Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Wind River (Sept 8th)

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Wind River (Sept 8th)


Sept 8th release. 

Collaborative Duo Score Chilling Thriller Soundtrack On Vinyl LP!

Wind River is the directorial debut by critically acclaimed screenwriter Taylor Sheridan (Sicario, Hell or High Water). In the chilling thriller, a rookie FBI agent teams with a Wyoming town's veteran game tracker to investigate a murder that occurred on a Native American reservation. Starring Jeremy Renner, Elizabeth Olsen, and Jon Bernthal, the original score was composed by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (Lawless, Hell or High Water, The Road, The Assassination of Jesse James By …).

In a press release Cave and Ellis explained that they found inspiration for their score in the film's stark and remote setting: "The soundtrack to the beautiful Wind River was first and foremost the incessant wind or the grieving silence of the snow. Amid those elemental forces, we made a kind of ghost score where voices whisper and choirs rise up and die away and electronics throb and pulse."

In 2016, Nick Cave released his latest album with the Bad Seeds, Skeleton Tree. He and his longtime Bad Seeds bandmate Warren Ellis also scored the Jeff Bridges-starring film Hell or High Water, as well as the National Geographic series "Mars" (executive produced by Ron Howard). Free shipping available to St. John's/Toronto for pickup only.

1. Snow Wolf
2. Zed
3. Tell Me What That Is
4. First Journey
5. First Body
6. Second Journey
7. Breakdown
8. Never Gonna Be The Same
9. Hunter
10. Meth House
11. Bad News
12. Third Journey
13. Second Body
14. Lecture
15. Corey’s Story
16. See You Tomorrow
17. Three Seasons In Wyoming
18. Cabin
19. Shoot Out
20. Snow Flight
21. Memory Time
22. Survive Or Surrender
23. Wind River

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