Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) (April 13th)

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made of These) (April 13th)


April 13th. 

One of the most revered and respected pop groups of the '80s, Eurythmics, with over 20 international hits and 80 million albums sold, is in the spotlight once again, both for their Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nomination and the impending re-release of their eight studio albums on vinyl. Spanning their entire career, the albums will be released by Sony/Legacy between April and October 2018, starting with In The Garden (1981), Sweet Dreams (1983) and Touch (1983) in April, followed by Be Yourself Tonight (1985), Revenge (1986) and Savage (1987) in July and We Too Are One (1989) and Peace (1999) in October.

The eight Eurythmics studio albums being released on vinyl in 2018 will all feature the original artwork, illustrations and liner notes. As for the new vinyl releases, Dave Stewart assures, "They will sound better. In the archives, we have the original half-inch masters, which have a fantastic sound. That's what we're going from, not the digital remasters where the sound has been compressed."

Eurythmics breakout second studio effort, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) fully realized the duo's unquestionable talent, striking imagery, and electronic, new wave and R&B influences into polished synth-pop bliss most notably on the haunting and hooky title cut and fellow hit "Love Is A Stranger." Dark, dangerous and thoroughly engaging, Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) is certainly the launching point of their career as we know it and one of the seminal albums of the '80s! Free shipping available to St. John's/Toronto for pickup only.

Love Is A Stranger
I've Got An Angel
Wrap It Up
I Could Give You (A Mirror)
The Walk
Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
This Is The House
Somebody Told Me
This City Never Sleeps

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