Fka Twigs - LP1

Fka Twigs - LP1

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LP1 is London-based producer, singer, songwriter, video director, classically trained ballerina, and choreographer FKA Twigs' defining artistic statement to date. The 10-track offering builds on the success of her two previous EPs and accompanying videos (EP1 and EP2) which have elevated FKA Twigs from a word-of-mouth secret to global obsession over the past two years. LP1 features none of these previously released songs; instead each of the tracks on LP1 is brand new, born out of FKA Twigs’ artistic philosophy of spontaneous creation and collaboration in the studio. Free shipping available to St. John's/Toronto for pickup only.

FKA Twigs LP1 Track Listing:

1.  Preface
2.  Lights On
3.  Two Weeks
4.  Hours
5.  Pendulum
6.  Video Girl
7.  Numbers
8.  Closer
9.  Give Up
10. Kicks

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