Soundtrack - Baby Driver Volume 2: A Score for a Score (April 13th)

Soundtrack - Baby Driver Volume 2: A Score for a Score (April 13th)


April 13th. 

Featuring even more gems from almost every musical genre and spanning across multiple decades, Baby Driver Volume 2: The Score For A Score will be released on April 13, 2018 via 30th Century Records / Columbia Records. The album features more memorable songs from the movie, exclusive tracks and special remixes that mirror the unique experience of the movie as well as dialogue excerpts from the film, and the unreleased score by Oscar winning composer Steven Price. 

Written and directed by Edgar Wright, Baby Driver tells the story of Baby, a talented, young getaway driver who relies on the beat of his personal soundtrack to be the best in the game. 

Celebrate your freedom by blasting out Baby’s perfect score-for-a-score at maximum volume!

Single disc LP, 150g weighted vinyl. Comes with digital download insert. Free shipping available to St. John's/Toronto for pickup only.

Track List

1.    Robbery Arrival - Steven Price
2.    Chase Me - Danger Mouse Feat. Run the Jewels and Big Boi
3.    Secondo Intermezzino Pop - Ennio Morricone
4.    Candy From Baby / What’s In There Is Ours - Steven Price
5.    Harlem Shuffle - The Foundations
6.    Sunset That Ride - Steven Price
7.    You're back! - Lily James & Ansel Elgort
8.    Baby I'm Yours - Barbara Lewis
9.    Cry Baby Cry - Unloved
10.    Keep Driving and Never Stop - Steven Price
11.    Threshold - The Steve Miller Band
12.    Nowhere to Run (Baby Driver Mix) - Boga
13.    TaKillYa (Baby Driver Mix) - Vinnie Maniscalco 

1.    Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels
2.    Bananas - Steven Price
3.    Ready Let’s Go - Boards of Canada
4.    Dumb-Ass Excuse - Steven Price
5.    Debora - Kid Koala
6.    What did you do? - Jon Hamm & Ansel Elgort
7.    Hocus Pocus (Baby Driver Mix)    - Focus
8.    My name is Joseph - Ansel Elgort
9.    New Orleans Instrumental No 1 - R.E.M
10.    Lucky Charm - Steven Price
11.    Run    - Steven Price
12.    Easy (Baby Driver Mix) - Sky Ferreira
13.    Postcards from Debora - Steven Price
14.    Killer Track - Jon Hamm & Ansel Elgort
15.    Blue Song - Mint Royale

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