500ish Titles Ready to Ship While Supplies Last (Massive Attack, Vince Staples, Tom Petty, Dead Moon & more)


Approximately 500 records ready to ship while supplies last. Some with lots of quantity, and some with not very much at all. Be in touch for prices or info on any of it. Artists like Massive Attack (Heligloland finally!), Vince Staples, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Dead Moon and more. Happy hunting!

BYO10    LP    7 Seconds    Walk Together, Rock Together    n/a
MRG562    LP    A Giant Dog    Pile    673855056210
BMT837431    LP    A Perfect Circle    Eat The Elephant (2LP)    4050538374315
88985377871    LP    A Tribe Called Quest    We Got It From Here..(2LP) Thank You 4 Your Service    889853778713
MOVLP1984    LP    Accept    Death Row (2LP)    8719262004849
BAGS100    OTHER    accessories    100 LP outer sleeves - Polyethylene    n/a
B001219501    LP    Adams, Ryan    Cardinology    602517872608
B000434301    LP    Adams, Ryan    Cold Roses    602498806555
B002275501    LP    Adams, Ryan    Ten Songs From Live at Carnegie Hall    602547181480
XLCD740    CD    Adele    25    634904074029
31003    LP    Adolescents    Adolescents (colored vinyl)    018663100319
RP1566671    LP    Air    2018RSD - Sexy Boy (pic disc)    190295700195
1449781    LP    Air    Moon Safari    724384497811
1488482    LP    Air    Virgin Suicides (180g)    724384884819
THMR132    7"    Alabama Shakes    Be Mine (Third Man Live Series)    n/a
88088217871    LP    Alabama Shakes    Boys & Girls    880882178710
88088222981    LP    Alabama Shakes    Sound & Color (2LP/180g)    880882229818
RFC154    LP    Alex G    DSU    811774025386
CDCHD922    CD    Alexander, Arthur    The Greatest    029667192224
A532346    LP    Alt-J    An Awesome Wave    075678762819
BT036LP    LP    Ambarchi, Oren    Grapes From The Estate (2LP)    880319906138
TNDLPTND612V    LP    Andersen, Matt    Honest Man    620638061275
1564164    LP    Anderson, Laurie & Kronos Quartet    Landfall (2LP w/download)    075597933901
43241    LP    Animals    Best Of The Animals    018771432418
WAP94    LP    Aphex Twin    Come to Daddy    801061909413
WARPLP247    LP    Aphex Twin    Syro (3LP)    801061024710
MRG425    LP    Archers Of Loaf    Vee Vee (w/download)    673855042510
MTE69713    LP    Avery, Daniel    Song For Alpha (2LP)    724596971314
86996    LP    Bad Religion    The Gray Race (remaster/1996 album)    045778699612
146GONE    LP    Bad Times    Streets Of Iron (Jay Reatard, Eric Oblivian, King Louie Bankston)    600385279314
69346125501    LP    Bada$$, Joey    All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ (2LP)    693461255012
AC122LP    LP    BadBadNotGood    IV    827590122116
B002533701    LP    Badu, Erykah    Mama's Gun (2LP)    602557026931
OLE11482    CD    Barnett, Courtney and Kurt Vile    Lotta Sea Lice    744861114826
RFC43    LP    Basement    I Wish I Could Stay Here    603111957418
SV134    LP    Battiato, Franco    Clic    855985006345
B002524101    LP    Beach Boys    Good Vibrations (50th Ann Ed. - Couloured w/litho    602547979230
LR360    LP    Beatles    This Is the Savage Young Beatles (pic disc)    889397703608
5791485    7"    Beatles    Christmas Records Box (7 x 7in singles)    602557914856
5099969943515    LP    Beatles    Past Masters (Vols. 1&2) (2LP 180g)    5099969943515
094638241812    LP    Beatles    Rubber Soul (180g)    094638241812
6709834    LP    Beatles    Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (2017 Sgt. Pepper Stereo mix)    602567098348
3773453    LP    Beatles    White Album (mono 2LP)    602537734535
B002535501    LP    Beck    Sea Change (2LP)    602557034905
BING048    LP    Beirut    Gulag Orkestar    600197004814
PFL150    LP    Bell Witch    Four Phantoms (2LP)    616892273141
PFL191    CD    Bell Witch    Mirror Reaper (2CD)    616892506744
CR00059    LP    Between The Buried And Me    Colors (2LP)    888072034198
TEG78509    LP    Big L    Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous (2LP)    829357850911
LORD208LP    LP    Black Breath    Slaves Beyond Death (2LP)    808720020816
21292476    LP    Black Keys    Attack & Release (bonus CD)    075597994087
NON529099    LP    Black Keys    El Camino (LP+CD)    075597963335
PFL194    LP    Black Mecha    Counterforce (2LP)    n/a
NRV02002     LP    Black Moon    Enta Da Stage    091010200214
B002091301    LP    Black Star    Mos Def & Talib Kweli Are Black Star    602537862672
AC119LPDLX    LP    Blais, Jean-Michel    II    827590119116
B002527601    LP    Blink 182    Enema of the State    602547998743
SBMK788320    CD    Blue Oyster Cult    Agents Of Fortune    886978832023
1143146    LP    Blue Rodeo    Five Days In July (2LP)    825646143146
WARPLP123    LP    Boards Of Canada    Campfire Headphase (2LP)    801061812317
WARPLP055    LP    Boards Of Canada    Music Has the Right to Children (2LP)    801061805517
ERH502049    LP    Bolt Thrower    War Master    817195020498
ERH502055    LP    Bolt Thrower    For Victory    817195020559
DC233    LP    Bonnie Prince Billy    Master And Everyone    0000000000
DC699    LP    Bonnie Prince Billy    Wolf Of The Cosmos    781484069911
CAR045    7"    Bouncing Souls/Hot Water Music    split    809796004519
RP1219088    LP    Bowie, David    Heroes (2017 remastered)    190295842840
RP1558572    LP    Bowie, David    Live Nassau Coliseum '76 (2LP)    190295989774
RP183221    LP    Bowie, David    Live Santa Monica '72 (2LP)    825646113743
RP1218956    LP    Bowie, David    Scary Monsters (and super creeps) (2017 remastered)    190295842611
SPV039    LP    Branca, Glen    Lesson No. 1 (2x12")    857176003393
SPV056    LP    Branca, Glen    The Ascension    857176003560
BYG15    LP    Braxton, Anthony    Anthony Braxton    n/a
4AD0035LP    LP    Breeders    All Nerve    191400003514
19075830351    LP    Bridges, Leon    Good Thing    190758303512
WARPLP65R    LP    Broadcast    The Noise Made By People (gatefold)    801061806514
POL826C    LP    Brown, James    Live At the Apollo (coloured vinyl)    n/a
B002758902    CD    Bryan, Luke    What Makes You Country    602557705218
B002064501    LP    Burrell, Kenny    Midnight Blue    602537814381
2920173    CD    Bush, Kate    Before the Dawn (3CD)    190295920173
LBV05    LP    Butthole Surfers    Locust Abortion Technician    697410000517
3753905    LP    Cage The Elephant    Melophobia    602537539055
DC450    LP    Callahan, Bill    Apocalypse    781484045014
DC553    LP    Callahan, Bill    Dream River    781484055310
DC385    LP    Callahan, Bill    Sometimes I Wish I Were An Eagle    781484038511
RFC165    LP    Camp Cope    Camp Cope    811774028301
MRG308    LP    Caribou    Andorra    673855030814
MRG348    LP    Caribou    Swim (2LP)    673855034812
724596971413    LP    Carter, Chris    Chemistry Lessons Volume One (2LP)    724596971413
87412    LP    Case, Neko    Hell-On (2LP/180gram)    045778741212
75346367    LP    Cash, Johnny    American IV: The Man Comes Around (2LP)    600753463673
ORGM2048    LP    Cash, Johnny & Jerry Lee Lewis    Sunday Down South    711574835119
DUHFD38    LP    Cavern of Anti-Matter    Hormone Lemonade (black vinyl) (2LP)    5060263722243
4384295011    LP    Chemical Brothers    Dig Your Own Hole (2LP)    724384295011
R1558549    LP    Chicago    Chicago II (Steven Wilson remix) (180g 2LP)    081227941482
GLS022101    LP    Childish Gambino    Awaken, My Love!    810599021900
5769163    LP    Chronixx    Chronology    602557691634
GLS014701    LP    Chvrches    Bones Of What You Believe    810599020361
PTKF21461    LP    Cigarettes After Sex    Cigarettes After Sex    720841214618
4391072424    CD    Circus Maximus    Havoc    8024391072424
DAV070    LP    City And Colour    The Hurry & The Harm    821826005082
1544681    LP    Clark, Gary Jr.    Gary Clark Jr. Live (2LP)    093624935070
1558885    LP    Clark, Gary Jr.    Live North America 2016 (2LP)    093624913931
METRTCD802    CD    Clayderman, Richard    The Ultimate Collection (3CD)    698458330222
B002639501    LP    Cliff, Jimmy    Best of    600753767160
CRPK070    LP    Cloud Nothings    Attack On Memory    677517007015
PFL162    CD    Cobalt    Slow Forever (2CD)    616892355649
CAD3710    LP    Cocteau Twins    Treasure (remastered/+ download card)    652637371017
1791437    LP    Coldplay    Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends    603497914371
RGMCD035    CD    Cole, Nat King    Eight Classic Albums (4CD)    5036408138026
GR155    LP    Coltrane, John    A Love Supreme    011105015516
B002247601    LP    Common    Like Water For Chocolate (2LP)    602547148612
FAN00236    LP    Cooder, Ry    The Prodigal Son    888072048249
DWRLP117    LP    Cool Blue Halo    Kangaroo (re-issue of 1996 album from Halifax 4 piece)    n/a
2567151876    LP    Coombes, Gaz    World's Strongest Man    602567151876
IF1042LPX    LP    Craig, Carl    Versus (3LP Ltd gatefold w/download)    3700398716480
CCRLP2    LP    Creedence Clearwater Revival    Chronicle (2LP)    025218000215
FAN37433    LP    Creedence Clearwater Revival    Green River (180g)    888072374331
ELE523284    LP    Cure    Disintegration (2LP-180g)    081227981693
R160785    LP    Cure    Pornography (180g)    081227981617
R160784    LP    Cure    Seventeen Seconds (180g)    081227981600
SIL001LP    LP    Czarface    A Fistful of Peril    706091200113
BRK153LP    LP    Czarface    Every Hero Needs a Villain (2LP/clear vinyl)    853044003533
49606MB    LP    Daft Punk    Discovery    724384960612
724384260910    LP    Daft Punk    Homework    724384260910
RRS83    LP    Damned    2018RSD - Doom The Damned!: The Chaos Years 1977-82    0637913515620
FCDANGR1    LP    Danger Mouse    Gray Album    n/a
MFR104CD    CD    Dangerdoom    The Mouse and The Mask: Official Metalface Version    822720777617
GLS019101    LP    Daughter    Not to Disappear    810599021108
MOVLP692    LP    Davis, Miles    Sketches Of Spain (mono/180g)    8718469532094
4797297    LP    Davis, Miles    Birth Of The Cool    602547972972
MRP057    LP    Dead Moon    Cracks In The System    725543421616
MRP042    LP    Dead Moon    Stranded In the Mystery Zone    n/a
CRVLP98    LP    dead South    Good Company    4047179939812
CRVCD6007    CD    dead South    Illusion & Doubt    625712600722
2524033    CD    Dead Weather    Sea Of Cowards    093624966524
DW146    CD    Deafheaven    Sunbather    020286198345
EZRDR093    LP    Death Wheelers, The    I Tread On Your Grave    603111729718
094635398410    LP    Decemberists    Crane Wife (2LP)    094635398410
B001642501    LP    Del Rey, Lana    Born to Die    602527950891
MRG268    LP    Destroyer    Destroyer's Rubies (2LP w/download)    673855026817
MRG369    LP    Destroyer    Kaputt (2LP-bonus track)    673855036915
RCV125100    LP    Dio    Last In Line (remaster blue vinyl)    603497864492
WB47771    LP    Dire Straits    Making Movies (180g)    093624969716
WB47769    LP    Dire Straits    s/t (180g)    093624978305
DAV134    LP    Dirty Nil    Higher Power    821826013278
PAMPA030EP    12"EP    DJ Koze    Seeing Aliens    4260544821813
BNE4163    LP    Dolphy, Eric    Out To Lunch    n/a
AC123LPDLX    LP    Downie, Gord    Secret Path (LP + graphic novel)    827590123144
DEA630001    LP    Dr. Dre    The Chronic (2LP)    728706300018
60253734755    LP    Drake, Nick    Bryter Later (180g/HQ vinyl w/download)    602537347551
1745697    LP    Drake, Nick    Pink Moon (Vinyl Reissue)    602517456976
87530    LP    Dream Syndicate    How Did I Find Myself Here?    045778753017
MOVLP2057    LP    Dream Theater    A Change Of Seasons (2LP)    8719262005617
88985455281    LP    Dylan, Bob    Freewheelin' Bob Dylan    889854552817
B002441401    LP    Earle, Steve    Copperhead Road    602547704948
BC017LP    LP    El Michels Affair    Return to the 37th Chamber (4 different covers)    349223001716
B002300301    LP    Elbow    Cast Of Thousands (2LP)    602527966588
INT290287       LP       Eminem                        Slim Shady (Explicit 2Lp )     606949028718
5748418    LP    Eno, Brian    Another Green World (2LP/180g/half-speed remaster 45 RPM/Ltd)    602557484182
NON79894    LP    Eno, Brian/David Byrne    My Life in the Bush of Ghosts (2LP-180g)    075597983555
ERH596721    CD    Entombed    Left Hand Path    190295967215
OJC037          LP    Evans, Bill Trio    Explorations    888072361362
RMY702501    LP    Evidence    Weather Or Not (2LP)    826257025012
194608    LP    Faith No More    Angel Dust (2LP)    825646094608
SV127    LP    Fall    Perverted By Language    855985006277
B002684401    LP    fall out boy    Mania    602557663754
BRNLP00196    LP    Feelies    Crazy Rhythms    032862019616
BRNLP00197    LP    Feelies    The Good Earth    032862019715
6737785    CD    Feu! Chatterton    L'oiseleur    602567377856
858275009019    LP    Fidlar    Fidlar    858275009019
CATLP121    LP    Fitzgerald, Ella & Louis Armstrong    Ella & Louis (180g HQ vinyl)    5060397601216
125801    LP    Fleetwood Mac    Greatest Hits    081227959357
886974904328    CD    Fox, Samantha    Greatest Hits    886974904328
CMRCD366    CD    Frank, Jackson C.    s/t (5 bonus tracks)    5050159136629
1541865    12"EP    Frightened Rabbit    Live From Criminal Records    825646323265
PFL184    CD    Full Of Hell    Trumpeting Ecstasy    616892465348
SEW012    LP    Funkadelic    Free Your Mind And Your Ass Will Follow    029667371216
SEW002    LP    Funkadelic    Maggot Brain    029667370219
5797718    LP    Gallagher, Rory    Live in Europe    602557977189
B002283201    LP    Gang Starr    Moment Of Truth (3LP)    602547240736
KOMP145CD    CD    Gas    Rausch    880319921629
RR5315    CD    Genesis    In the Beginning (remastered)    4009910531525
804471000022    CD    Gentle Giant    In A Glass House (Remastered Edition)    804471000022
EDSA5051    CD    Go-Go's    Talk Show (expanded)    0740155505134
6711413    LP    Gomez    Bring It on (2LP)    602567114130
603497911608    LP    Gorillaz    Plastic Beach (2LP)    603497911608
RR2353    LP    Graham Bond Organization    The Sound of 65 (180g/remastered)    4009910235317
RR2354    LP    Graham Bond Organization    There's a Bond Between Us (180g/remastered)    4009910235416
R5557480    LP    Grateful Dead    Cornell 5/8/77 (5LP 140g)    603497862566
B002767502    CD    Greta Van Fleet    From the Fires We Are Told    602567126034
KRANK217    LP    Grouper    Grid Of Points    796441821716
ICON1029    CD    Guess Who    Road Food (2 bonus tracks)    886919760422
INDLP014    LP    Half Moon Run    Sun Leads Me On    623339315418
87561    LP    Harper, Ben & Charlie Musselwhite    No Mercy In This Land (180g/limited edtion)    045778756193
THMR505    LP    Hedley, Joshua    Mr. Jukebox    813547025593
BBLP055LP    LP    Heldon    Live In Metz '77 (Colour vinyl/Ltd)    769791969384
BB280LP    LP    Heldon    Electronique Guerilla (Heldon I)    4015698013061
MRP084    LP    Hemphill, Jessie Mae    s/t    n/a
19075814201    LP    Hendrix, Jimi    Both Sides Of The Sky (2LP)    190758142012
BE002LP    LP    High Rise    II    769791968462
B002487001    LP    Hole    Live Through This    602547849670
B002267601    LP    Imagine Dragons    Smoke + Mirrors    602547198518
BRK132LP    LP    Inspectah Deck/ 7L & Esoteric                       Czarface (2LP + poster)    853044003328
1852344    LP    Iron Maiden    Fear of the Dark (2LP)    190295852344
NMG35773LP    LP    J Dilla    Jay Dee AKA King Dilla    769413577317
PJ015LP    LP    J Dilla    Ruff Draft: Dilla's Mix (2LP)    706091001512
GSE781    LP    J Dilla    Dillatronic (2LP)    822720778119
PJ015LP    LP    J Dilla    Ruff Draft: Dilla's Mix (2LP)    706091001512
CATLP110    LP    James, Etta    Best Of (import)    5060397601100
B000152801    LP    Jay-Z    Black Album (2LP)    602498611234
WB78059    LP    Jesus & Mary Chain    Psychocandy (180g)    081227805913
711574839216    LP    Johnson, Bunk    2018RSD - Rare & Unissued Masters (2LP) Vol. 1 1943-45    711574839216
88985374761    LP    Johnson, Robert    Centennial Collection(3LP) - Complete Recordings(w/ poster)    889853747613
76798113501    LP    Johnson, Syl    Back For A Taste Of Your Love    767981135014
FACT204    LP    Joy Division    Heart & Soul    n/a
JD1000    LP    Joy Division    Warsaw (import)    n/a
AM268    LP    Joyce Manor    s/t (remastered at 45rpm)    612851026810
RR2234    LP    Judas Priest    Rocka Rolla (180g)    4009910223413
RR2235    LP    Judas Priest    Sad Wings of Destiny (180g)    4009910223512
AC150LP    LP    Kid Koala    Floor Kids (Original Video Game Soundtrack) (2LP)    827590150119
RADRSD006    7"    Kilmister, Lemmy & Johnny Ramone    2018RSD - Good Rockin' Tonight (ltd picture disc)    n/a
88088228691    LP    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard    Flying Microtonal Banana    880882286910
CF057    LP    King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard    Quarters    819162018538
TRUE1261    LP    King Krule    The Ooz (2LP)    744861612612
STX4128         LP    King, Albert    Live Wire - Blues Power    888072309500
NPL18233    LP    Kinks    The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation Society (mono)    5414939641619
B002024701    LP    Kiss    Love Gun    602537753741
4783458    LP    Kiwanuka, Michael    Love & Hate    602547834584
B002648001    LP    Krall, Diana    Turn Up the Quiet    602557352184
161571    LP    Kyuss    Welcome to Sky Valley    081227958732
THMR206    LP    LaFarge, Pokey    Pokey LaFarge    858936003080
1567158    LP    Lake Street Dive    Free Yourself Up    075597930689
B002346401    LP    Lamar, Kendrick    To Pimp a Butterfly    602547311009
886973984413    LP    LaMontagne, Ray    Trouble    886973984413
094638511410    LP    Lcd Soundsystem    Sound Of Silver (2LP)    094638511410
DC669    LP    Le Bon, Cate    Rock Pool (EP)    781484066910
RR2208    LP    Leaf Hound    Growers of Mushroom (180g/remastered/laminated front cover)    4009910220818
R1535341    LP    Led Zeppelin    Led Zeppelin III (180g/gatefold)    081227965761
R1535340    LP    Led Zeppelin    Led Zeppelin IV (remastered)    081227965778
R1535334    LP    Led Zeppelin    Presence (180g)    081227965792
DWRLP118    LP    Long Branch    Found The Setting Sun    n/a
DWRCD118    CD    Long Branch    Found The Setting Sun    n/a
THMR551    12"EP    Los Lobos vs. the Shins    2018RSD - Los Lobos Vs. the Shins    813547025920
88985484041    LP    Luppi, Daniele & Parquet Courts    Milano    889854840419
THMR063    LP    Lynn, Loretta    Van Lear Rose (180g)    813547021250
5355016    LP    Lynyrd Skynyrd    Pronounced Leh-nerd Skin-nerd    600753550168
B002042201    LP    Madlib    Shades Of Blue (2LP)    602537781997
OLE13281    LP    Malkmus, Stephen & The Jicks     Sparkle Hard    744861132813
88843050811    LP    Mancini, Henry    The Pink Panther (pink vinyl) film score 50th anniversary    888430508118
AC055LP    LP    Mangan, Dan    Nice Nice Very Nice    827590550018
5303052    LP    Marley, Bob    Legend    600753030523
DTC066LP    LP    Marmottes Aplaties    2018RSD - Épisode sanglant    622406006617
5700974    LP    Massive Attack    Heligoland (2LP)    602557009743
9299181012    LP    Matt & Kim    Almost Everyday    829299181012
OLE48    LP    Max Webster    High Class in Borrowed Shoes    848818000825
5756767    LP    Mccartney, Paul    Chaos and Creation in the Backyard    602557567670
5756769    LP    Mccartney, Paul    New    602557567694
6737234    LP    Mccartney, Paul    Thrillington    602567372349
MRG602    CD    McEntire, H.C.    Lionheart    673855060224
MRG602    LP    McEntire, H.C.    Lionheart    673855060217
THMR181    LP    Mctell, Blind Willie    Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 3 (180g)    n/a
EJ009    LP    Meek, Joe    The Emotional, Cosmic & Occult World Of Joe Meek    n/a
BR25    LP    Melvins    Bullhead (Gatefold)    038161002519
OBC582    LP    Memphis Slim & Willie Dixon    In Paris    888072360303
54149399262    LP    Mercury Rev    The Light In You (white vinyl & CD copy)    5414939926280
NDL00008    LP    Metallica    Metallica (2LP)    856115004637
NDL00036R    LP    Metallica    The $5.98 EP - Garage Days Re-revisited (remast.)    858978005707
Q100871    LP    Metric    Fantasies    060270087118
NSD163    LP    MF Doom    Special Herbs, Volumes 7 & 8 (2LP +bonus 7")    822720716319
6723903    LP    Miller, Steve    Brave New World    602567239031
6723906    LP    Miller, Steve    Number 5    602567239062
6723911    LP    Miller, Steve    The Joker    602567239116
RBYT010    LP    Milo    Things That Happen at Day // Things That Happen at Night (2LP)    669158530151
CAROL1715    LP    Misfits    Collection 2    017046751513
PLAN9    LP    Misfits    s/t (aka Collection 1)    017046190916
CAROL7520    LP    Misfits    Static Age    017046752015
3R174842    LP    Mitchell, Joni    Blue (180g)    081227484217
STUMM172    LP    Moby    Play (2LP)    5016025311729
811774020640    LP    Modern Baseball    You're Gonna Miss It All    811774020640
MM1    CD    Mondo Generator    Hell Comes To Your Heart    0884501747059
OJC039          LP    Monk, Thelonious & John Coltrane    Thelonious Monk With John Coltrane    025218603911
DAV069    LP    Monster Truck    Furiosity    821826005099
HJP024EP    10"    Moondog    Moondog And His Friends    n/a
HJP017    10"    Moondog    Playing Moondog's Music    4047179077767
ERH502070    LP    Morbid Angel    Formulas Fatal To the Flesh (2LP)    "    817195020702"
THMR246    LP    Mudhoney    Live at Third Man Records September 26th, 2013    858936003608
GLS010901    LP    Mumford & Sons    Sigh No More    892038002244
LOOM7    LP    My Bloody Valentine    Live in Vancouver July 7th 1992    n/a
PRI040932    LP    N.W.A.    Greatest Hits (2LP)    724354093210
B002254501    LP    N.W.A.    N.W.A. & The Posse    602547167422
B001900401    LP    N.W.A.    Straight Outta Compton (remaster)    602537498031
HWY001    LP    National    s/t    632662555118
4AD0020CD    CD    National    Sleep Well Beast    191400002029
NR107    CD    Neurosis    Pain Of Mind    655035310725
DC561    LP    Newsom, Joanna    Divers (2LP)    781484056119
DC390    CD    Newsom, Joanna    Have One On Me (3CD)    781484039020
DC390    LP    Newsom, Joanna    Have One On Me (3LP)    781484039013
DC263    CD    Newsom, Joanna    Milk-Eyed Mender    781484026327
DC263    LP    Newsom, Joanna    Milk-Eyed Mender    no
081227935092    LP    Nickelback    All the Right Reasons    081227935092
081227933760    LP    Nickelback    Dark Horse    081227933760
WARPLP275    LP    Nightmares On Wax    Shape the Future (2LP)    801061027513
B002656601    LP    Nine Inch Nails    Not the Actual Events    602557530919
B001509901    LP    Nine Inch Nails    Pretty Hate Machine (2LP-2010 remaster/bonus track)    602527567822
4247271         LP       Nirvana    MTV Unplugged In New York (180g)    720642472712
DC694    LP    No Age    Snares Like A Haircut    781484069416
FG9000    CD    Nonce    1990    704907958135
FG9000    LP    Nonce    1990 (2LP)    759478717148
RR1285201    LP    Notorious B.I.G    Ready To Die (2LP)    081227964252
1541302    LP    Notorious B.I.G    Life After Death (3LP)    081227960704
9550064    LP    Notwist    Neon Golden    4027795500641
MOVLP1920    LP    NSYNC    N SYNC    8719262004238
RKIDLP73    LP    Oasis    (What's The Story) Morning Glory ? (2LP/remastered)    5051961073010
RKIDLP70    LP    Oasis    Definitely Maybe (2LP/remastered)    5051961070019
640841637326    LP    Oathbreaker    Rheia (2LP)    640841637326
PFL199    CD    Of Feather And Bone    Bestial Hymns Of Perversion    616892553540
CF093    CD    Oh Sees    Orc    814867024693
5369503    LP    Oldfield, Mike    Tubular Bells (2LP Half-Speed)    600753695036
DC404    LP    Om    God Is Good    781484040415
WARPLP240    LP    Oneohtrix Point Never    R Plus Seven (2LP)    801061024017
88875094281    LP    Opeth    Deliverance & Damnation (3LP)    0888750942814
RRCAR81231    LP    Opeth    Ghost Reveries (2LP/180g/fold-out poster)    4024572638467
DC120    LP    O'Rourke, Jim    Bad Timing    000000000000
NBA34711    LP    Overkill    From the Underground and Below (import)    0727361347116
KR025LP    LP    Painkiller (Zorn/Laswell/Harris)    Execution Ground (2LP/180g/Ltd)    5050580656543
PFL140    CD    Pallbearer    Foundations Of Burden    616892213246
PFL179CD    CD    Pallbearer    Heartless    616892457541
PFL089    CD    Pallbearer    Sorrow And Extinction    616892015048
87559    LP    Parkway Drive    Reverence    045778755912
87559    CD    Parkway Drive    Reverence    045778755929
87559INDIE    LP    Parkway Drive    Reverence (indie shop version)    n/a
RT0001LP    LP    Parquet Courts    Wide Awake    191402000115
RT0001CD    CD    Parquet Courts    Wide Awake    191402000122
WYR0714    LP    Parquet Courts (aka Parkay Quarts)    Content Nausea    851372002846
102171    LP    Parsons, Gram    Grievous Angel    081227959555
MRP115    LP    Part, Arvo    Fur Alina    n/a
THMR189    LP    Patton, Charley    Complete Recorded Works, Vol. 4 (180g)    n/a
THMR172    LP    Patton, Charley    Complete Recorded Works..Vol. 2 (180g)    n/a
88985409121    LP    Pearl Jam    Binaural (2LP Remastered)    889854091217
88985409141    LP    Pearl Jam    Pearl Jam (2LP Remastered)    889854091415
88985409131    LP    Pearl Jam    Riot Act (2LP Remastered)    889854091316
82186    LP    Pedro The Lion    It's Hard To Find A Friend    045778218615
82186INDIE    LP    Pedro The Lion    It's Hard To Find A Friend (indie shop version)    045778218684
CDW47294    CD    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers    Echo    093624729426
1518187    LP    Petty, Tom & The Heartbreakers    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers    093624978367
OLE11141    LP    Phair, Liz    Exile in Guyville (2LP)    744861111412
87544INDIE    LP    Pianos Become The Teeth    Wait For Love (colour vinyl/indie-shop only)    045778754458
RFC147    LP    Pinegrove    Cardinal    811774023580
88875184251    LP    Pink Floyd    Dark Side Of The Moon    888751842519
PFL156    CD    Pissgrave    Suicide Euphoria    616892313649
B002794501    LP    Poison    Open Up and Say,,,Aah! (red vinyl)    602567346135
4755174    LP    Police    Ghost in the Machine (half-speed master)    602547551740
PFL188    CD    Portal    ION    616892492146
RGMCD007    CD    Presley, Elvis    Eight Classic Albums (4CD)    5036408127020
THMR307    7"    Presley, Elvis    My Happiness/That's When..(first recordings)    n/a
FAN00168    LP    Prophets Of Rage    Prophets of Rage    888072032774
4252000276    LP    Prophets Of Rage    The Party's Over (180g opaque red)    864252000276
D002449501    LP    Queen    Greatest Hits (2LP)    050087350642
D000436701    LP    Queen    Innuendo    050087146962
THMR014    LP    Raconteurs    Broken Boy Soldiers (180g)    093624965466
XLLP782B    LP    Radiohead    Kid A (2LP/180g)    634904078201
2729663    LP    Rammstein    Herzeleid (2LP)    602527296630
BT79    MAG    Reading Material    Big Takeover #79 - Lush    n/a
BT80    MAG    Reading Material    Big Takeover #80 - Chrissie Hynde    n/a
BT81    MAG    Reading Material    Big Takeover #81 - Slowdive    n/a
R2566247    CD    Redding, Otis    Dock Of The Bay Sessions    603497861590
R1566247    LP    Redding, Otis    Dock of the Bay Sessions    603497861583
RKM261288    CD    Reel Big Fish    A Best Of Us For The Rest Of Us (2CD)    677516128827
8122795471    LP    Replacements    Let It Be    081227954710
AC146LP    LP    Reuben and the Dark    Arms of a Dream    827590146112
602537331055    LP    Rhye    Woman    602537331055
B002055101    LP    Richter, Max    Recomposed By Max Richter: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons (2LP)    028947933373
ORCD7293    CD    Road Hammers    Squeeze    823674729325
ECLEC32618    CD    Rundgren, Todd    All Sides Of The Roxy - May 1978 (3CD)    5013929471849
2784332497    LP    Ryder, Serena    Utopia    627843324973
0256728019    LP    Ryder, Serena    If Your Memory Serves You Well (the original session)    602567280194
5237222    CD    Saga    Very Best Of (import)    0731452372222
145393    LP    Sandler, Adam    2018RSD - They’re All Gonna Laugh At You! (2LP)    093624908814
JPR047    LP    Satan's Pilgrims    Creature Feature    751937439318
DC628    LP    Segall, Ty    Emotional Mugger    781484062813
DC675    CD    Segall, Ty    Freedom's Goblin    781484067528
DC479    LP    Segall, Ty    Goodbye Bread    781484047919
DC600    LP    Segall, Ty    Manipulator (2LP)    781484060017
DC565    LP    Segall, Ty    Sleeper    781484056515
ANAR3553C    LP    Sex Pistols    Sex, Anarchy & Rock N' Roll Swindle (coloured vinyl)    n/a
BC020CD    CD    Shacks    Haze (2CD)    349223002027
DUA18591    LP    Shakey Graves    Can't Wake Up    803020185913
TLE053    LP    Shauf, Andy    The Bearer Of Bad News    751937431954
WRC092    LP    Sheer Mag    Need To Feel Your Love    647603398211
RCV1563589    LP    Shore, Howard    Lord of the Rings - Fellowship of the Ring: Complete Recordings (5LP Red)    081227932473
B002004701    LP    Shorter, Wayne    Speak No Evil    602537712588
XLLP307    LP    Sigur Ros    Hvarf/Heim (2LP)    634904030704
XLLP570    LP    Sigur Ros    Valtari (2LP w/download)    634904057015
DC358    LP    Silver Jews    Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea    781484035817
6028    LP    Simone, Nina    Little Girl Blue (Jazz as Played in an Exclusive Side Street Club)    n/a
RGJCD381    CD    Simone, Nina    Seven Classic Albums (4CD)    5036408145222
B001885501    LP    Slayer    Seasons In The Abyss    602537467914
MOSH079    LP    Sleep    Holy Mountain (Ltd/Purple)    190296979514
B002112201    LP    Smashing Pumpkins    Adore (2LP)    602537899265
5099997855316    LP    Smashing Pumpkins    Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness (4LP/180g)    5099997855316
DC292    LP    Smog    A River Ain't Too Much To Love    n/a
DEA630021    LP    Snoop Dogg    Doggystyle (2LP)    728706300216
PFL200    CD    Soft Kill    Savior    616892572749
PFL200LP    LP    Soft Kill    Savior    616892572640
GOO017    CD    Sonic Youth    Daydream Nation    787996801728
GOO017    LP    Sonic Youth    Daydream Nation (2LP)    787996801711
B002331701    LP    Sonic Youth    Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star    602547349392
KR191    LP    soundtrack    2018RSD - Powell Peralta (2LP) the Search For Animal Chin    827175019114
731383672002    LP    soundtrack    It Follows (Disasterpeace score)    731383672002
3020682921    LP    soundtrack    Blue Velvet (Angelo Badalamenti)    030206829211
D002583401    LP    soundtrack    Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 (Dlx)    050087364045
148570    LP    soundtrack    Kill Bill V.1    093624857013
148676    LP    soundtrack    Kill Bill V.2    093624867616
D002549111    10"    soundtrack    Star Wars: New Hope (40th Ann. Ltd Ed.)    050087360627
B002179601    LP    soundtrack    The Big Lebowski    602547009579
6707394    LP    soundtrack    The Harder They Come    602567073949
ECLEC52619    CD    Spirit    It Shall Be: The Ode & Epic Recordings 1968-1972 (5CD)    5013929471948
MRG295    CD    Spoon    Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga    673855029528
MRG295    LP    Spoon    Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga (180g)    673855029511
MRG215    CD    Spoon    Kill The Moonlight    036172951529
PECLEC22621    CD    Squire, Chris    Fish Out Of Water (2CD expanded edition)    5013929472143
B002337601    LP    Staples, Vince    Summertimes ' 06 (segment 1)    602547373434
B002389901    LP    Staples, Vince    Summertimes ' 06 (segment 2)    602547532305
5468851    LP    Stevens, Cat    Teaser & the Firecat (import)    731454688512
182607    LP    Stone Temple Pilots    Purple    081227962807
3R174071    LP    Stooges    Fun House (180g)    081227979423
B002467901    LP    Sublime    Sublime (2LP)    602547811875
MRG451    LP    Sugar    Copper Blue/Beaster (2LP)    673855045115
31011    LP    Suicidal Tendencies    Suicidal Tendencies    018663101118
BMRBD0500E    LP    Swift, Taylor    1989    843930013548
CD6466    CD    T. Rex    Electric Warrior    081227974183
DEMREC68    LP    T. Rex    Tanx    5014797891807
MEDCD716    CD    T. Rex    Tanx (2CD deluxe edition)    740155171629
MEDCD715    CD    T. Rex    The Slider (2CD deluxe edition)    740155171520
R176111    LP    T. Rex    Electric Warrior (180g)    081227611118
B002333701    LP    Tame Impala    Currents    602547306777
MODVL128    LP    Tame Impala    Innerspeaker (2LP)    879198005728
7243840062    CD    Tangerine Dream    Phaedra (remastered/import)    0724384006228
BAR333    LP    Teenage Head    s/t    773666003332
B002551001    LP    Temple Of The Dog    Temple of the Dog (2LP)    602557095913
ERH596809    CD    Terrorizer    World Downfall    190295968090
ERH502052    LP    Terrorizer    World Downfall    817195020528
ZOO11027    LP    Tool    Opiate EP    614223102719
CLP4433    LP    Toots & The Maytals    Pressure Drop: The Golden Tracks    741157443318
CRPK052    LP    Toro Y Moi    Causers Of This    677517005219
DW151    LP    Touche Amore    Is Survived By    020286214168
DW121LP    LP    Touche Amore    Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me    020286123743
0255704464    LP    Tragically Hip    Road Apples    602557044645
PRD75281    LP    Trout, Walter    We're All in This Together (2LP+MP3)    819873015352
6738174    LP    Turner, Frank    Be More Kind    602567381747
88765493061    LP    Tyler, The Creator    Wolf (2LP+CD/import)    887654930613
RMR079    LP    U.S. Girls    A Poem Unlimited    680889094545
B002662601    LP    U2    Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary (2LP)    602557498448
711574838516    LP    V/A    2018RSD - the Other Side Of Sun (part 2) curated by RSD vol. 5    711574838516
XXQLP2052    LP    V/A    Planet Mod (2LP): Brit Soul, R&B & Freakbeat From The Shel Talmy Vaults    029667006514
CDWIKD336    CD    V/A    Planet Mod: Brit Soul, R&B & Freakbeat From The Shel Talmy Vaults    029667085120
BGP2204    LP    V/A    Super Breaks: Return To The Old School (2LP)    029667520416
CDTOP1517    CD    V/A    When The Day Is Done: The Orchestrations Of Robert Kirby    029667088022
VOSTOK01    LP    V/A    Wild Things: 16 Kiwi Freakbeat Nuggets 1966-1968    n/a
5361473    CD    V/A    Classic Funk (3CD)    0600753614730
RGJCD275    CD    Vaughan, Sarah    Eight Classic Albums (4CD)    5036408126528
999051LPP    LP    Velvet Underground    Velvet Underground & Nico (pic disc)    889397102296
109034    LP    Velvet Underground    Loaded    081227961350
CMRCD471    CD    Venom    Welcome To Hell    5050159147120
AFMD6032    CD    Voodoo Circle    Raised On Rock    884860196628
DC134    LP    Walker, Scott    Tilt    000000000000
3728846    LP    Walker, Scott    Scott 1    602537288465
3728848    LP    Walker, Scott    Scott 3    602537288489
3732364    LP    Walker, Scott    Til the Band Comes In    602537323647
JB070    LP    Ward, M.    Transfiguration Of Vincent    751937333715
RGMCD152    CD    Waters, Muddy    The Chess Singles Collection & At Newport 1960 (4CD)    5036408170620
886978859426    CD    Waters, Roger    Radio K.A.O.S.    886978859426
88985436491    LP    Waters, Roger    Is This The Life We Really Want? (2LP)    889854364915
MRG549    LP    Waxahatchee    Ivy Tripp    673855054919
PFL201    CD    Wayfarer    World’s Blood    616892572541
PFL201LP    LP    Wayfarer    World’s Blood    616892572442
86877    LP    Weakerthans    Reunion Tour    045778687718
KR158    LP    Weaves    Weaves    827175015819
B002591901    LP    Weeknd    Starboy (2LP)    602557227512
B002515401    LP    Weezer    Weezer (green album)    602547945426
B000481301    LP    West, Kanye    Late Registration (2LP)    602498824047
THMR375    LP    White Stripes    Complete Peel Sessions: BBC (2LP)    813547022844
THMR169    7"    White Stripes    Fell in Love With a Girl    n/a
THMR300    LP    White Stripes    Get Behind Me Satan (2LP)    813547020062
THMR526802    LP    White Stripes    s/t (180g w/download)    093624959496
THMR137    12"EP    White, Jack    Sixteen Saltines    n/a
THMR135    7"    White, Jack    Sixteen Saltines    n/a
B002255501    LP    Who    A Quick One    602537156085
RHI76492    LP    Wilco    A Ghost Is Born (2LP-180g)    081227649210
131388    LP    Wilco    Sky Blue Sky (2LP-180g w/bonus CD)    075597998689
NON516608    LP    Wilco    Wilco (The Album) (180g w/bonus CD)    075597981896
715187946613    LP    Williams, Hank III    Greatest Hits    715187946613
BLDH2622    CD    Winslow-King, Luke    Blue Mesa    744302026220
BLDH2621    LP    Winslow-King, Luke    Blue Mesa (180g)    744302026213
TECD108    CD    Wishbone Ash    First Light    5028479010820
B002552901    LP    Wonder, Stevie    Talking Book    6025570975668
CH6    LP    Wray, Link    Early Recordings    n/a
MRG400    LP    Wye Oak    Civilian    673855040011
MRG346    LP    Wye Oak    The Knot (w/download)    673855034614
MRG615    CD    Wye Oak    The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs    673855061528
MRG615    LP    Wye Oak    The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs    673855061511
R182667    LP    Yes    Fragile    081227946906
OLE11661    LP    Yo La Tengo    There's a Riot Going On    744861116615
148497    LP    Young, Neil    On The Beach    093624938491
EJ06    LP    Zebby Tembo, Chrissy & Ngozi Family    My Ancestors    n/a
CDWIKM181    CD    Zombies    Odessey & Oracle    029667418126
3020674631    LP    Zombies    Greatest Hits    030206746310

Dan Wolovick