Chvrches - Bones of What You Believe

Chvrches - Bones of What You Believe

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Their digital/analogue interface recalls their ‘80s heroes Prince and Depeche Mode but they work with the era-spanning musical know-how of Kieran Hebden and the celebratory spirit of LCD Soundsystem. The twelve songs that make up THE BONES OF WHAT YOU BELIEVE are linked by their humanity but Mayberry’s lyrics are abstract and strangely inspirational. "With teeth we’ve come this far, I’ll take this thing by the throat and walk away," she sings on By The Throat: everywhere, the imagery of flesh and blood, love and hope, rub up against Doherty and Cook’s aggressive synth fills and spluttering fanfares. On You Caught The Light, Doherty takes lead vocals and Cook’s guitar is reminiscent of Simple Minds or The Cure - an indierock yearning in an electronic world. Science And Visions ("a kindof sci-fi stalker story," Mayberry laughs) sets her choirboy voice on a dark and ominous techno soundscape; on Lungs the sweetest melody gets an attack of crunchy bass and guitar. "That sweet and sour contrast is the key," says Mayberry; adds Cook, "we pushed aggression in the production whenever there was sweetness in the vocal - we all gravitate towards that balance." Above all, the album is characterised by a combination of passion and restraint, Cook and Doherty often withholding their wizardry to let the melodies speak for themselves. That subtle balance is the sound of experience - three musicians who are endlessly excited by the sound they have discovered, but clearly in it for the long hand. Free shipping available to St. John's/Toronto for pickup only.

1.    "The Mother We Share"      3:12
2.    "We Sink"      3:34
3.    "Gun"      3:53
4.    "Tether"      4:46
5.    "Lies"      3:41
6.    "Under the Tide"      4:32
7.    "Recover"      3:45
8.    "Night Sky"      3:51
9.    "Science/Visions"      3:58
10.    "Lungs"      3:02
11.    "By the Throat"      4:09
12.    "You Caught the Light"  

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