    2018RSD - Doing Anything They Wanna Do (2LP/red vinyl)    42.5    in stock
Eddie Murphy    Comedian    30.12    in stock
Elton John vs PNAU    Good Morning to The Night (Coloured Vinyl)    40    in stock
Elvis Presley    King in the Ring    42.75    in stock
Eric Clapton    Rush (soundtrack)    24.5    in stock
Europe    Walk the Earth    44.3    in stock
Eurythmics    1984 (red vinyl)    38.42    in stock
Fickle Pickle    2018RSD - Sinful Skinful (180g+ bonus EP)    47    in stock
FIDLAR    FIDLAR (picture disc, poster + tattoo)    36.5    in stock
First Aid Kit    You Are the Problem Here    15    in stock
Five Day Week Straw People    2018RSD - self-titled (180g)    37.75    in stock
Flaming Lips - Pouring Beer In Your Ear (The Beer Song) [Coloured Vinyl]  - 14.00 - in stock  
Fleetwood Mac    Tango in the Night (Alternatea)    31.5    in stock
Florence and the Machine    RSD Single    36.75    in stock
FLUME    Flume (picture disc, poster + tattoo)    36.5    in stock
Fogerty, John    2018RSD - Centerfield (pic disc)    28.5    in stock
FRICKE, FLORIAN    Spielt Mozart    53.75    in stock
GIANT SAND    Provisions    58    in stock
Gloria Gaynor    I Will Survive/Substitute    26.2    in stock
Goat    2018RSD - Double Date Score (colour vinyl)    34.5    in stock
God's Children    2018RSD - Music Is The Answer: The Complete Collection (Brown vinyl)    34.5    in stock
GOERL, ROBERT    The Paris Tapes    29    in stock
Gov'T Mule    2018RSD - Girl With No Self Esteem/Bed Of Lies    18.25    in stock
Hedley, Joshua    2018RSD - Broken Man    19    in stock
HITCHCOCK, ROBYN    Robyn Hitchcock & His LA Squires - 7"    14.5    in stock
Hollywood Brats    2018RSD - Sick On You (2LP)    40.75    in stock
Hot Tuna    Live at New Orleans House    42.75    in stock
Jansch, Bert    2018RSD - A Rare Conundrum (+ CD with bonus tracks)    44    in stock
Jansch, Bert    2018RSD - Santa Barbara Honeymoon (+ CD with bonus tracks)    44    in stock
Jason Isbell    Live At Twist & Shout 11.16.07    24    in stock
Jesus Jones    2018RSD - Zeroes + Ones' via Aphex Twin + The Prodigy (25th Anniversary Cle    19.5    in stock
JIMMY CASTOR BUNCH, THE    It's Just Begun    48.25    in stock
Johnny Mathis    I Love My Lady    30.12    in stock
JOHNNY THUNDERS    (Give Her A) Great Big Kiss (single version 2015 mix)    37.75    in stock
Johnson, Bunk    2018RSD - Rare & Unissued Masters (2LP) Vol. 1 1943-45    18.75    in stock
Jonson, Marc    2018RSD - Years (LP+7Inch)    38    in stock
Jungle Rot    2018RSD - What Horrors Await (Reissue)    28.25    in stock
Kenny Loggins    Return to Pooh Corner    30.12    in stock
Kevin Morby & Waxahatchee    Farewell Transmission b/w Dark Don't Hide It    15.75    in stock
Kills    2018RSD - Live at Electric Lady Studios (180g/gatefold)    54.75    in stock
Kingsley, Gershon & The Moog    2018RSD - Popcorn (yellow vinyl)    33    in stock
Kiwanuka, Michael    Out Loud    35.85    in stock
Kreator    2018RSD - Behind The Mirror     33.75    in stock
Lalo Schifrin    Enter The Dragon (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)    30.12    in stock
LEGENDARY MARVIN PONTIAC, THE    Greatest Hits    36.5    in stock
Legendary Pink Dots    2018RSD - The Tunnel    45.5    in stock
Les Marmottes Apletie    1001 Chansons Pour Agrementer Vos Repas    27    in stock
Les Marmottes Apletie    Decadents    27    in stock
Lhasa De Sela    Lhasa Live In Reykjavik    40.1    in stock
Lil Uzi Vert    2018RSD - Perfect LUV Tape (purple vinyl)    33.75    in stock
Living Colour    2018RSD - Live from CBGB's (2LP)    42.5    in stock
Lloyd, Richard    2018RSD - Lodestones    34.5    in stock
Lone Bellow    Lone Bellow - Live at Grimey's    25.25    in stock
LOVANO, JOE & DAVE DOUGLAS SOUND PRINTS    On Pebble Street - 7" (emerald green vinyl)    15    in stock
Madchild    Dope Sick Vinyl (Red & White Vinyl)    29    in stock
Marlo Thomas & Friends    Marlo Thomas and Friends, Free to be You and Me (Baby Blue/Baby Pink Vinyl)    42.75    in stock
MARTYN, BEVERLEY    Where The Good Times Are (The Lost 1967 Album)    48.25    in stock
Martyn, Beverley    2018RSD - Where the Good Times Are    47    in stock
Mastodon    2018RSD - Emperor Of Sand (pic disc)    33.75    in stock
Matt Holubowski    Epilogue    15.25    in stock
Maytones    2018RSD - Only Your Picture (180g+bonus EP)    47    in stock
MC5    I Can Only Give You Everything / I Just Don't Know - 7"    16    in stock
MC5    Looking At You / Borderline - 7"    16    in stock
Miguel    War & Leisure    42.75    in stock
Mike Posner    I Was Born in Detroit    40    in stock
Moody Blues    Say It With Love (Live, Blue & White Vinyl)    26.2    in stock
N.S.U.    2018RSD - Turn On, Or Turn Me Down (180g)    37.75    in stock
Niall Horan    Mirrors    20.15    in stock
Notorious BIG    Juicy (140g) [Clear/Black Marble Swirl Vinyl]    22.25    in stock
NUBLU ORCHESTRA CONDUCTED BY BUTCH MORRIS    Nublu Orchestra Conducted By Butch Morris    30.5    in stock
Ocean Colour Scene    Marchin' Already (Green Vinyl)    52.5    in stock
Old Firm Casuals    2018RSD - s/t (180g/Clear vinyl/B-side silkscreen)    24    in stock
Old Firm Casuals    2018RSD - Wartime Rock ’N’ Roll (Black vinyl/Silkscreen b-side)    24    in stock
Open Mind    2018RSD - The Open Mind (180g LP+7-inch)    34.5    in stock
OST - GOBLIN    Squadra Antigangster    51    in stock
OST - KINGSLAND, PADDY    The Changes    67    in stock
OST - MORRICONE, ENNIO    Un Escercito Di 5 Uomini    56    in stock
OST - VARIOUS ARTISTS    The American Dreamer    46    in stock
OST - WAYMON, SAM    Ganja & Hess (Original 1973 Motion Picture Soundtrack)    46    in stock
OST - ZIMMER, HANS / SHEA, JACOB / FLEMMING, DAVID    Blue Planet II    67    in stock
PEACH KELLI POP    Which Witch    11    in stock
Platinum Blonde    Standing in the Dark    30.12    in stock
PLUSH    Fed    56    in stock
PLUSH    Korp Sole Roller    50.5    in stock
POPOL VUH    Messa Di Orleo    46    in stock
Prince    1999    31.5    in stock
Prodigy    Keep it Thoro    21.3    in stock
Purdie, Bernard & Friends    2018RSD - Cool Down    37.75    in stock
Quicksand    2018RSD - Triptych Continuum    28.25    in stock
Raven, Michael & Joan Mills    2018RSD - Death And The Lady (180g)    31.5    in stock
REED, ELI PAPERBOY    Eli Paperboy Reed Meets High & Mighty Brass Band    29    in stock
Reed, Lou    2018RSD - Animal Serenade (3LP)    54    in stock
RIDE    Waking Up In Another Town: Weather Diaries Remixed    33.5    in stock
Roger Taylor    Journey's End    26.2    in stock
Roger Taylor    Journey's End (US Version, Yellow Vinyl)    34.75    in stock
Ron Gallo    Really Nice Guys (Orange Vinyl)    22.85    in stock
Ronk, Dave van    2018RSD - Live At Sir George Williams University    40.5    in stock
Rory Gallagher    French Connection    38.5    in stock
Sandro/John Malkovich/Eric Alexandrakis    2018RSD - Hell on Earth (yellow vinyl)    37.75    in stock
Shaggy    Oh Carolina    25.5    in stock
Sheepdogs    I've Got a Hole Where My Heart Should Be    19.5    in stock
Shocking Blue    2018RSD - Single Collection (2LP) part 1    56.5    in stock
SLEIGH BELLS    Kid Kruschev    29.75    in stock
Sloppy Seconds    Knock Yer Block Off    30.5    in stock
Sock-Tight    2018RSD - Second Wind (Mike Watt & Raymond Pettibon)    14.5    in stock
Soft Cell    Say Hello, Wave Goodbye / Youth    26.2    in stock
Soul Asylum    Live from Liberty Lunch, Austin, TX, December 3, 1992    42.9    in stock
SOUL JAZZ RECORDS PRESENTS    Congo Revolution [Box Set]    62.5    in stock
soundtrack    2018RSD - Doctor Who (2LP) City Of Death    58    in stock
soundtrack    2018RSD - Powell Peralta (2LP) the Search For Animal Chin    42.5    in stock
Soundtrack    2018RSD - Star Wars Viii: The Last Jedi (Die-Cut Pic Disc)    51.75    in stock
soundtrack    2018RSD - The Omega Man (2LP)    62.75    in stock
Soundtrack    2018RSD - Twin Peaks (2LP pic dis Music From The Lmtd Event Series)    53    in stock
SPARKS, MELVIN    Texas Twister    46    in stock
SPECTRUM    Highs, Lows, and Heavenly Blows    51    in stock
STEWART, GARY    Mowtown    22.5    in stock
Stooges    Stooges (The Detroit Edition) [180g]    49    in stock
Strapping Young Lad    2018RSD - Heavy As A Really Heavy Thing (2LP/180g/Gatefold/Color LP)    59.25    in stock
Streets    Remixes & B Sides    41.5    in stock
Stuart, Marty & His Fabulous Superlatives    2018RSD - Way Out West – Desert Suite (Trip One)     24    in stock
Sugar Ray    Fly    14.25    in stock
SUN RA    The Cymbals / Symbols Sessions: New York City 1973    52.5    in stock
Superchunk    2018RSD - What A Time To Be Alive (acoustic)    16    in stock
Superjoint Ritual    2018RSD - A Lethal Dose of American Hatred (transparent green vinyl)    43.75    in stock
Superjoint Ritual    2018RSD - Use Once and Destroy (2LP/transparent green vinyl)    55    in stock
Swans    2018RSD - Die Tur Ist Zu (2LP)  re-issue of 1996 CD only release    40.75    in stock
Tank and the Baggas    Live Vibes (Yellow Vinyl)    30.4    in stock
Tears for Fears    Head Over Heels    26.2    in stock
Telescopes    2018RSD - Splashdown (2LP) The Creation Days 1990-1991    42.25    in stock
Thorogood, George    2018RSD - Shot Down/Ain'T Coming Home Tonight    14.5    in stock
Total Chaos    2018RSD - Early Years 1989-1993    31.5    in stock
Trampled By Turtles    2018RSD - Wildflowers    14.5    in stock
Troggs    2018RSD - Wild On the Radio    40.75    in stock
Uncle Tupelo    2018RSD - No Depression - Rarities    30.75    in stock
V/A    2018RSD - Gary Crowley's Punk & New Wave (2LP)    58    in stock
V/A    2018RSD - Mighty Instrumentals R&B Style 1963    40.75    in stock
v/a    2018RSD - Motown Funk Vol.02 (2Lp)    51.75    in stock
V/A    2018RSD - New York Soul '67    40.75    in stock
V/A    2018RSD - Queen City Soundtrack    51.75    in stock
V/A    2018RSD - Soho Scene '60 - Jazz Goes Mod    40.75    in stock
V/A    2018RSD - Soho Scene '66 - Jazz Goes Mod    40.75    in stock
V/A    2018RSD - Speak Out: Recorded Live at Newport Folk    53    in stock
V/A    2018RSD - the Other Side Of Sun (part 2) curated by RSD vol. 5    20.5    in stock
Various Artists    Jazz Dispensary: Soul Diesel (Coloured Vinyl)    35.85    in stock
VARIOUS ARTISTS    Natural High: The Bongo Man Collection    48    in stock
VARIOUS ARTISTS    Why Are We Here? - 7"    19    in stock
VARIOUS ARTISTS    The Beginning Of The End: The Existential Psychodrama In Country Music (1956-1974)    44.5    in stock
Various Artists    Dogfish: Music to Drink Beer and Make Love T    30.25    in stock
VARIOUS ARTISTS    Hillbillies In Hell: Volume 666 (Country Music's Tormented Testament: 1952-1974)    44.5    in stock
VARIOUS ARTISTS    Electroconvulsive Therapy Volume 4: The Art of Survival Records    48.5    in stock
VEIRS, LAURA    Fading of Stars - 7" (coloured vinyl)    12    in stock
Vitamin String Quartet    2018RSD - Flaming Lips' Do You Realize/All We (clear pink vinyl)    17.5    in stock
Waits, Tom    2018RSD - Bastards (2LP/colour vinyl)    47.25    in stock
Waits, Tom    2018RSD - Bawlers (2LP/colour vinyl)    47.25    in stock
Waits, Tom    2018RSD - Brawlers (2LP/colour vinyl)    47.25    in stock
White Hills/Gnod    2018RSD - Aquarian Downer    47    in stock
Whitesnake    2018RSD - Whitesnake (pic disc 30th Anniversary Edition)    33.75    in stock
Who    Kids Are Alright (Red and Blue Vinyl)    52.5    in stock
Willie Colon    Wanted By The FBI/The Big Break - La Gran Fuga    37.6    in stock
WILLSON-PIPER, MARTY    Spirit Level (coke-bottle clear vinyl)    41    in stock
Yes    Tomato    31.5    in stock
Yung Wu    Shore Leave    22.3    in stock
Zappa, Frank    2018RSD - Lumpy Gravy: Primordial (9 tracks/burgundy/45rpm)    37.75    in stock

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Dan Wolovick