Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - Mars: Original Series Soundtrack (red vinyl/April 14th)

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis - Mars: Original Series Soundtrack (red vinyl/April 14th)


National Geographic Channel and Milan Records partner with artists/composers Nick Cave and Warren Ellis to deliver a cosmic title song and score for the original soundtrack of MARS, the network's six-part global event series that predicts an international crew of astronauts' critical, maiden mission to Mars. Directed by Everardo Gout (Days of Grace), who formerly collaborated with Cave and Ellis; executive produced by Brian Grazer and Ron Howard; and starring an ensemble cast, MARS tells the story of mankind's first successful mission to Mars, human colonization and the precarious purpose of becoming an interplanetary series. Cave and Ellis deliver a pitch-perfect score to complement the thrilling yet daunting mission to a desolate alien planet in which the human species struggle to survive, thrive and forge an existence in this new world.

"When I first started on MARS, I knew I wanted to make a series about people, not about machinery," says Gout. "I wanted to create Das Boot in space and understand the emotional journey of the astronauts on this Martian mission. Having worked with Nick and Warren before, I immediately thought they would be perfect for this project. They bring such a visceral human quality to their scores, a sound so delicate and yet so powerful What does Mars sounds like? This was a challenge both in substance and form. We needed to create the musical universe with Mars as a veritable protagonist in our story. Equally, the sound of MARS not only had to underscore a futuristic grounded drama but an intelligent factual, scientific documentary, as well."

To coincide with the home release of the television series, the MARS soundtrack is getting the vinyl treatment. The soundtrack is pressed on rust red colored 180g vinyl so that the music disc itself appears like the eponymous planet. The LP is housed in a euro sleeve along with a download card for a digital version of the album. A high quality dress jacket completes the package. Free shipping available to St. John's/Toronto for pickup only.

Mars Theme
Space X
Space Station
Symphony of the Dead
Towards Daedalus
Life on Mars

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